Oktibbeha County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Annie ELLISON, Burl 1880-Jan-10
PAGE, Cora CULPEPPER, J J 1891-May-19
PAGE, Hester CALDWELL, James 1897-Sep-25
PAGE, Lena LAVIN, W R Jr 1893-Dec-12
PAGE, Lula ADERSON, Bill 1886-Sep-01
PAGE, Mariah TATE, Albert 1878-Apr-09
PAGE, Matilda SANDERS, Richard 1895-Dec-24
PALMER, Mary V ALFORD, Thomas 1867-Aug-05
PARAMORE, Louisa RUDY, N 1870-Jul-22
PARGHAM, Mary DOUGLASS, J W 1890-Jan-13
PARKER, Effie PRICE, W H 1897-Oct-13
PARKER, Ellen MATTHEWS, T P 1889-Dec-10
PARKER, Harriett LEE, Willie 1897-Jun-12
PARKER, Louisa J MOORE, W C 1867-Aug-19
PARKER, Mary LEE, Will 1896-Sep-26
PARKER, Rachel E RICHARDSON, W R 1868-Sep-24
PARKER, Ulah MOORE, Kirt 1897-Oct-23
PARKINS, Josephine ROBINSON, C J 1881-Sep-20
PARKS, Mary CHAMBERS, Richard 1876-Feb-04
PARRISH, Sallie J X, Sam G 1869-Nov-10
PASTOR, Rachel LOWRY, Orange 1877-Nov-17
PATE, Suzie THAXTON, Joseph 1887-Feb-07
PATTERSON, Ada SCOTT, W W 1898-Mar-13
PATTERSON, Adeline HENDERSON, Ben 1878-Oct-19
PATTERSON, Amanda WEBSTER, J W 1876-Jan-06
PATTERSON, Anita GRAY, W O 1878-Nov-23
PATTERSON, Ella DAVIS, Olly 1879-Nov-25
PATTERSON, Jennie WESH, Richard D 1898-Feb-16
PATTERSON, Julia DAVIS, Dee 1896-Dec-27
PATTERSON, Laura SCOTT, Harrison 1877-Mar-17
PATTERSON, Lou YORK, W A 1891-Sep-07
PATTERSON, M A Miss HUGHES, J W 1887-Jan-10
PATTERSON, Martha VAUGHAN, Nash 1896-Oct-24
PATTERSON, Martha Ann SUMMERFORD, W M 1880-Aug-02
PATTERSON, T M Miss DANIELS, Robert M 1883-Dec-10
PATTON, Linnie L HAMILTON, G F 1885-Jan-22
PAYEN, Mary G ADAMS, J Q 1868-Dec-09
PAYNE, Mary G ADAMS, J O 1869-Dec-09
PEARSON, Annie Lee TRIBBLE, W O 1897-Feb-21
PEARSON, Cally BEVIL, Morris 1876-Feb-20
PEARSON, Ella HAMPTON, Ceasar 1875-Apr-09
PEARSON, Hattie A ELLIS, J A 1869-Nov-08
PEARSON, Helen Marie DURROW, Clarence Fuller 1894-Nov-29
PEARSON, Jessie POWE, Alex 1885-Nov-20
PEARSON, Lucy TATE, Joshua 1878-Oct-26
PEARSON, Nannie MCCAW, William 1872-Dec-17
PEEPLES, Willie CHANDLER, Jesse 1897-Jan-05
PELOS, Charlotte COLVIN, Dave 1878-Jan-24
PERKINS, Alice HAMILTON, John 1895-Dec-23
PERKINS, Callie OUTLAW, Robert 1897-May-10
PERKINS, Frances COLLIER, Hunter 1897-Apr-21
PERKINS, Gertrude CARROLL, Thomas Battle 1885-Oct-14
PERKINS, H E Miss COX, J C 1883-Jan-17
PERKINS, Laura MONTGOMERY, Tom 1876-Apr-30
PERKINS, Lucy A RUTH, Louis 1877-Dec-23
PERKINS, Mollie HENRY, W Z 1884-Jan-06
PERRIGIN, Mary Idell RAY, J V 1896-Jul-26
PERRY, Jennie MCPHAIL, John 1896-Oct-08
PERRY, Mary COOPER, Jim 1877-May-03
PERRY, Mary EVANS, Will 1896-Oct-31
PERRY, Pink PEARSON, E 1876-Apr-18
PERRY, T Miss BELL, Ralph 1877-Jan-13
PETERS, Florence MOON, E H 1875-Nov-21
PETERSON, Lou CURRY, Columbus 1897-Nov-23
PETERSON, Lucy A BOOKTOR, Isaac 1878-Jan-04
PETERSON, Martha JOINER, James 1896-Dec-24
PETERSON, Mary E PETERSON, S M 1867-Jun-01
PETTY, Aury SKELTON, C C 1897-Jul-25
PETTY, G L Miss OREILLY, W F 1880-Oct-15
PETTY, Julia WHITE, L H 1897-Oct-11
PETTY, Mintona P MALONE, Lit 1870-Jan-04
PETTY, Phoebe E ROBERTSON, Wm. H 1866-Oct-12
PETTY, Priscilla CLEMMONS, Louis 1878-Nov-11
PETTY, Susan HALL, D R 1874-Nov-25
PHELPS, Mollie GREGG, T R 1893-Nov-17
PHILIPS, Mary Pearl JOHNSON, L S 1899-Mar-30
PHILLIPS, Anna MCMULLEN, R J 1892-Nov-05
PHILLIPS, Mary F HALL, T R 1872-Jan-04
PHILLIPS, Nannie GREEN, J P 1884-Sep-10
PHILLIPS, Ruby LOVE, H C 1900-Mar-18
PITTS, Mariah CLARIDY, James 1873-Jan-02
PLAIN, Lou Ella THOMPSON, James 1897-Dec-24
PLAIN, Nannie SHOWERS, Jordoe 1897-Nov-30
PLANE, Caty PRICE, Jack 1876-Nov-26
POLK, Louisa HICKS, Shaw 1879-May-31
POOL, Rachel J HEFLIN, George W 18-Dec-12
POOLE, Louisa ROBERTSON, John T 1875-Dec-22
POPE, Amelia ROBINSON, Ben 1878-Jul-19
PORKER, M E Miss WATKINS, H C 1874-Nov-26
POTTS, Bertha CARPENTER, Felix 1878-Aug-26
POWELL, Hannah BELL, William 1880-Feb-10
POWELL, Henrietta BOSWELL, Aaron 1878-Sep-03
POWELL, Josephine JOHNSON, William 1868-Feb-03
POWELL, Mirtha WILSON, Charlie 1896-Oct-14
POWELL, Pricella NEEL, R M 1876-Sep-03
POWERS, Allie Tilden TARRY, George William 1891-Nov-10
PRAY, Eugenia CHRISTOPHER, J R 1888-Jun-06
PREDMAR, Amanda ASWELL, S G 1872-Dec-16
PRESSLY, E H Miss YOUNG, W A 1875-May-11
PRICE, Josephine TAGGART, L S 1882-Oct-16
PRICE, Lettie COLEMAN, Jimmie 1895-Dec-21
PRICE, Maimmie PARKER, Leo W 1893-Jan-05
PRICE, Malinda NOBLIN, S B 1867-Dec-30
PRICE, Minnie CHAMBERS, S E 1879-Dec-17
PRIDMAR, Amanda ASWELL, S G 1872-Dec-16
PRIDMORE, Amanda ASWELL, Sam G 1872-Dec-16
PRINCE, Die HOGAN, J B 1889-Apr-11
PRISSLY, M Bell PACKER, David 1885-Jan-08
PRITCHARD, Sally PERKINS, J W 1883-Nov-13
PUBLES, Francis RUSH, Joe Jr 1877-Mar-01
PUBLES, Lucinda BELL, Spencer 1877-Jan-31
PUKS, M A Miss CLANDY, W J W 1874-Oct-04
PULLEN, Annie Bell LEDBETTER, Alex O 1889-Feb-28
PULLEN, Bettie GILLESPIE, Chesley 1891-Apr-11
PULLER, Rachel WOODHOUSE, Aaron 1877-Oct-07
PURSER, M F Miss BRITT, J L 1882-Sep-17
QUINN, Catherine SMITH, Riley 1874-Dec-30
QUINN, Della DAVIS, Sam 1896-Oct-29
QUINN, Ella LAMPKINS, George 1897-Dec-23
QUINN, Emma HUTCHINSON, J G 1896-Feb-02
QUINN, Emma ROGERS, Robert 1897-Feb-13
QUINN, George Anna HAMM, Johnie 1896-Dec-27
QUINN, Hulda HARRIS, Will 1896-Oct-10
QUINN, Jennie Lee FONDREN, C L 1890-Nov-19
QUINN, M D Miss RAY, G W 1883-Dec-08
QUINN, Manda BROOKS, Carter 1897-Dec-23
QUINN, Martha THOMAS, Jerry 1874-Jan-12
QUINN, Misna PETERSON, E H 1896-Sep-19
QUINN, Parlee MONTGOMERY, W N 1888-Jan-03



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