Oktibbeha County Brides

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NABORS, F N WALKER, S A 1867-Jan-29
NABORS, T J MCVEY, J N 1869-Dec-23
NAIL, Henry BELL, Louisa 1877-Jul-30
NANCE, C E LOVE, Sallie 1888-Dec-24
NANCE, H E W HENRY, N A (Mrs) 1871-Jan-10
NANCE, S E MAXWELL, E M 1894-Nov-14
NARON, George W MONTGOMERY, Priscilla M 1891-Nov-30
NASH, Andrew JAMES, Reaney 1896-Jan-22
NASH, W W BRIDGES, Ella M 1888-Mar-26
NASH, Wiley N ERVIN, Alice 1874-Dec-23
NASON, C M MCKELL, W B 1871-Nov-11
NASON, S L MCKELL, Isabella 1871-Jan-09
NEAL, Henry FULSE, Pollie 1896-Nov-05
NEAL, Isaac KELLY, Jennette 1877-Jan-26
NEAL, J P WYATT, Dovie 1900-Feb-07
NEAL, J V BLACK, Sally 1878-Dec-17
NEAL, Joe KINNARD, Mary 1896-Nov-13
NEAL, R B SAUNDERS, M E Miss 1875-Dec-02
NEAL, Richard WARE, Sallie 1897-Jan-09
NEALY, E O AZWELL, Aliva Gertrude 1900-Jan-21
NEEL, R M POWELL, Pricella 1876-Sep-03
NEELY, Humphry YOUNG, Peggy 1877-May-09
NEELY, Isaiah WYRICK, Mattie 1867-Sep-05
NEELY, J L DAVIS, Lou 1897-Apr-13
NEFLIN, J M MONTGOMERY, Laura Jane 1884-Dec-22
NELSON, Daniel WYN, Lizzie 1897-Feb-21
NELSON, Ike HARRIS, Nettie 1897-Feb-18
NELSON, Joseph OWENS, Agnes 1877-Oct-31
NEWSOM, Henry GREEN, Emiline 1874-Feb-24
NICHLS, Henry GASTIN, Mary 1877-Mar-29
NICHOLS, Albert WATT, Jennie 1897-Nov-25
NICHOLS, E P JOURNEY, Mary E 1883-Feb-21
NICHOLS, J D DONNELLY, A G Miss 1878-Oct-22
NICHOLS, J D NICHOLS, Jimie 1876-Nov-30
NICHOLS, Jimie NICHOLS, J D 1876-Nov-30
NICHOLS, Nathan DUPUE, Marry 1874-Mar-07
NICHOLS, R N HAGUE, Jimmie 1884-Sep-14
NICKELS, H R LONG, Della 1898-Dec-29
NICKELS, L H SHURDEN, Ada 1900-Jul-29
NICKS, George GREEN, Fannie 1896-Dec-24
NICKS, Lewis GRAVES, Liza 1898-Jan-12
NIMMS, T G JOHNSON, I C Miss 1887-Feb-04
NOBLIN, S B PRICE, Malinda 1867-Dec-30
NOBLIN, T R KORNEGAY, Martha 1871-Dec-19
NOLAND, T E BENNETT, Emma 1889-Dec-02
NORMANS, Charley BELL, Nella 1896-Sep-24
NORMENT, James W KENNEDY, Susie Edward 1897-Sep-01
NORRIS, Alex Jr BUTLER, Mollie K 1882-Nov-01
NORRIS, Alonzo REYNOLDS, Mollie 1878-Dec-21
NORRIS, C J CUMMINGS, A O Miss 1887-Oct-18
NORRIS, C W BUTLER, Eliza Jan 1882-Sep-18
NORRIS, J M BLACK, M J Miss 1882-Nov-15
NORRIS, John WATT, Janie 1896-Dec-06
NORRIS, M J GRIFFIN, H M 1894-May-31
NORRIS, W T DEAN, Cora 1897-Oct-22
NORRIS, W W MARTIN, M E 1867-Dec-17
NORTON, William JOHNSON, Nancy 1897-May-03
NORVELL, Uncas Peacock WARREN, Margaret Irene 1896-Feb-11
NORWOOD, M A ROLES, J P 1868-Dec-10
NORWOOD, R C GREEN, Carrie 1869-Nov-19
NUTTING, William B HALE, Jeffie H 1889-Mar-19
OAKLEY, F M MCCOLVIN, Maggie 1882-Dec-14
OBANNION, James J RICHARDSON, Susan F 1884-Oct-23
OBANNON, B F COOPER, Stacy 1884-Dec-04
OBANNON, John C FULGHAM, Sinnie 1897-Dec-13
OBANNON, Samuel Lafayette HULL, Hassie Beatress 1895-Dec-26
OBRIAN, G M COUSINS, Fannie 1899-Jan-22
OBRIANE, C F HULL, Mattie 1880-Jan-11
OBRIANT, Colonel ALFRED, M J 1873-Feb-24
OBRIEN, Ship YEATES, Matilda 1896-May-08
ODNEAL, Ed JOHNSON, Malisie 1897-Dec-14
ODOM, J A EDWARDS, M A 1897-Jul-20
ODOM, John A DUDLEY, C F 1891-Jul-16
ODOM, John Jr DANIELS, Rilla 1894-Nov-17
ODOM, Thomas ODOM, Minnie 1891-Jul-07
ODOM, W F CORNELL, M F Miss 1884-Sep-17
OLSEN, J O BROOKS, Nancy 1879-Nov-27
ONEAL, Robert LUMPKIN, Harriett 1879-Mar-18
ONEIL, J S Dr NARON, Lizzie 1891-Dec-21
OREILLY, W F PETTY, G L Miss 1880-Oct-15
OSBORNE, W M YORK, Bettie 1897-Sep-12
OSWALT, George DUGAN, Serphronia 1895-Jan-03
OSWALT, Hett SIKES, Tenie 1891-Jan-05
OSWALT, J U SMITH, Nannie 1892-May-07
OSWALT, J Y BRUCE, Laura 1884-Dec-22
OSWALT, John Jr OSWALT, Callie 1894-Nov-23
OSWALT, L O FULGHAM, Lou 1895-Jan-03
OSWALT, L P FONDREN, Dora 1893-Sep-02
OSWALT, W D MURPHU, E J 1868-Jul-17
OUTLAW, Austin LONGSTREET, Charity 1897-Jun-12
OUTLAW, Austin VALENTINE, Lucy 1875-Jan-26
OUTLAW, Ben JONES, Racheal 1896-Dec-30
OUTLAW, D W RIVERS, Kate 1883-Oct-16
OUTLAW, D W Jr HARVEY, Clair O 1900-Oct-03
OUTLAW, Dave ERVIN, Ollie 1897-Dec-25
OUTLAW, Isaac SMITH, Eliza 1880-Jan-28
OUTLAW, Nelson HINES, Lou 1898-Jan-12
OUTLAW, Robert MORGAN, Hannah 1876-May-02
OUTLAW, Robert PERKINS, Callie 1897-May-10
OUTLAW, William CHILES, Laura 1876-May-17
OWEN, Claborne WARE, Ann 1878-Feb-25
OWEN, E E MAKAMSON, C W 1872-Jan-10
OWEN, Jesse T RAYMOND, Bessie 1890-Nov-25
OWENS, Edward T HARRINGTON, Harrjett 1871-Jan-03
OWENS, Isaac BELL, Ellen 1877-Sep-21
OWENS, Isaac HAMPTON, Jane 1879-Sep-28
OWENS, Isaac ROGERS, Mary Lou 1897-Jan-24
OWENS, James BROWN, Savanah 1896-Mar-28
OWENS, T A J DAWKINS, M C Miss 1887-Dec-20
OYSTER, John HENDRIX, Sarah J 1879-Jul-31
OYSTER, William THAMES, Laura 1874-Dec-25
OZBURN, Mcn. CHAMPION, M E 1869-Dec-09



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