Oktibbeha County Brides

I - J

INGRAM, Louisa HARRIS, Will 1896-Jan-08
INGRAM, Mary PARKINS, John 1876-Feb-19
INGRAM, Nancy CANNON, Samuel 1872-Oct-14
IRBY, Mary CARRELL, J E 1869-Jun-19
ISAACS, Cilla WILLIAMS, William 1875-Dec-30
IVY, Sallie JONES, James 1897-Aug-02
JACKSON, Ally MOORE, Andrew 1878-Dec-25
JACKSON, Amy CUSHMAN, Cicero 1878-Dec-26
JACKSON, Dolly THOMAS, Albert 1879-Jan-02
JACKSON, Ella HENDERSON, Eli 1875-Dec-08
JACKSON, Emma JOHNSON, George 1877-Mar-24
JACKSON, Emma SANDERS, Wash 1874-Mar-14
JACKSON, Eva MULDEW, Randolph 1877-Aug-15
JACKSON, Lizzie HUGHES, Bolton 1879-Feb-15
JACKSON, Martha FRIDAY, 1871-Jun-01
JACKSON, Pearl AIKEN, Albert 1897-Jan-23
JACKSON, Peggy CARPENTER, Frank 1875-Dec-16
JAMES, Anna DENNIS, John J 1868-Sep-08
JAMES, Anna KEETON, W M 1898-Sep-25
JAMES, Della LOVE, John 1877-Sep-07
JAMES, Dora RAND, W 1870-Oct-06
JAMES, Lena LOVE, D W 1893-Dec-01
JAMES, Leona SHERMAN, L E 1898-Mar-10
JAMES, Lorena SYNNOTT, Peter 1899-Oct-20
JAMES, M A LOGAN, M S 1894-Nov-30
JAMES, Mammie ROBINSON, William 1877-Sep-23
JAMES, Nancy HANDLE, Edmond 1877-Apr-17
JAMES, Octavie HOPKINS, Mat 1896-Feb-02
JAMES, Reaney NASH, Andrew 1896-Jan-22
JAMES, Rispy HALBERT, Will 1896-Nov-17
JAMES, Rissy JONES, Marion 1878-Jan-03
JAMISON, Darcus POE, Will 1897-Jan-26
JEFFERSON, Katie ROGER, Mat 1896-Dec-29
JENKINS, Aggy HOPKINS, O 1879-Nov-19
JENKINS, Bell LAWSON, Martin 1896-Feb-17
JENKINS, Emma WOOTEN, J S 1881-Apr-10
JENKINS, Estelle DOUGLASS, S A 1883-Nov-22
JERRY, Sarah WARREN, Sultan 1897-Oct-02
JOHNER, Catherine KING, Jack 1874-Jan-28
JOHNS, Belle CURRY, Charley 1875-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Allin GILBERT, James 1877-Oct-27
JOHNSON, Becky MALLARD, John 1874-Nov-24
JOHNSON, Betty INGRAM, Collin 1878-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Caroline BARTON, Linell 1879-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Cherry HAWKINS, Ben 1885-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Dora THOMPSON, Thomas 1888-Aug-02
JOHNSON, E J Miss TURNER, H H 1884-Feb-28
JOHNSON, Estelle HOLLINSHEAD, Freddie 1896-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Hattie DUNN, Dave 1897-Apr-26
JOHNSON, I C Miss NIMMS, T G 1887-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Idella CURRY, Moses 1897-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Laura HULL, E L 1886-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Lavinia (Mrs) GODBEE, Wm. T 1866-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Lillie Dora ASHFORD, Giles 1894-Jan-30
JOHNSON, Lizzie Ann PETERSON, Johnie 1897-Oct-28
JOHNSON, Lucy BELL, Washington 1876-Jan-10
JOHNSON, Lucy WOFFORD, Bracy 1879-Jul-14
JOHNSON, Malisa WOODARD, Andrew 1879-May-21
JOHNSON, Malisie ODNEAL, Ed 1897-Dec-14
JOHNSON, Margaret BOLIN, Andrew 1872-Sep-16
JOHNSON, Mary ALSTON, Joel 1879-Jan-16
JOHNSON, Mary ALSTON, Joel 1879-Jan-15
JOHNSON, Mary THOMAS, John 1895-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Mary C FULGHAM, J R 1879-Oct-08
JOHNSON, Molly LAMPKIN, Perkins 1876-Nov-23
JOHNSON, Morah REED, Madison 1874-May-24
JOHNSON, Nancy NORTON, William 1897-May-03
JOHNSON, Nancy M REED, Lafayette 1879-Jul-16
JOHNSON, Polly A HUNEZ, J R 1878-Jan-10
JOHNSON, Polly Ann HORTON, W T H 1895-Mar-29
JOHNSON, Sallie RATCLIFF, John 1869-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Sallie REED, R F 1887-Nov-02
JOHNSON, T A Miss BRITT, L C 1884-Jan-08
JOINER, Anna HAMPTON, Hardy 1896-Jan-30
JOINER, Ida BELL, J J 1868-May-27
JOINER, Maggie P ELLIS, Montgomery C 1882-Nov-30
JOINER, Mary E WALTON, William M 1884-Dec-23
JOLLY, Gipsie KINNARD, E P 1898-Dec-14
JONES, Alice BUTLER, J R 1879-Dec-24
JONES, Bamma ROBERSON, J M 1898-Jul-26
JONES, Betsy GORDON, Jack 1878-Mar-13
JONES, Caroline MOORE, Jim 1874-Mar-06
JONES, Drucilla WILLIAMS, E G 1869-Oct-20
JONES, Duggin HUEY, Matt 1878-May-03
JONES, Eliza MCCRIGHT, J C 1879-Dec-23
JONES, Elizabeth HOWARD, John 1878-Apr-05
JONES, Eula Clair DAVIS, E A 1899-Dec-31
JONES, Henrietta LOVE, Whitfield 1877-Mar-03
JONES, Holly DAVIS, J W 1879-Jan-22
JONES, Jane ARNOLD, William 1883-Aug-05
JONES, Jane GARANCE, Sam 1877-Apr-28
JONES, Kittie CHAMBLEE, J M 1892-Oct-08
JONES, Maria CUMMINGS, Gibbie 1896-Feb-23
JONES, Mary SMITH, Daniel 1895-Dec-24
JONES, Mary WALKER, Ellie 1876-Feb-06
JONES, Mary Lee TAYLOR, John Henry 1895-Dec-25
JONES, Racheal OUTLAW, Ben 1896-Dec-30
JONES, Rose Anna DUNCAN, Jacob 1897-Dec-13
JONES, Willie HOLMES, Andrew 1896-Dec-15
JONES, Willie SMITH, Robert 1886-Jan-20
JORDAN, Amy CANNON, Bennett 1879-Feb-06
JORDAN, Anna GARRETT, Horace 1878-Apr-04
JORDAN, Catherine WEAVER, George 1897-Jan-09
JORDAN, Delia PLAIR, Steven 1897-Apr-06
JORDAN, Eliza Jane JOHNSON, Henry 1896-Dec-09
JORDAN, Elvira BLAKELY, George 1896-Jan-02
JORDAN, Emma MCELVANEY, W C 1882-Oct-01
JORDAN, Lithia DUCKAMIER, Huston 1896-Jan-31
JORDAN, Lou BARDWELL, Aaron 1897-Jul-19
JORDAN, Sallie WARD, Albert 1897-Nov-13
JORDAN, Vallie MCGEE, Nathan 1896-Dec-24
JORDIN, Hannah ALLEN, Joe 1877-Jul-13
JORDUE, Matilda BROOKS, David 1877-Jan-06
JOSEY, Clemmie TAYLOR, M F 1889-Dec-09
JOSEY, E V Miss HODGE, J H 1881-Nov-30
JOSEY, M A Miss SHROPSHIRE, F W 1874-Dec-28
JOSEY, Sallie L HAYES, C A 1886-Dec-22
JOURNEY, Mary E NICHOLS, E P 1883-Feb-21
JUBITEN, Mary ASKEW, Henry 1887-Jan-29
JUNKIN, Mary E PURTLE, T E 1898-Mar-27



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