Oktibbeha County Brides


CAIN, Alice HENRY, Arthur 1896-Dec-12
CAIN, Fannie CARLISLE, B S 1875-Jul-19
CAIN, Hattie HARRIS, Silas 1897-Dec-29
CALCOUGH, Susie THOMAS, E B 1890-Feb-05
CALDWELL, Catherine WINSTON, William Jr 1879-Dec-11
CALDWELL, Dovy HANNAH, William 1877-Jun-19
CALDWELL, Elizabeth MAULDIN, James R 1869-Mar-22
CALDWELL, Lelia MANESS, H G 1881-Feb-02
CAMERON, Maggie WILSON, T B 1885-Oct-21
CAMPBELL, Henrietta LAMB, I T 1890-Dec-31
CANADA, Barbara GAY, William 1876-Nov-28
CANADIA, Billie GAMILL, James 1896-Feb-09
CANAL, Eliza HENDERSON, Simon 1874-May-28
CANE, Harriet QUINN, David 1874-Feb-05
CANNON, Anna PHELAND, Tom 1896-Jul-24
CANNON, Ellen WILLIAMS, Will 1880-Jan-29
CANNON, Lizzie JOHNSON, Nelson 1879-Jan-06
CANNON, Mariah MALONE, Albert 1879-Jan-06
CANNON, Rose Etta COOPER, James 1897-Oct-13
CANUN, Alice HARRINGTON, Thomas 1874-Dec-02
CAPERTON, M A Miss BUCKNER, J E 1882-Dec-21
CARADINE, Nancy JORDAN, Vally 1897-Dec-22
CARLISLE, S A Miss MCGEE, J R 1888-Jan-03
CARNIE, Elizabeth WILLIAM, Charlie 1876-Jan-04
CARNY, Lydia LOCKETT, Isum 1875-Aug-11
CAROTHERS, J A Miss JONES, D J 1881-Aug-11
CARPENTER, Alice RAMSEY, F E 1899-Jun-21
CARPENTER, Alice ROBINSON, Charles 1877-Mar-15
CARPENTER, Callie JOHNSON, Dove 1895-Dec-26
CARPENTER, Dellah MOOREHEAD, M A 1877-Dec-06
CARPENTER, Dove A HART, Wesley 1878-Mar-14
CARPENTER, Frances MALONE, Anthony 1878-Mar-16
CARPENTER, Hattie DIDLAKE, Phillip 1881-Nov-28
CARPENTER, Lelia CHESNUT, G D 1890-Feb-18
CARPENTER, Lidia DAVIS, A T 1885-Oct-21
CARPENTER, Lidia D HOOKER, W H 1897-Aug-19
CARPENTER, Lillian WOODWARD, John S 1893-Sep-20
CARPENTER, Mary A DAVIS, J H 1898-Jan-26
CARPENTER, Mattie BELL, R R 1889-Jun-27
CARPENTER, Rose HAYS, Henry 1877-Apr-25
CARRELL, George Ann ADAMS, R 1869-Oct-09
CARRELL, Mollie WEST, Thomas 1867-Feb-06
CARROL, Martha A DUKE, Rufus 1867-Nov-05
CARROLL, Emma Beverly ELLIOTT, William P 1899-Oct-24
CARROLL, Febbie HOLLINSHEAD, J D 1899-Mar-15
CARTER, Cally BELL, Solon 1879-Jan-25
CASPER, Racheal ANDREWS, Jack H 1899-Dec-03
CASSEY, Texie BURCHFIELD, W N 1892-Aug-26
CASTON, Eliza J GESS, S D 1878-Mar-30
CATHRUN, Mary Stewart AIKEN, Willie B Jr 1898-Dec-14
CAVANAH, M E (Mrs) WOODFIN, W T 1872-Jun-10
CHAMBERS, Mary JAMISON, Jackson 1896-Jan-04
CHAMBERS, Sarah CAROTHERS, William 1898-Jan-06
CHAMBLEE, Martha Ann SUDDUTH, D M 1895-Oct-11
CHAMPION, Elmina T CARROLL, Thomas J 1866-Nov-26
CHAMPION, F E SANSING, Nelson N 1867-Jan-07
CHANDLER, Amanda JOHNSON, Truman 1878-Feb-25
CHANDLER, Jesse PEEPLES, Willie 1897-Jan-05
CHANDLER, Julia EVANS, W H 1875-Dec-23
CHANDLER, Maggie ADAMS, James 1894-Apr-06
CHAPMAN, M A Miss FERGUSON, James G 1887-Sep-26
CHAUDTER, Maggie ADAMS, George 1894-Mar-08
CHERRY, Druetta PEAY, Austin 1868-Feb-24
CHILDERS, Martha HENDERSON, Larkin 1874-Dec-27
CHILES, Annie B LAWRENCE, W C Dr 1893-Apr-12
CHILES, Carolynne Mae POWELL, Littleton Davis 1899-Nov-22
CHILES, Cislea GREEN, Nelson 1897-Dec-23
CHILES, L M Miss BUCK, E N 1885-Mar-04
CHILES, Laura OUTLAW, William 1876-May-17
CHILES, Marie Bell WILSON, J K 1887-Jun-27
CHILES, Mattie H WHITE, A T 1881-Dec-21
CHUTNAM, Betsy GILLESPIE, William 1880-Mar-11
CLARADY, Nettie TUCK, W C 1884-Nov-01
CLARDY, Elizabeth A HAMILTON, J E 1866-Oct-30
CLARDY, Mary V JORDAN, James T 1890-Jun-23
CLARDY, Tonnie DAVIS, J T 1895-Nov-25
CLARK, Elizabeth DAVIS, Jackson 1877-Dec-09
CLARK, Ida PHILLIPS, J S 1877-Dec-23
CLAYTON, Alice MCGOWEN, G W 1898-Jan-27
CLEMONS, Sarah CHILDRESS, Dave 1884-Sep-13
CLENDY, E B Miss JOHNSON, A S 1881-Sep-11
CLIGG, N C Miss VAUGHAN, J R 1876-Jan-11
CLIGG, S R Miss HAMPTON, J E 1874-Dec-27
COACH, Ann SIMMONS, Jerry 1896-Apr-15
COBBINS, Sallie Ann PARKS, Ed 1897-Feb-08
COBURN, Sarry BROWN, Jim G 1878-Feb-18
COKER, Lula STALLINGS, J E 1882-Feb-19
COLCLOUGH, Jennie A MOSS, H A 1892-Oct-19
COLDOUGH, Frances FRAZIER, Louis 1879-Mar-03
COLDOUGH, Lucie WELBORN, John H 1889-Aug-20
COLELOUGH, Emma W BRIDGES, Robert C 1898-Dec-14
COLELOUGH, Mary WEAVER, Marion 1897-Dec-19
COLEMAN, Josephine ALEXANDER, Perry 1886-Jul-10
COLLIER, Mary ROGERS, Young 1897-Oct-03
COLLIER, Susan COLLIER, Berry H 1900-Sep-30
COLLIER, Virgie THOMPSON, M G 1899-Nov-01
COLLINS, Alice MILLER, James 1879-Dec-28
COLLINS, Helen GANDY, M 1879-Feb-01
COLLINS, Julia TOLSON, David 1880-Jan-15
COLLINS, Maggie MCCLELLAND, J T 1897-Aug-19
COLLINS, Mattie CLARK, J P 1895-Dec-10
COLLINS, Tilda STEPTON, Albert 1880-Jan-08
COLLUM, R R Miss KITCHENS, J G 1877-Dec-25
COLMAN, Nancy BOOKER, Spencer 1880-Jan-10
COLSTON, Julia A PARISH, George E 1883-Mar-15
COLTON, Bettie WORTEN, Allen 1896-Mar-09
COLTON, Emma SIKES, A S 1893-Dec-26
COLTON, Nannie HULL, M J 1899-Dec-21
CONNELL, Emma YOUNG, Ed 1890-Oct-21
CONNER, Ellen MCCALL, Pleasant 1874-Nov-29
CONNER, Emma MANLEY, Josiah 1897-Nov-21
CONNER, Francis DRAKE, Elijah 1874-Feb-09
CONNER, Hestis COPELAND, Aaron 1874-Oct-24
CONNER, Martha MINGLE, George 1877-Mar-03
CONNOR, Amy HOGAN, London 1876-Feb-09
COOK, Callie WESS, Sanford 1881-Aug-18
COOK, Emeline PARRISH, W M 1872-Aug-13
COOK, Lucinda HENDRIX, Andy 1874-Dec-23
COOK, Pink MCKAY, Anderson 1896-Sep-03
COOK, Sarah A JONSON, Charles 1878-Jan-23
COOK, Sarah E KIMBREL, David 1869-Mar-20
COOPER, Alice GORDON, Clemon 1896-Apr-07
COOPER, Annie BROOM, J A 1893-Feb-07
COOPER, Bettie CRUMP, L D 1877-Sep-06
COOPER, Elizabeth F MONTGOMERY, W D 1869-Dec-16
COOPER, Jenny GARTH, John 1878-Dec-15
COOPER, M J BENNETT, John 1868-Oct-26
COOPER, Margaret THOMAS, Joseph 1869-Feb-10
COOPER, Sallie PETTY, C 1880-Feb-25
COOPERWOOD, Nancy CORNWELL, Twant 1897-Dec-23
COOPWOOD, Creasy BELL, Anthony 1876-Feb-17
CORNELIUS, Christina SMITH, P N 1873-Jan-27
CORNELL, Annie C WARD, William 1889-Jun-13
CORNELL, M F Miss ODOM, W F 1884-Sep-17
CORNWELL, Ella BOSTON, George 1897-Feb-26
CORNYA, Ellen SHAFLER, Monroe 1876-Nov-22
COTHEY, Jennie HUNT, Henry 1897-Aug-21
COTHRAN, Mary Stewart AIKEN, Willie B Jr 1898-Dec-14
COTTON, E T Miss IVEY, J T 1887-Jul-28
COUSINS, Fannie OBRIAN, G M 1899-Jan-22
COX, Sally REAL, J P 1879-Apr-17
CRAIG, Harriett SMITH, Fred 1897-Jan-18
CRASS, Elma DILLINGHAM, W B 1893-Jun-14
CRAVEN, Cora RIFE, W E 1868-Oct-03
CRAWCHARD, Maggie ADAMS, Winston 1897-Oct-05
CRAWFORD, Frances DAVIS, Ausy 1878-Nov-05
CRAWFORD, O M WOODSON, Robert 1867-Sep-26
CRAWLEY, M F VAUGHN, J R 1868-Sep-05
CRENSHAW, Maggie ADAMS, Winston 1897-Nov-19
CRENSHAW, Maggie ADAMS, Winston 1897-Oct-05
CRENSHAW, Maggie ADAMS, Winston 1897-Nov-19
CRETZ, Mamie MARTIN, J A 1876-Oct-04
CRIGLER, Annie Weaver CARPENTER, Robert L 1899-Dec-05
CRIGLER, Gilly BOYD, Jackson 1879-Oct-03
CRIGLER, Margaret COLVIN, Bryant 1880-Jan-08
CRITY, Laura A JOSEY, T A 1883-Mar-07
CRITY, R V Miss YEATES, J A 1875-Apr-11
CRITZ, Laura (Lavinia) PAGE, W O 1873-Jan-02
CRITZ, Mary FUTRELL, J L 1872-Nov-23
CROSS, Eliza VAUGHT, William R 1869-Jun-03
CROSS, Gertrude TATE, R E 1898-Dec-26
CROSS, H J Miss GLADNEY, John 1876-Jan-26
CROSS, Tula COVINGTON, J A 1895-Oct-16
CROW, M R Miss HUNTER, J A 1882-Nov-25
CROW, Mollie CRUMPTON, J W 1885-Dec-16
CROW, N E Miss GEESE, J S 1880-Jan-01
CROWLEY, Azerline THOMAS, Jonas 1896-Oct-24
CROWLEY, Reney DEWBERRY, J G 1891-Dec-18
CRUMLING, Birdie WILLIAMS, Rube 1897-Oct-09
CRUMP, Dilsey COFER, Matthew 1897-Feb-04
CRYLER, Mary MAY, Isaac 1877-Oct-10
CUBIE, Dica HINES, Allie 1878-Oct-07
CUMMINGS, A O Miss NORRIS, C J 1887-Oct-18
CUMMINGS, E T H Miss COTTON, R O 1882-Jan-04
CUMMINGS, Fannie J BAYNHAM, C E 1866-Dec-12
CUMMINGS, Frances JAMES, Richard 1879-Apr-19
CUMMINGS, Mary Susan DAVIS, William Wesley 1880-Nov-25
CUMMINGS, Nancy COLLINS, P 1879-Jan-29
CUMMINS, Melinda (Mrs) CUMMINS, Jesse 1869-Dec-30
CUNNINGHAM, Lucinda CURRY, Henry 1874-Mar-07
CUNNINGHAM, Sallie BURCHFIELD, Richard 1888-Jul-23
CUNNINGS, Sarah GAMBOL, J H 1876-Oct-19
CURRY, Angelina RUSH, Andrew 1880-Jan-22
CURRY, Annie C GUNTER, J T 1880-Mar-30
CURRY, Bobbie V DISUMUS, J R 1883-Oct-17
CURRY, C E Miss BOND, W P 1888-Jan-10
CURRY, Caroline DAVIS, Richard 1875-Dec-24
CURRY, Harriet HAWKINS, Ben 1874-Sep-12
CURRY, Hetty BELK, H A 1874-Dec-24
CURRY, Jane THOMAS, Joe 1880-Mar-20
CURRY, Mary L REYNOLDS, A H 1882-Oct-12
CURRY, Pollie C SAUNDERS, J S 1885-May-05
CURTIS, L Miss KIRKHAM, W L 1886-Mar-15
CUSHMAN, Ora WRIGHT, B L H 1881-Nov-01
CUSHMORE, Matilda TURNER, Miley 1874-Sep-19



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