Oktibbeha County Brides


AARON, Caroline JOHNSON, Henry 1898-Jan-13
ABNER, Mary LOGAN, Jerry 1877-Oct-20
ADAMS, Anna V MATHIS, C E 1900-Dec-23
ADAMS, Emma WALKER, W O 1891-May-01
ADAMS, M C Miss BERRY, D M 1882-Oct-31
ADAMS, Margaret E MARQUIS, J M 1870-Dec-21
ADAMS, Martha Ann GARDNER, Dock 1876-Sep-18
ADAMS, Muggy BELL, Abram 1874-Jan-09
ADAMS, S E Miss HUNT, L S 1880-Jan-04
ADAMS, Tennie WILSON, S A 1890-Dec-15
ADKINS, Rebecca J HARRIS, Robert 1870-Jan-26
ADKINSON, Sarah WHITE, Joseph 1877-Nov-28
AIKEN, Ann AUSTIN, Ed 1896-Jun-05
AIKEN, Charley DAILEY, Sarah 1892-Dec-24
AIKEN, E P (Mrs) CHAMPION, James B 1866-Dec-24
ALBRITTON, Roe Dennie JOHNSON, J S 1899-Dec-19
ALEXANDER, A Miss LAMPKIN, Albert 1876-Nov-23
ALEXANDER, Carrie GIBSON, Charlie 1896-Dec-20
ALFORD, Mollie YOUNGBLOOD, W H 1889-Nov-20
ALLEN, Angie JOHNSON, Alabamma 1880-Feb-01
ALLEN, Frances R M PHILLIPS, P H 1887-Oct-29
ALLEN, Hattie JONES, Thomas 1898-Jan-05
ALLEN, Leona IVY, William 1894-Nov-13
ALLEN, M J Miss BROWNING, R L 1881-Dec-11
ALLEN, Sallie PHILLIPS, C H 1892-Aug-17
ALLEN, Sue ADAMS, Charlie 1890-Feb-23
ALLEN, Susie ADAMS, Charlie 1890-Dec-22
ALLEN, Triseparade DAVIS, James 1870-Sep-28
ALSTON, Bessie BELL, Ed 1897-Dec-30
ALSTON, Bessie MCCRIGHT, J E 1885-Dec-08
ALSTON, Lina GREGORY, Jeff 1897-Feb-04
AMES, Grossie SAUNDERS, D A 1883-Feb-06
AMES, Louise YEATES, Zeno E 1900-Dec-26
AMOSSON, Nancy JORDAN, Haywood 1879-Mar-22
ANDERSON, Ann M FORD, J F 1869-Nov-20
ANDERSON, Franky MCGEE, Amos 1878-Apr-25
ANTHONY, Emma DANCY, Willie 1875-Mar-13
ANTHONY, Jane ASHMAN, Turner 1885-Nov-21
ANTHONY, Rose BOGHS, Alfred 1874-Jan-10
ARCHER, Mattie E TAGGART, A E 1893-Feb-22
ARNOLD, Caroline CUMMINS, Jesse 1868-Feb-14
ARNOLD, M A Miss TOLLESON, John 1875-Dec-05
ARNOLD, Minnie MCREYNOLDS, J L 1890-Dec-06
ASKEW, Dora GLENN, J C 1874-Dec-24
ASKEW, Francis ASKEW, Lewis 1885-Aug-25
ASKEW, Francis ASKEW, Luvis 1885-Aug-25
ASKEW, M E Miss MAXWELL, Murry 1874-Jul-14
ASKEW, Mag PEOPLES, William 1897-Dec-23
ASKEW, Mary STAPLES, Rufus 1897-Nov-25
ASKEW, Ruby MILLER, W H 1877-Oct-03
AUSTIN, Dorsy HUDSON, Ben 1876-Jan-24
AUSTIN, Eliza MCGEE, Albert 1880-Jan-05
AUSTIN, Sally BOYD, Mark 1879-Jun-12
AUTY, Luella BOSWELL, Tandy 1879-Jan-01
AYRES, Catherine AWLRTY, Joseph ??66-Sep-02
AZWELL, Aliva Gertrude NEALY, E O 1900-Jan-21
AZWELL, Cay FULGHAM, M R 1897-Dec-19
AZWELL, Clara THOMPSON, O R 1895-Dec-16
AZWELL, Laura PELLUM, W M 1896-Feb-16
AZWELL, Mandee BETTS, E J 1874-Feb-04



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