Noxubee County Grooms


RADFORD, Ephraim BISHOP, Adeline 1874-Mar-22
RADFORD, William C MCGOWEN, Angeline 1866-Feb-26
RAE, Daniel G BROWN, Mary E 1868-Sep-10
RAGG, David W LOVE, Ann 1857-Feb-23
RAGLAND, William S WILKINS, Margaret A 1841-Nov-18
RAINEY, William SLAUGHTER, Mary E 1846-Jun-04
RALLS, C WILLIAMS, M 1858-Oct-05
RANDALS, James MAYBERTY, Lucinda 1837-Jun-11
RANSOM, Arthur S GAINES, Lee Ida 1891-Jan-02
RAWLS, Isiah WALKER, Lucinda E 1849-Jun-05
RAWLS, M M TOAL, Henry 1877-Oct-01
RAWLS, S A WALKER, Nancy L 1847-Dec-23
RAWLS, S E DEW, D A 1878-Jul-24
RAWLS, W T DEW, Ella 1899-Jan-05
RAY, William A GLASS, M E 1850-Aug-29
REAT, John F HUCKABY, Elizabeth 1857-Jul-26
REED, B F WILDER, Sallie I 1884-Dec-02
REED, B T BUTLER, Becky 1891-May-23
REED, C T MYERS, Sallie 1899-Oct-11
REED, Christopher C PREWITT, Nancy A 1852-Jan-20
REED, G C PACE, Jennie 1882-Aug-24
REED, Geo D C PACE, Mary J 1851-Mar-06
REED, H C PATERSON, Carrie T 1898-Dec-28
REED, T J TATUM, Malinda 1870-Dec-08
REED, Thomas MASSENGALE, Elizabeth 1840-May-12
REED, Thomas W TUBB, Susan E 1845-Feb-20
REED, William BRYAN, Susan 1875-Mar-22
REED, William B HARPER, Elizabeth G 1846-Jun-02
REED, William Lawson TAYLOR, Ida 1890-Dec-31
REMP, Charles MORRIS, Rhody A 1855-Nov-15
REYNOLDS, D W C COX, Maggie 1861-Mar-28
REYNOLDS, G W BROWN, Fannie C 1884-Nov-20
RHODES, John BROOKS, L D 1903-Dec-10
RIBBINS, George JERNIGAN, Jennie (M*S) 1896-Dec-22
RICE, Freerian H CALBELL, Margaret F 1851-Mar-27
RICE, Hampton A GREEN, Lucy A 1868-Oct-26
RICE, James M RAWLS, Martha A 1849-Sep-23
RICHARDS, E Q CADE, Nannie 1882-Nov-02
RICHARDS, George W PETERS, Mary Ann (Mrs) 1877-Mar-01
RICHARDS, Jessie RUSSELL, C P 1900-Feb-18
RICHARDS, W B THORNTON, Rosa 0188-Nov-??
RICHARDS, Willie WATKINS, J B 1887-Dec-01
RICHARDSON, Allen FORD, Mary 1849-Aug-12
RICHARDSON, F M CALLAWAY, Sallie 1896-Sep-26
RICHARDSON, G W HAYNES, Lucy F 1881-Jul-05
RICHARDSON, J T BROWN, Canidia W 1869-May-18
RICHARDSON, J T MYERS, Maggie 1895-Nov-12
RICHARDSON, Wm H KNOX, Mahala 1855-Dec-22
RICHARDSON, Wooten LYONS, Louisa 1844-Jan-02
RIDDLE, John T DAVIS, E F 1875-May-15
RIDDLE, Joseph N BURRAGE, Emily 1849-Nov-09
RIDDLE, S A SPENCER, J W 1875-Sep-02
RIDDLE, T J DAVIS, W S 1875-Jul-22
RIDDLE, W F (Jr) VAUGHT, Minnie Bell 1904-Aug-08
RIDDLE, William J GILMORE, Daithula 1867-Dec-26
RIDGEWAY, James F DEAL, Sarah A 1837-Nov-11
RIGG, W C Dr BUSH, Alice C 1866-May-04
RIGGAN, William H HARPER, Lula A 1881-Feb-24
RILEY, G J TISDALE, Ella (Mrs) 1901-Jul-18
RILLEY, R J TAYLOR, J R 1899-Feb-04
RINEHART, C M BROOKS, Lucinda 1882-Oct-08
RINEHART, David LAGRONE, Louisa 1875-Dec-02
RIVES, James H COTTON, Leona S 1868-Mar-10
ROBBINS, E F BALLARD, Nannie 1900-Nov-22
ROBBINS, J E MCHENRY, Bessie 1900-Apr-02
ROBBINS, James A STEVENSON, Lula 1869-Nov-11
ROBBINS, John Quincy A BRIDGES, Mahala Jane 1848-May-25
ROBBINS, Jordan A PARKER, Elizabeth 1842-Nov-15
ROBBINS, S L DEW, Martha 1849-Sep-27
ROBBINS, W W HILL, M E 1875-Nov-04
ROBBINS, Warren DABB, Elizabeth 1835-Jan-08
ROBBINS, Wesley D BARNES, Elizabeth 1840-Mar-03
ROBERSON, James H FRANKLIN, Elmira E 1857-Nov-26
ROBERSON, S A BROWN, Mary 1855-Dec-20
ROBERTS, Daniel JAMES, Maria 1839-Jan-07
ROBERTS, J C CAVETT, Hallie C 1898-Sep-01
ROBERTSON, Andrew J HITT, Mary E 1860-Dec-25
ROBERTSON, D T DANIEL, Mattie 1892-Dec-11
ROBERTSON, E M COLEMAN, Eliza Jane 1860-Apr-26
ROBERTSON, Harmon TUBB, Elizabeth A 1834-Nov-11
ROBERTSON, Henry B ATKINSON, Elizabeth 1848-Jul-06
ROBERTSON, James B COCKRAM, Mary 1843-Jan-18
ROBERTSON, James H HITT, Jane Elizabeth 1859-Aug-10
ROBERTSON, Jeb T COTTON, Nancy 1839-Oct-10
ROBERTSON, John H MALONE, Caroline 1837-Aug-24
ROBERTSON, Joseph BISHOP, Eliza 1874-Aug-27
ROBERTSON, Murrah G HERRON, Ophelia 1870-Dec-08
ROBERTSON, R N GARNER, Sarah I 1869-Jun-22
ROBERTSON, Robert O MANN, William M 1865-Aug-13
ROBERTSON, Strewn A FUNDERBURK, Mary 1862-Jul-28
ROBERTSON, Strewn A HARLISS, Mary Ann 1860-Oct-21
ROBERTSON, Thomas BYRD, Georgia 1874-Jan-20
ROBERTSON, W J HOLLY, Viola 1897-Nov-03
ROBERTSON, Wh H BUTLER, Margaret Ann 1878-Jan-31
ROBERTSON, William THOMAS, Elizabeth 1836-Jul-11
ROBINSON, A PREWITT, Nancy E 1834-Aug-07
ROBINSON, W J BLYTHE, Pauline A 1886-Nov-09
ROBINSON, William ISRELL, Emiline 1854-Oct-15
RODEN, James A HENON, Missouri E 1867-Oct-24
RODGERS, Abram A SWANN, Sophia A 1842-Nov-10
RODGERS, John CARPENTER, Cynthia Mrs 1845-Mar-02
RODGERS, John A COCHRAN, Martha A 1854-Mar-01
RODGERS, Samuel A LIDDLE, Mary M 1848-Mar-02
ROGERS, B T WHITEHEAD, Mary E 1872-Feb-11
ROGERS, Charles DAVIS, Fannie 1874-Jan-29
ROGERS, George E LEWIS, Nancy 1856-Jul-08
ROGERS, J M ROLIN, M J 1886-Dec-14
ROGERS, Joshua M HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary E 1864-Mar-29
ROGERS, Massengale MORRIS, Emmeline 1858-Mar-07
ROGERS, Nicholas N MURRAY, Bettie R 1866-Nov-29
ROGERS, Peyton H HARMON, Elvira E 1855-May-19
ROGERS, S B NEILL, Ida E 1875-Nov-10
ROGERS, Thomas C BRYAN, Martha C 1866-Feb-07
ROGERS, W C FINKLEA, L L 1887-Jul-07
ROGERS, W V PHELPS, Vashti 1901-Nov-14
ROLAND, H Y MARTIN, Mattie A 1875-Nov-16
ROOCHER, J C HAYGOOD, Susan A 1876-Apr-23
ROOKER, Jacob STEEL, Catherine E 1843-Jun-04
ROOKS, Samuel M HANLEY, Amelia 1835-Aug-05
ROSEBERRY, J R BYRD, M W 1892-Sep-26
ROSS, T J BEVILL, Alice 1884-Dec-15
ROSS, William GILMORE, Mattie 1885-Jan-14
ROSS, William C VAUGHN, J C 1857-Nov-05
ROSSER, L V Dr PERKINS, Christiana M 1861-Feb-05
ROSSER, Thomas G FORD, Nettie 1879-Jan-08
ROSSER, Thomas G WALKER, Luduska 1889-Mar-24
ROSSER, W G THOMAS, Willie L 1889-Dec-19
RUCKER, J A UPTON, Ida 1894-Jan-30
RUFF, Francis M TRIPLETT, Annie J 1867-Jan-22
RUFF, John H LUTTRELL, Mary 1859-Mar-03
RUFF, Reuben STANBACK, Rebecca 1851-Nov-02
RUFF, Walter L CALMES, Eva V 1878-Nov-27
RUKER, E F FERGUSON, Synthia 1847-Aug-12
RUSSELL, C B STRICKLAND, Mattie 1903-Jun-03
RUSSELL, C P RICHARDS, Jessie 1900-Feb-18
RUSSELL, Eng GREEN, Margaret 1902-Sep-24
RUSSELL, George W CHAMBERS, Sinia A T 1866-Feb-06
RUSSELL, Gibson CRAWFORD, Zenolia 1836-Jan-10
RUSSELL, J M FINKLEA, Elizabeth 1879-Dec-25
RUSSELL, James J BRANNON, Pasty 1872-May-27
RUSSELL, John O STEWART, Martha 1866-Sep-06
RUSSELL, John T TAYLOR, Martha F 1866-Dec-13
RUSSELL, Perry G ROGERS, Artemissia 1875-Sep-14
RUSSELL, S E METTS, D W 1878-Nov-24
RUSSELL, Thomas A ARCHER, Almira 1847-Oct-14
RYAN, S B TAYLOR, Elizabeth 1839-Aug-04



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