Noxubee County Grooms

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NAIL, A L DENTON, Margaret 1853-Feb-29
NAIL, A L DENTON, Mary J 1875-Nov-30
NAILOR, Presley YOUNG, Margaret 1867-Oct-10
NANCE, Cephas INGRAM, Rebecca J 1857-Mar-18
NANCE, J C HENDRIX, Lula 1877-Sep-21
NANCE, Morgan MITCHELL, Jennie 1875-Mar-10
NANCE, Spott STEVENSON, Lelia 1899-Jan-10
NANCY, S W BRANDON, F I 1896-Jun-07
NASH, Nimrod N HENLEY, Elizabeth E 1834-Jul-23
NEAL, F P WILLIAMS, Bettie 1871-Feb-16
NEAL, James A HARRINGTON, Laura 1870-Nov-02
NEAL, M A BROWN, C B 1879-Dec-24
NEEDHAM, James O ELLIS, Hattie L 1897-Jun-30
NEEL, John LAGRONE, Carolyn 1851-Dec-17
NEEL, N C BIRD, Georgianna 1877-Jan-10
NEEVES, G S WELLS, Florence 1898-Mar-13
NEEVES, W M SWIFT, Lula 1892-Apr-30
NEILL, George B HILL, Nancy J 1856-Jan-10
NEILSON, C H WILLIAMS, Hattie E 1873-Nov-24
NEILSON, S M DENTON, Jacob -   -
NELSON, George D GRANT, Frances M 1847-Oct-25
NESTER, G S RAWLS, Martha Emmeline 1873-Oct-17
NESTER, J C THORNELL, Mattie 1898-Jan-12
NETHERY, R S TYSON, Lovedie 1879-   -18
NEVILLE, Gideon Massey BREWER, Lina Carr 1904-Jun-22
NEVILLE, L J BROOKS, James B 1870-   -
NEVITT, Benjamin M WILLIAMS, Ophelia 1852-Jan-13
NEWMAN, Presby C DADE, Willie A 1861-Dec-10
NICHOLS, J H MCLELLAND, Signora 1878-Jan-19
NICHOLS, John N WALKER, Mary E 1881-Sep-19
NICHOLSON, Flavius J WINGATE, Josephine J 1860-Nov-22
NICHOLSON, George DOTSON, Jennie 1891-Jan-20
NICHOLSON, J A HIGGINS, Eugenia C 1868-Nov-26
NICHOLSON, Theodore R MCDONALD, Eliza E 1844-Nov-12
NOFFSINGER, H O BRYAN, Rubye 1900-Jun-06
NOLAND, Robert M WILLIAMS, Carry A 1877-Feb-26
NOLES, Peter R SULLINS, Jane 1850-Jan-29
NORDIKE, John G HARRISON, L C 1850-Nov-03
NORDIKE, John G LINCECUM, Marcella W 1846-Jun-30
NORDYKE, John G FRAZIER, Martha 1861-Feb-17
NORRED, J T BROOKS, Daisy Helen 1898-Jul-26
NORTON, George BLACK, Mattie 1869-Jan-21
NORTON, George GUY, Susan 1865-Dec-15
NORTON, Wade H HENSON, Esther 1855-May-09
NORWOOD, E L MOORE, Rosa 1896-Feb-05
NORWOOD, J P HODGES, Mattie M 1888-Dec-26
NORWOOD, Pickens C HOPKINS, Luara A 1866-Sep-11
NORWOOD, Wesley HARRISON, Bettie D 1866-Sep-04
NUCKOLAS, Charles M MORGAN, Mary E 1853-Oct-13
NUCKOLS, Joseph S MANEES, Mattie 1868-Sep-25
NUNN, David A WILLIAMS, Helen 1858-Jun-08
NUTT, J L HAMMILL, Mary Jane 1871-Oct-25
O'BYRNE, M NEVES, Ida 1886-Mar-30
O'REILLY, Edward T PHILLIPS, Margaret (Mrs) 1874-Jan-12
OCOOK, D J SPANN, Mary R 1880-Nov-04
OLDNER, J F MCLEMORE, Mary I 1893-May-23
OLDNER, Joseph F BROWN, Emma L 1865-Sep-14
OLDNER, M L MOORE, A J 1885-Dec-17
OLIVER, C L DEALE, Sallie E 1875-Feb-25
OLIVER, L H CONNOR, Annie E 1891-Oct-27
OLIVER, Thomas JACKSON, Eliza A 1835-Jun-18
OLIVER, W S CONNOR, Sallie J 1888-Jun-21
ONEEL, Patrie ALLEN, Pricilla 1849-May-17
ORR, Jefferson CAMPBELL, Margarette 1835-Feb-05
ORR, John C FREEMAN, Elsie R 1857-Feb-01
ORR, Simeon GILMORE, Jane 1862-Feb-13
OTIS, T H REED, Minnie 1897-Dec-08
OTIS, Willie BOWMAN, W H 1896-May-10
OVALL, John Jr WOODAL, Sarah Elizabeth 1843-May-18
OVERSTREET, William DUNCAN, L 1868-Jun-01
OWEN, Augustus GREER, Sallie E 1860-Jul-19
OWEN, David S HARLESS, Martha 1866-Jan-18
OWEN, James C LEWIS, Amanda M 1855-Aug-03
OWENS, Durant BEASLEY, Constance 1863-Dec-23
OWENS, Henry L GRIGGS, Mary W 1899-Jun-07
OWENS, John H GREEN, Bettie 1875-Feb-23
OWENS, W J GREER, Vannie L 1890-Apr-17



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