Noxubee County Grooms

I - J

INABINIT, John MCDONALD, Margaret A W 1845-Oct-16
INGRAHAM, S J MILLS, J P 1872-Feb-07
INGRAM, A M LITTLE, Lillei B 1893-Dec-19
INGRAM, Allen J RUFF, Susan B 1858-Aug-05
INGRAM, J H HARRELL, Eliza 1866-Jan-03
INGRAM, John M DENSON, Eliza 1841-Dec-30
INGRAM, John M THORPE, Lucy M 1843-May-15
INGRAM, Perry F PAGAN, Sarah E 1856-Dec-02
IRION, S M COLE, Lelia 1882-Dec-27
IRONS, William A CAMPBELL, Mildred Jane 1869-Apr-06
IRSCH, Frank PITTS, Lucretia E 1860-Mar-08
IRWIN, L E E BROWN, William D 1861-Feb-21
IRWIN, Thomas W HERRON, Louisa E E 1850-Oct-13
ISGETT, W J LEE, Effie G 1892-Nov-26
IVY, Jesse C MOORE, Carrie C 1884-Mar-18
IVY, Thomas MOORE, Pattie 1868-Sep-03
JACKSON, Aaron M WRIGHT, Elizabeth J 1862-Sep-24
JACKSON, C F CADE, Mary Elizabeth 1875-May-06
JACKSON, Edward FEEMSTER, Anna 1869-Oct-26
JACKSON, Henry A GARNER, Elizabeth A 1868-Jul-09
JACKSON, J C STOWERS, Katie 1894-Apr-12
JACKSON, J J SMITH, Mary E S 1883-Dec-02
JACKSON, M A HOLT, J E 1896-Dec-31
JACKSON, M A SYKES, Sarah 1868-Dec-29
JACKSON, M E GUY, I G 1889-May-26
JACKSON, M G BYRD, J A 1877-Dec-20
JACKSON, O C COMBS, Geneva 1903-Apr-15
JACKSON, S A ANDERSON, Sabie 1902-Sep-24
JACKSON, Seabron A JACKSON, Martha 1852-Nov-26
JACKSON, W A WHITE, M T 1895-Sep-29
JACKSON, W H WELSH, Georgia Lee 1897-Dec-02
JACKSON, W S HUNTER, Annie 1897-Jan-28
JACKSON, William JONES, Susan 1848-Feb-24
JACKSON, William R SIMPSON, Sallie 1873-Apr-17
JAMES, Thomas G FOOTE, Jane E 1851-Oct-28
JAMISON, E J ALEXANDER, Robert 1865-Sep-07
JAMISON, Eris HENLEY, Mattie L 1891-   -08
JAMISON, George GRACE, Ruth E 1869-May-23
JAMISON, J H MOORE, Bettie J 1881-Dec-13
JARNAGIN, Bryrum PERRY, Susan A 1852-Nov-25
JARNAGIN, H L PERKINS, Abbie L 1869-Jul-29
JARNAGIN, Hampton L MCCASKILL, Rebecca B 1843-Sep-20
JARNIGIN, H L (Jr) LUCAS, Mary E 1873-Sep-10
JEFFRIES, R R STEWART, A A 1879-   -17
JENKINS, J W CAMPBELL, Mary V 1900-Oct-03
JENKINS, James F SLAUGHTER, Willie A 1868-Jun-07
JENNINGS, James M YATES, Teresa M 1858-Nov-07
JERNAGIN, F C DOOLEY, Elizabeth A E 1849-Jan-18
JERNIGAN, H W TATUM, Ellen H 1879-Dec-25
JETTUMA, Isaac RICHARDSON, Mary 1859-May-19
JINES, L STOVALL, Georgia 1885-Feb-16
JINKS, Adam EAVES, Eliza 1848-Aug-23
JKING, J M CARD, Mertie 1890-Mar-15
JOCKEL, C F JOHNSON, E M 1847-Oct-13
JOFDAN, Mike DEW, Eliza 1874-Apr-04
JOHN, D T LOVE, Sallie 1886-Nov-11
JOHNSON, B A ALLEN, Frank 1877-Jun-12
JOHNSON, Carroll STEWART, Mary 1848-Jan-06
JOHNSON, E M JOCKEL, C F 1847-Oct-13
JOHNSON, Edwin R WILLIAMS, Martha R 1854-Sep-07
JOHNSON, J A CARD, S D 1893-Dec-13
JOHNSON, James R MAHORNER, Rosa C -   -
JOHNSON, John HILL, Mary E 1854-Dec-03
JOHNSON, John MATTHEWS, Mahaley 1848-Feb-13
JOHNSON, John R ORIAH, Elizabeth 1861-Nov-07
JOHNSON, John T DELANEY, Nancy 1870-Dec-18
JOHNSON, M A MCILVRIED, M A (Mrs) 1902-Jul-09
JOHNSON, Solomon GILL, Mary Ann 1835-Feb-10
JOHNSON, T L MAXWELL, Mary E 1869-Jul-26
JOHNSON, William B LOGAN, Fannie 1872-Jan-25
JOHNSON, Woodson SCHUYLER, Mary F 1860-Apr-10
JOHNSTON, James M HORTON, Narcissa 1869-Mar-26
JOHNSTON, S M LYNCH, Bettie 1880-Dec-24
JOINER, Caleb MAYS, L C 1839-Aug-22
JOINER, J C SANFORD, Willie 1897-Aug-25
JOINER, Watson C SANDERS, Julia A 1848-Feb-20
JOINER, William A FARMER, Catherine M 1862-Jul-01
JOLDINESS, Elisha CROCKER, Lizzie 1899-Jan-04
JONES, A P HERRON, Mary Ann 1850-Nov-13
JONES, Andrew SHIELDS, Mahala J 1865-Dec-25
JONES, Benbury DOWLING, Elizabeth 1865-May-25
JONES, Bushrod PARKS, Mattie 1866-Jan-25
JONES, Cameron STEEL, Martha A 1848-Dec-25
JONES, D A FREEMAN, Edna 1873-Nov-13
JONES, D P BUTLER, Jackie 1883-Jan-18
JONES, E C HAUGHTON, James M 1864-Jul-14
JONES, F L EATINGER, Charles H 1901-Aug-21
JONES, Felix BARNES, Mary E 1846-Jun-09
JONES, Forney LIDDLE, Elveny Jane 1837-Oct-12
JONES, Henry C MARTIN, Jane 1854-Jul-04
JONES, Henry D DORROH, Frances 1841-Jun-10
JONES, Houston GREEN, Ida Russell 1902-Sep-03
JONES, J T HOLBROOK, Eugenia 1871-Jun-14
JONES, Jameor Z TYSON, Mary T 1893-Dec-21
JONES, James F FERRIS, Rose P 1868-Oct-20
JONES, James R GILBERT, Mary 1848-May-07
JONES, James S RICHARDSON, Synthia A 1849-Jul-18
JONES, James T HIDE, Amanda K 1865-Oct-11
JONES, Jeptha WALKER, Elizabeth 1854-Apr-20
JONES, Jeptha C HUNTER, Margaret C 1867-Sep-06
JONES, John A HOWELL, Mollie C 1865-Oct-11
JONES, John H TERRY, Sallie B 1856-Oct-02
JONES, John R PEANE, Lucy A 1859-Jan-26
JONES, Nelson B DANIEL, Harriet 1852-Aug-03
JONES, R R HAYNES, Adelia 1880-Apr-15
JONES, Richard H Dr SPANN, Martha L 1860-Jan-04
JONES, Robert BYRD, Eliza A 1855-Jan-04
JONES, Robert HENDERSON, Margaret 1850-Jul-25
JONES, Robert R DUGAN, Mollie M 1873-Dec-17
JONES, Thoams A PATTON, Victoria 1875-Oct-30
JONES, William BIGGS, Mary E 1854-Jul-27
JONES, William G KINNEY, Mary E 1867-Apr-23
JONES, William S CROWELL, Fannie 1862-May-08
JONES, Wlla DUGAN, J P 1871-Dec-19
JONES, Wyatt M PATTY, Nannie E 1881-Apr-20
JONES, Z T CLEARMAN, Edna 1875-Jan-15
JORDAN, J H GAZAWAY, Mary 1878-Nov-07
JORDAN, Thomas KITCHENS, Lucinda 1865-Sep-28



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