Noxubee County Grooms


GAGE, James R PERKINS, Juliana 1849-Mar-15
GAGE, John E SIMPSON, Margaret E 1848-Mar-26
GAGE, Robert A MOORE, Nancy B 1844-Apr-30
GAMMELL, James A J, Martha A 1842-Oct-27
GANDY, John COLE, Martha A 1866-Sep-06
GANDY, John F COLE, Maria J 1866-Sep-13
GANDY, John L WEEKS, Martha 1860-Mar-18
GANDY, Joseph CHEATHAM, Mary 1839-Oct-01
GANDY, Joseph I BISHOP, Mary E 1853-Jan-06
GANDY, William CARTER, S A 1840-Sep-15
GANNIN, James MCBURNEY, Mary Ann 1859-Dec-04
GAR, Hiram FRAZIER, Zona S 1861-Feb-10
GARDERN, W D SMITH, Ottie (Mrs) 1901-May-13
GARDNER, D O LUTTRELL, Pearl 1901-Nov-06
GARDNER D NAYLO, R MCCRAW, Mantie 1904-Aug-10
GARNER, A S ADAMS, J D 1877-Mar-08
GARNER, B C THOMAS, M S Mrs 1869-Sep-16
GARNER, Benjamin F THOMAS, Abagail 1842-Dec-20
GARNER, Edward T MCCUNE, Sallie A 1857-Dec-22
GARRETT, J A WELLS, Isabella 1845-Nov-20
GARRETT, L M MORGAN, Kate 1900-Apr-23
GARTIN, R F WILLIAMS, Emma 1871-Oct-19
GARVIN, Alfred LYON, Sarah F 1858-Oct-07
GARWAY, J T SHORT, Minnie 1879-Dec-14
GARY, W L BARTON, Angy S (Mrs) 1877-Oct-30
GASTIN, William S FUTNER, Elizabeth 1863-Oct-26
GAVIN, C S NEEVES, Mary A 1876-Feb-24
GAVIN, George P CONNOR, Willie E 1864-May-19
GAVIN, S C DARE, M E 1895-Nov-10
GAY, Charles SCALES, Mary F R 1870-   -17
GAY, Thomas MORRIS, Lucinda 1842-Dec-22
GAY, Thomas S JAMEISON, Mattie W 1903-Jan-14
GAY, W T MCCARVER, M E 1880-Dec-23
GENTRY, Ira B CLARK, Martha 1840-Aug-06
GGODWIN, T J CAMPBELL, Mary 1872-Feb-18
GHOLSON, L A DANTZLER, John L 1846-Aug-12
GHOLSON, William R RICHARDSON, Martha P 1851-Apr-03
GIBSON, Alex ETHRIDGE, Estelle 1898-Dec-28
GIBSON, C W BEASLEY, Alice H 1878-Nov-26
GILBERT, John DARE, Arena 1855-Aug-02
GILKEY, Walter H STEWART, Laura P 1863-Sep-16
GILKEY, Walter M STEWART, Laura P 1863-Sep-16
GILL, William M CULBERTSON, Mary J 1841-Mar-04
GILLESPIE, Joseph A BREVARD, Mary 1840-Jan-09
GILMER, John P OLIVER, Martha E 1875-Aug-08
GILMER, Nicholas I BARRETT, Eleanor 1845-Jan-30
GILMORE, A C MORRIS, Harriet 1847-Jun-03
GILMORE, G M MAY, Annie Irene 1888-Nov-29
GILMORE, N (Jr) SESSIONS, Maudie 1875-Oct-20
GIST, M B HINEMAN, M B 1887-May-03
GIVENS, James P DRAKE, Caroline P 1859-Dec-14
GLASS, H D LYNCH, Mary Ann 1839-May-08
GLASS, Hester A SMITH, John J 1854-Oct-05
GLASS, Jesse W PROFITT, Jane 1840-Feb-09
GLASS, Joel KERCHWELL, Martha C 1854-Dec-17
GLASS, John H FUNDERBURK, Catherine 1841-Jun-17
GLASS, Thomas H TAYLOR, Lucy A K 1854-Dec-19
GLENN, J O MCLEOD, Dan Ella 1893-Jul-19
GLENN, Simon DANIELS, Mary C 1845-Feb-13
GLOVER, James G BROWN, Sallie A E 1874-Jan-15
GLOVER, W F PUCKETT, Momollie 1902-Sep-17
GOFF, John Q DISMUKES, Maggie S 1891-Jun-03
GOFF, John Q DUSMUKES, Maggie S 1891-Jun-03
GOGGANS, Joshua T GRAY, Eliza Jane 1845-Mar-02
GOING, A  WILLIAMS, Mahala 1884-Jan-01
GOLDEN, Thomas H DAVIS, Caroline 1850-Jan-11
GOODIN, R J RICHEY, Bettie 1897-Dec-27
GOODLAW, Henry A MANN, Mattie J 1864-Oct-06
GOODLOE, A C BLEDSOE, Caroline 1866-Jun-13
GOODMAN, Wilson S SUMMERFORD, Sarah A 1869-Jan-21
GOODRICH, Jas LOCKETT, L W 1869-Dec-15
GOODWIN, E N SMITH, J T 1881-Nov-10
GOODWIN, G H HORTON, Mollie B 1868-Dec-30
GOODWIN, G H WYATT, L 1901-Feb-15
GOODWIN, H E KEMP, Sallie 1883-Feb-03
GOODWIN, John S SIMS, Mary E 1848-Feb-02
GOODWIN, M L BATEMAN, John 1861-Nov-08
GOODWIN, T G ADAMS, S W 1882-Feb-16
GOODWIN, W W PERMENTER, Hallie E 1899-Sep-20
GOODWIN, Young W HUNTER, Susan 1861-Jan-02
GORDON, Richard T LOCKETT, Mary A 1851-Sep-15
GORE, E INGRAM, Elizabeth 1860-May-22
GORE, Thomas MURRAY, Elizabeth 1867-Sep-24
GORFF, Julius WEDEKIN, Hortense 1873-May-19
GOULD, James BLAIR, Rebecca 1874-Jul-04
GOUSETTE, G J DAVIS, Helen 1899-Jun-19
GOWEN, J H GOWEN, Elizabeth Mrs 1864-Dec-27
GRACE, J L WALTHALL, Lula 1899-Aug-31
GRACE, John CAHILL, Mollie 1879-Apr-28
GRACE, Patrick H WALKER, Rebecca I 1850-Aug-18
GRACE, W B STROUP, Annie M 1882-Jul-05
GRACY, M A BELL, P C 1837-Nov-12
GRAHAM, A C BEASLEY, Annie O 1871-   -15
GRAHAM, Abner SUDBERRY, Fannie V 1868-Sep-16
GRAHAM, H L BURCH, Mary 1878-Jan-24
GRAHAM, Hilliard L ALLGOOD, Dathula 1869-Apr-15
GRAHAM, W J (R) DENTON, Lula 1886-Oct-28
GRANGER, H N HODGES, Sallie G 1881-Jan-26
GRANT, Daniel LOWRANCE, Eliza B 1835-Jul-14
GRANT, John M BREWER, Anna J 1856-Jun-17
GRANT, John M FOOTE, Sarah E 1836-Dec-15
GRANT, R H LILLY, Betsey 1838-Aug-30
GRAY, Allen W GOODWIN, Susan L 1866-Jan-29
GRAY, C H MORRIS, E L 1884-Jan-10
GRAY, Charles T GRAHAM, Martha E 1865-Jan-16
GRAY, George M SHERROD, Lizzie 1858-Oct-21
GRAY, James W DOLLAR, Mary Ann 1865-Nov-05
GRAY, L M FOSTER, Thomas J 1881-Aug-02
GRAY, W K STRAIT, Emma C 1888-Feb-29
GREEN, James M HIGGINBOTHAM, Mittie Anna 1870-Oct-04
GREENE, Elijah W HIGGINBOTHAM, Mary 1852-Nov-25
GREENE, Elijah W WHITE, Martha 1844-May-19
GREER, Calvin HARRISON, Mary 1843-Sep-10
GREER, Erasmus I MATTHEWS, Julia J 1863-Dec-15
GREER, James A MATTHEWS, Sarah M 1855-Jul-12
GREER, John H SANDERS, Mary A 1843-Aug-22
GREER, John J BUCK, Justa E 1876-Oct-26
GREER, Joshua H KENNARD, Sallie E 1865-Mar-22
GREER, Justice E DAVID, W J 1885-Dec-15
GREER, M L MCMULLAN, Mary Ann 1859-May-08
GREER, Young H RICHARDSON, Emily A 1849-Sep-15
GREGORY, P B HILL, Savilla (Mrs) 1877-Mar-29
GRIFFIN, Benjamin F WELLBORN, Mary E P 1868-Dec-22
GRIFFIN, Green GREEN, Joanna 1875-Dec-30
GRIFFIN, Henry I PERRY, Elizabeth 1863-Nov-17
GRIFFIN, Isaac M HARMON, Barbara 1861-Mar-15
GRIFFIN, Leroy HARLESS, Rhoda E 1866-Dec-31
GRIFFIN, Thomas C RILEY, Matilda C 1851-Jul-15
GRIFFITH, James O'NEAL, Carrie 1886-Feb-18
GRIGGS, Joe Len BARNES, W O (Jr) 1901-Jan-23
GRISELLE, P P SANDERS, Lettie 1869-Mar-24
GROSSMAN, Christian F SHEPPARD, Martha 1867-Mar-27
GRTAY, William K PAULETTE, Emma V 1871-Nov-23
GUINN, James FOREMAN, Martha E 1846-Nov-01
GULLY, Henry J LAMPLEY, Sara E 1867-Jun-24
GURLEY, A J BUIRRAGE, Annie 1888-Sep-29
GURLEY, Frances E COLEMAN, Edward J 1855-Jun-05
GURLEY, J F FORD, M V 1897-Jul-02
GUY, C C MCDAVID, R T 1896-Nov-19
GUY, I G JACKSON, M E 1889-May-26
GUY, J A WALKER, Pauline 1898-Dec-21
GUY, Marion HUGHES, Mattie 1884-Dec-07
GUY, Sam DARE, Maggie 1900-Nov-26
GUYTON, C H GOLBERT, Hilda 1897-Jul-04



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