Noxubee County Grooms


LEE, J A STEWART, E T 1888-Jul-09
MCMILLAN, H A STALLINGS, Mamie 1489-Dec-31
MCMICHAEL, A C BEVILL, Carrie C 1888-Oct-24
ABBOTT, B B TRIPLETT, Carrie M 1865-Nov-18
ABRAMS, Oliver P ROBERTSON, Sophronia 1857-May-19
ACCE, Erasmus L MARSHALL, Amanda 1835-Nov-12
ADAMS, Andrew GILLESPIE, Mary 1873-Aug-24
ADAMS, B C DANIEL, Patience A 1878-Dec-11
ADAMS, C C TATE, J C 1877-Nov-29
ADAMS, E S MADISON, C W 1874-Feb-25
ADAMS, Earl TAYLOR, Carrie 1903-Nov-18
ADAMS, Eugene J RIVERS, A E 1894-Nov-08
ADAMS, F M DOWLING, Virginia 1866-Nov-15
ADAMS, Franklin M COCKRAM, Asaline W 1844-Jul-12
ADAMS, J D GARNER, A S 1877-Mar-08
ADAMS, James D PARKS, Josephine 1869-Aug-17
ADAMS, John ANILTON, Penetta A 1846-Dec-30
ADAMS, John T PORTER, Mary W 1838-Jul-12
ADAMS, L M (Jr) STUART, Lou 1886-Mar-04
ADAMS, Lemuel M HUNTER, Alice 1860-Jan-01
ADAMS, Nathan WATT, Rebecca 1856-May-28
ADAMS, S W GOODWIN, T G 1882-Feb-16
ADAMS, Spencer WILLIAMS, Cynthia 1834-Jul-03
ADAMS, Thomas W SLOAN, Susan H 1861-Jan-16
ADAMS, W A HARE, Belva 1897-Nov-13
ADAMS, William W EDWARDS, Mattie 1874-Mar-09
ADCOCK, James FAIN, Ida 1897-Sep-07
ADCOCK, R E WHITE, Mamie 1889-Dec-12
ALBROUGH, R CLARK, H B 1860-Nov-28
ALEXANDER, John MASSENGALE, Christie E 1866-Sep-04
ALEXANDER, Robert JAMISON, E J 1865-Sep-07
ALEXANDER, S G THOMPSON, Nancy 1836-Nov-08
ALEXANDER, S R TREWITT, Mary B 1870-Dec-15
ALEXANDER, William ALLMAN, E K -   -
ALEXNADER, Robert BANKSTON, Georgia (Mrs) 1885-Apr-30
ALFRED, David CROWSON, Nancy 1836-Jul-05
ALLEN, A R TATUM, E P 1903-Nov-24
ALLEN, Boyd C JONES, Martha C 1839-Jan-12
ALLEN, Charles W GORMAN, Sarah Ann 1841-Jul-18
ALLEN, Charles W HARRISON, Sarah F 1835-Nov-12
ALLEN, Charles W LEWIS, Elizabeth 1852-Feb-10
ALLEN, Frank JOHNSON, B A 1877-Jun-12
ALLEN, J A MULLINS, Sarah 1890-Dec-17
ALLEN, James A PARK, Eleanore 1853-Dec-16
ALLEN, James H EAKIN, Margaret 1870-   -
ALLEN, Peter J LEONARD, R 1866-Apr-19
ALLEN, S H WOOTEN, Jane 1887-Apr-05
ALLEN, Thomas CHANDLER, Charlotte 1848-Jan-22
ALLEN, William H CHILDRESS, Mar 1865-Nov-08
ALLEN, William J MORGAN, Pemelea 1851-Feb-18
ALLEN, William W HARRIS, Irene 1857-Mar-12
ALLMAN, HIBBARD, S A 1877-Jun-13
ALSTON, C E (4R) FRIDAY, Pearl 1903-Aug-30
ALSTON, E M LINCECUM, O B 1895-   -10
ALSTON, J S SUMMERFORD, Keziah 1884-Sep-07
ALSTON, James S MATTHEWS, Eugenia E 1867-May-13
ALSTON, R P FRIDAY, Emma J 1899-Dec-06
AMES, Charles B ALLEN, Elizabeth P 1894-Feb-06
AMES, Charles B LONGSTREET, Sarah 1855-Aug-22
AMES, J F MINOR, Fannie E 1898-Jul-28
AMES, John Fisher YATES, Anna E 1882-Nov-08
AMMONS, Argrove MCLEOD, Ann 1845-Mar-27
ANDERSON, Benjamin HAMES, Mary 1857-Mar-12
ANDERSON, Edward H GREER, Eliza E 1847-Jun-10
ANDERSON, George ROBERTSON, Maria 1858-Jul-07
ANDERSON, J H BELL, Lula M 1900-May-02
ANDERSON, J K HOWARD, Amanda 1877-Nov-08
ANDERSON, Joel D HUTCHERSON, Sarah 1860-Jun-07
ANDERSON, John I RUSHING, Ann Eliza 1841-Jul-30
ANDERSON, L L MCNEES, Annie D 1868-Jan-16
ANDERSON, Mitchell B LYLES, Martha E 1841-Oct-14
ANDERSON, Richard Dr ROGERS, Caroline 1865-Jul-23
ANDERSON, W H DOTY, Lucy F 1887-Mar-30
ANDERSON, W L DANIEL, Martha 1874-Oct-21
ANDERSON, William G FRAZIER, Verona M 1879-Jan-01
ANTHONY, I N MORGAN, Pearl 1904-Sep-16
ANTHONY, R H STEWART, Mary R 1861-Jun-07
ARCHER, J C BRADLEY, Alabama C 1876-Nov-19
ARCHER, J F HILL, Frances E 1870-Nov-03
ARCHER, James C BRADLEY, Mary J 1881-Dec-15
ARCHER, L T LUDIE, Mary 1899-May-10
ARLEDGE, John GILL, Margaret S 1838-Apr-15
ARLEDGE, John WHITE, Iona 1896-Nov-30
ARMSTRONG, John WILLIAMS, Sarah A 1841-Feb-12
ASKEW, George W SNOW, A H 1874-Feb-08
ATKINSON, Alsa DONALD, Martha A 1839-Jan-24
ATKINSON, David BLEDSOE, Frances 1851-Jan-07
ATKINSON, Gray N HUNTER, Emily 1849-Aug-01
ATKINSON, Henry M CARR, Mary A 1842-Mar-31
ATKINSON, Thomas HUNTER, Lizzie 1859-Feb-01
ATKINSON, W E John BLEDSOE, Poly Ann 1851-Dec-28
ATKINSON, Wm H MAY, Sarah E 1847-Sep-21
ATTERBURY, Chas S MANNING, Angeline 1847-Dec-26
AUGUSTUS, Nicholas B KOGER, Mary C 1849-Aug-08
AUGUSTUS, Shadie SMITH, I T 1891-Nov-08
AUGUSTUS, William B BROOKS, S A 1855-Nov-01
AUGUSTUS, William B CLEMENS, Mary A 1868-Jun-08
AUST, Delila SMITH, Simon 1873-Aug-22
AUST, J JONES, Mary A 1865-Sep-24
AUST, J H KELLY, E R 1861-Mar-28
AUSTAIN, Isaac ROGERS, Martha Mrs 1868-Jul-07
AUSTON, Jesse L ANDERSON, Louisa A 1875-Sep-02
AVERY, L C PATTY, M G 1878-Aug-15
AYCOCK, E L FARRAR, Rosa 1900-Dec-19



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