Noxubee County Brides


TALIFERO, Mary A MOORE, H E 1851-Feb-15
TALIFERRO, Eliza MCCARLEY, William E 1848-Nov-02
TALIFERRO, Emily FERRIS, John W 1854-Nov-28
TANAHILL, Eliza DUNLAP, Samuel 1848-Nov-16
TARWATER, Susan LUCAS, William H 1846-Sep-03
TATE, Charlotte SMITH, James H 1844-Dec-31
TATE, Frances A JEFFRIES, Alexander 1853-Dec-06
TATE, Minnie CLEARMAN, W W 1894-Dec-12
TATUM, C (Mrs) EAVES, J D 1901-Jul-28
TATUM, Ellen H JERNIGAN, H W 1879-Dec-25
TATUM, Malinda REED, T J 1870-Dec-08
TATUM, Mary MOODY, W E 1876-Dec-17
TAYLOR, Bettie CLEARMAN, W W 1879-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Carrie ADAMS, Earl 1903-Nov-18
TAYLOR, Eliza Ann CHAMBERS, William F 1844-Aug-01
TAYLOR, Elizabeth RYAN, S B 1839-Aug-04
TAYLOR, Fannie DOWDLE, L D 1896-Mar-24
TAYLOR, Florence A HUNTER, W H 1891-Feb-01
TAYLOR, Hannah M BAIN, Harvey 1845-May-01
TAYLOR, Ida REED, William Lawson 1890-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Laura E COOK, R B 1872-Oct-15
TAYLOR, Lucy A K GLASS, Thomas H 1854-Dec-19
TAYLOR, M A (Mrs) PAGAN, G G 1885-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Martha LOUGHRIDGE, Samuel G 1852-Jan-08
TAYLOR, Martha F RUSSELL, John T 1866-Dec-13
TAYLOR, Sallie E HINTON, William G 1858-Feb-02
TAYLOR, Sarah R FORBES, John S 1898-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Unity DAVIS, William R 1836-Jan-01
TEAGUE, Mary A MAHORNER, Mat 1871-Jul-04
TERRELL, Hattie E EDDINS, M B 1881-Dec-15
TERRY, May PARKS, Robert G 1853-Dec-03
TERRY, Sallie B JONES, John H 1856-Oct-02
THARP, Jane TERRELL, Thomas H 1850-Aug-15
THERRELL, Maggie CARR, John N 1870-   -
THOMAS, Abagail GARNER, Benjamin F 1842-Dec-20
THOMAS, Agnes R WIGGINS, F T 1893-Dec-20
THOMAS, Amanda M COTTON, Abner D 1842-Jul-07
THOMAS, Elizabelth COVINGTON, Robert 1839-Feb-20
THOMAS, Elizabeth HUNTER, H M 1850-Oct-17
THOMAS, Elizabeth ROBERTSON, William 1836-Jul-11
THOMAS, Elizabeth Mrs MARCUM, Nimrod 1845-Jul-31
THOMAS, Lizzie E DAVENPORT, J M 1899-Apr-12
THOMAS, M S Mrs GARNER, B C 1869-Sep-16
THOMAS, Margaret HIGGINBOTHAM, J L 1850-May-19
THOMAS, Mary Mrs COOK, Washington W 1842-Jan-12
THOMAS, Mary S HUNTER, Henry M 1865-Dec-14
THOMAS, Nannie J CLEARMAN, George 1878-Jun-27
THOMAS, Rachael MOORE, Turner H 1842-Sep-22
THOMAS, Rachael A HATHORN, Hugh L W 1861-Oct-02
THOMAS, Susan Ann COVINGTON, John 1839-Apr-03
THOMPSON, Ann C DUCK, James L 1857-Dec-17
THOMPSON, Anna (Mrs) MANN, J T 1873-Dec-10
THOMPSON, Frances E LOCKE, William L 1855-Nov-29
THOMPSON, Hannah SLOW, Joel W 1834-Dec-30
THOMPSON, Isabella A THOMPSON, J D 1868-Dec-06
THOMPSON, M R Mrs WATT, Joel H 1866-Feb-01
THOMPSON, Martha E BEASLEY, William 1868-Dec-15
THOMPSON, Mattie JERNIGAN, Claude 1901-Feb-12
THOMPSON, Nancy ALEXANDER, S G 1836-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Rebecca WILLIAMS, Humphrey 1836-Jul-27
THOMPSON, Sally A LYON, James A 1855-Apr-18
THOMPSON, Sarah E BOLTON, John H 1854-Feb-07
THORNELL, Mattie NESTER, J C 1898-Jan-12
THORNTON, Ernestine HENSON, W A 1897-Feb-18
THORNTON, Jane E MURRAY, James 1851-Nov-19
THORNTON, Rosa RICHARDS, W B 0188-Nov-??
THORPE, Lucy M INGRAM, John M 1843-May-15
THURLKILL, Rebecca WRIGHT, Dionysius 1865-Dec-10
TILLMAN, Ella FARRAR, J H 1880-Nov-04
TISDALE, Ella (Mrs) RILEY, G J 1901-Jul-18
TISDALE, Jessie PALMER, Alex 1901-Dec-04
TITUS, Nancy EVANS, Alfred 1860-Jul-19
TOLAND, Jane E STOVALL, John P 1847-Sep-02
TOR, Rhoud Hom SUBB, C J 1848-Oct-05
TOTTEN, Emily STEWART, Wiley V 1839-Nov-24
TOWNS, Annie BURROW, J M 1893-Dec-13
TRACY, Willie (Mrs) DARE, John H 1871-Nov-30
TRANTHMAN, Mary J HINES, William A 1863-Jan-17
TRAYNUM, Emma MCLEOD, John 1846-Nov-11
TREER, L A PIERCE, M E 1883-Jul-26
TRETWELL, Susan DRAKE, James T 1838-Feb-01
TREWITT, Anna CASH, G R 1869-May-06
TREWITT, Martha A M SANDERS, William R 1853-Jan-08
TREWITT, Mary TREWITT, James A 1848-Jul-13
TREWITT, Mary B ALEXANDER, S R 1870-Dec-15
TRIMBLE, Martha MAULDIN, Jesse 1865-Jul-05
TRIMBLE, Neva SHUMAKER, W C 1893-Jun-15
TRIPLETT, Annie F Mrs) HILL, E S 1903-Jun-28
TRIPLETT, Annie J RUFF, Francis M 1867-Jan-22
TRIPLETT, Carrie M ABBOTT, B B 1865-Nov-18
TRIPLETT, Margaret F STOVALL, George F 1855-Jan-25
TRIPLETT, Patience E PARISH, George H 1864-Jun-02
TRIPLETT, Susan M HINDMAN, Thomas M 1870-Sep-22
TRIPLETT, Virginia SENNETT, T E 1901-Jan-08
TROSPER, Sarah WATT, W T 1901-Jul-21
TROTMAN, Artensia PUCKETT, William H 1852-Dec-07
TRUITT, Sarah E MCKURTHIN, Stephen 1854-Jan-15
TSELD, Rlmits HOLFRT, F H 1881-   -07
TUBB, Elizabeth A ROBERTSON, Harmon 1834-Nov-11
TUBB, Sarah P COLBERT, C C 1851-Mar-13
TUBB, Susan E REED, Thomas W 1845-Feb-20
TUCKER, Allie C CUNNINGHAM, E W 1892-Jan-06
TUCKER, Frances V A LULL, James S 1842-Oct-09
TUCKER, M A HUNTER, M M 1893-Jan-10
TUCKER, Minnie E WOODFIN, T J 1883-Oct-18
TURNER, Annie E PHILLIPS, W M 1882-Nov-16
TUTTON, Emma E EW#ING, T J 1881-Nov-03
TUTTON, Emma E EWING, T J 1881-Nov-03
TYSON, Lovedie NETHERY, R S 1879-   -18
TYSON, Mary T JONES, Jameor Z 1893-Dec-21



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