Noxubee County Brides


RAGAN, Lucy S BEASLEY, H O 1840-Oct-15
RAGSDALE, Caroline HARRISON, Jonathan H 1842-Jun-23
RAGSDALE, Narcissa HONEYCUTT, John W 1849-Aug-05
RAIFORD, Mary EZELL, Z B 1871-Jan-21
RAINEY, Mary DADE, Francis H 1852-Mar-10
RAWLES, Elizabeth WATSON, Jacob D 1843-Feb-04
RAWLS, Anna WINSTEAD, Elijah G 1851-Nov-30
RAWLS, Martha A RICE, James M 1849-Sep-23
RAWLS, Martha Emmeline NESTER, G S 1873-Oct-17
RAWLS, Mary A FITCH, James B 1851-Dec-24
RAY, Mary F WHITE, Andrew J 1871-Feb-01
RAY, Nancy BRYANT, Columbus 1881-Feb-03
READY, Mary PREWITT, Reuben 1847-Sep-08
REDDITT, E E KENNON, Jessie 1888-Jan-18
REED, Alice WILDER, W J 1875-Mar-25
REED, Elizabeth MCFADDEN, George 1841-Apr-16
REED, Elizabeth G Mrs BLYTHE, Jesse 1852-May-05
REED, Ella PONDER, P P 1894-Dec-19
REED, Martha Ann TUBB, George W 1841-Nov-18
REED, Martha E FLEMMING, Van A 1867-May-16
REED, Mattie CHANCELLOR, Hezekiah 1882-Dec-14
REED, Mattie HULL, R M 1894-Aug-16
REED, Meller CHAMBLISS, A G 1894-Dec-16
REED, Minnie OTIS, T H 1897-Dec-08
REED, Rebecca HILL, William H 1870-Nov-10
REEDER, Emma E FASER, J H 1877-Nov-22
REINHART, Polly THOMPSON, R L 1864-Jun-08
REYNOLDS, Mary BYRD, William 1847-Jan-28
RHINEHART, Rhoda BEATTY, William H 1873-Nov-25
RICE, Cora L PATTY, E E 1895-Dec-04
RICE, D W HENRY, Patrick 1898-Nov-02
RICE, Mary ECKFORD, James W 1896-Dec-26
RICHARDS, Georgia POINDEXTER, J Q 1878-Jun-11
RICHARDS, Maggie L KIRBY, F L 1890-May-28
RICHARDSON, Emily A GREER, Young H 1849-Sep-15
RICHARDSON, Henry Ann POTEET, J S 1885-Jan-20
RICHARDSON, Jennie R WEAVER, W E 1885-May-07
RICHARDSON, Julia A BELL, Asa W 1857-Jun-23
RICHARDSON, Julia A COCKRELL, Thomas N 1853-Sep-12
RICHARDSON, Julia Ann BRIDGES, Leonidas L 1842-Apr-03
RICHARDSON, Kedia DEALE, J H 1876-Jul-25
RICHARDSON, Liza MARTIN, Mitchell 1855-Dec-23
RICHARDSON, Martha P GHOLSON, William R 1851-Apr-03
RICHARDSON, Mary JETTUMA, Isaac 1859-May-19
RICHARDSON, Mary A COCKRELL, William W 1852-Feb-04
RICHARDSON, Synthia A JONES, James S 1849-Jul-18
RICHEY, Bettie GOODIN, R J 1897-Dec-27
RICHEY, Ella TISDALE, J E 1895-Nov-25
RICHEY, Sarah COMBS, Thomas A 1853-Jan-09
RICHIE, Algie PRISCOCK, T W 1902-Mar-17
RICHIE, Alice PATTERSON, G W 1893-Jan-26
RICHIE, Caroline D FORBES, William H 1853-Jun-20
RIDDLE, Callie FARRAR, R C 1903-Oct-25
RIDDLE, Emma BOONE, S B 1894-Dec-22
RIDDLE, Mattie (Mrs) SIMMONS, Allen L 1876-Feb-22
RIFE, Stella BRIDGES, John C 1904-Jan-13
RIGHT, Virginia COLLINS, W H 1869-Mar-30
RILEY, Gilly Ann SIMMONS, James M 1846-Dec-31
RILEY, Mary P TAYLOR, John P 1889-Dec-25
RILEY, Matilda C GRIFFIN, Thomas C 1851-Jul-15
RINEHART, Bettie MELTON, Joe 1884-Jan-24
RION, Mary CONWAY, Jethro D 1852-Mar-28
RIVERS, A E ADAMS, Eugene J 1894-Nov-08
RIVERS, Mary BROWN, W B 1892-Dec-01
RIVES, L J DILLIRD, Henry 1891-Feb-09
ROBBINS, Agnes D BARNES, John F 1865-Nov-08
ROBBINS, Amanda J EDDINGS, William W 1866-Dec-21
ROBBINS, Annie E HARPER, William E 1865-Oct-03
ROBBINS, Drucilla MERRITT, Thomas H 1866-Feb-01
ROBBINS, Isadora BRIDGES, John W 1866-Nov-11
ROBBINS, Liddy WHITAKER, John 1863-Dec-27
ROBBINS, Mary A SCULLINS, Morgan A 1874-Nov-30
ROBERSON, Fannie DUNNING, E 1876-Dec-27
ROBERTS, Hspsey E LUKER, W P 1876-Nov-26
ROBERTS, Susan B LLOYD, Benjamin 1848-Aug-17
ROBERTSON, Arethusia M SMITH, William B 1839-Jul-02
ROBERTSON, Caroline WILLIAMS, Thomas 1865-Oct-05
ROBERTSON, Daisy SANFORD, E K 1902-Nov-16
ROBERTSON, Elizabeth COTTON, John R 1849-Apr-17
ROBERTSON, Frances L KENDRICK, Seth 1841-Apr-09
ROBERTSON, Louisiana MAXCEY, William J 1869-Jul-13
ROBERTSON, Lucinda PANNELL, John 1842-Jul-19
ROBERTSON, Maria ANDERSON, George 1858-Jul-07
ROBERTSON, Martha MAXEY, Jarvis 1835-Dec-22
ROBERTSON, Martha E HOUGHTIN, James M 1842-Jan-28
ROBERTSON, Mary SANDFORD, John T 1860-Jan-11
ROBERTSON, Mary E EDDINS, James 1852-Nov-23
ROBERTSON, Mary J BROWN, David W 1878-Jan-18
ROBERTSON, Mary M STEWART, Benjamin R 1861-Jan-08
ROBERTSON, S J (Mrs) EVANS, H W 1895-May-15
ROBERTSON, Sarah B DENTON, George 1845-Mar-13
ROBERTSON, Sophronia ABRAMS, Oliver P 1857-May-19
ROBINSON, Caroline BAIN, David 1842-Jun-02
ROBINSON, E N MOORE, Benjamin 1844-Sep-25
ROBINSON, Emma E HALES, Delley 1880-Dec-15
ROBINSON, Lucy A BISHOP, Gabriel L 1857-Dec-03
ROBINSON, M J HATCH, R Winter 1859-May-26
ROBINSON, Nancy HOLDINESS, Samuel 1855-Mar-20
ROBINSON, Rebecca FLAKES, W P 1883-Jun-26
ROBY, Alice SHELLECK, W G 1877-Feb-08
ROBY, Edna BUSH, Augustus H 1856-Nov-20
ROBY, Jane C Mrs BASKERVILLE, Charles 1860-Jun-05
ROBY, Martha E HOLMAN, John A 1860-Jul-31
RODGERS, Josie E CALEMS, William P 1882-May-17
ROGERS, Artemissia RUSSELL, Perry G 1875-Sep-14
ROGERS, Caroline ANDERSON, Richard Dr 1865-Jul-23
ROGERS, Catherine E DAUGHERTY, John 1854-Feb-07
ROGERS, Elizabeth EDWARDS, Stephen 1853-Jan-18
ROGERS, Ida E DOWNER, J C 1884-Jan-03
ROGERS, Julia WILLIAMS, J T 1874-Nov-19
ROGERS, Lula (Mrs) MYERS, M O 1899-Dec-21
ROGERS, Margaret HUNT, James L 1869-Jan-04
ROGERS, Margaret C LYONS, Isaac C 1836-Aug-11
ROGERS, Martha Mrs AUSTAIN, Isaac 1868-Jul-07
ROGERS, Mary Frances LEE, Fulton M 1867-Aug-28
ROGERS, Nancy BELL, Alsa 1843-Jun-12
ROGERS, Sarah F PUCKETT, Thomas H 1877-Dec-20
ROGERS, Susie H STEVENS, Joseph 1895-Apr-17
ROLAND, Nancy (Mrs) FIELDS, R F 1877-Sep-02
ROLAND, Sallie HOLDINESS, Thomas 1876-Jun-25
ROLIN, M J ROGERS, J M 1886-Dec-14
ROMEDY, Sarah E FILES, J A 1874-Dec-14
ROOKER, Dorothy M YARBROUGH, William J 1842-Jun-16
ROOKER, Mary A BOON, Caleb 1840-Jan-14
ROSS, Sallie P PRUITT, R M 1871-Sep-27
ROSSEL, Mabel COMBS, J W 1882-Oct-31
ROSSER, Augusta A COOK, J E 1873-Nov-12
ROSSER, Ella A YATES, Robert E N 1854-Jul-18
ROSSER, Emma N SPANN, Nathaniel F 1855-May-27
ROSSER, Lula B WHITTLE, J J 1882-Oct-31
ROSSER, Sallie W SPANN, John J 1867-Dec-03
ROSSER, Sue MCLEOD, Norman 1869-   -
RUFF, Ann LITTLE, Joab 1854-Jan-26
RUFF, Elizabeth FRANKLIN, Columbus 1850-Apr-25
RUFF, Susan B INGRAM, Allen J 1858-Aug-05
RUSH, K H BUSH, W M 1898-Jan-26
RUSHING, Ann Eliza ANDERSON, John I 1841-Jul-30
RUSSELL, Elizabelth BRANDON, George 1859-Dec-27
RUSSELL, Ella J WELSH, Shdney 1889-Oct-08
RUSSELL, Elvira E STEWART, Robert F 1866-Oct-25
RUSSELL, L C BRYANT, Robert A 1847-Dec-31
RUSSELL, Martha E T BRYAN, Jonathan H 1842-Dec-22
RUSSELL, Mary Ann PETERS, George 1866-Jun-07
RYAN, Annie COLBURN, W J 1899-Mar-01
RYAN, Elizabeth BRITTAIN, Milton I 1844-Jun-04



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