Noxubee County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Harriet E HAYNES, Philps 1844-Dec-25
PACE, Jennie REED, G C 1882-Aug-24
PACE, Mary J REED, Geo D C 1851-Mar-06
PACE, Sarah A B PETTY, James F 1846-Apr-23
PAGAN, Sarah E INGRAM, Perry F 1856-Dec-02
PALMON, Susan A HALE, Stephen P 1870-   -
PANKEY, Bettie H FLOORE, Jesse E 1987-Jun-22
PANKEY, Jennie L WILLIAMS, G B 1882-Apr-26
PARK, Eleanore ALLEN, James A 1853-Dec-16
PARKER, Elizabeth ROBBINS, Jordan A 1842-Nov-15
PARKES, Alice SHIPMAN, T S 1879-Dec-19
PARKS, Amanda DENTON, William 1855-Nov-04
PARKS, Annie COCKRELL, F B 1887-Nov-08
PARKS, Josephine ADAMS, James D 1869-Aug-17
PARKS, Mary COCKRELL, Moses 1865-Apr-26
PARKS, Mattie JONES, Bushrod 1866-Jan-25
PARKS, Mattie C WOODFIN, John S 1864-Sep-22
PARKS, Melinda Ann COCKRELL, John 1842-Dec-08
PARKS, Nola HULL, W T 1895-Dec-31
PARKS, Sarah A PETERSON, William W 1861-Mar-07
PARKS, Temperance EDWARDS, J J W 1846-Nov-19
PARRISH, Lallie F HOLT, John L 1865-Aug-07
PARRISH, Mattie DOTHEROW, J E 1880-Dec-28
PARRY, Aledure T MOORE, James R (Jr) 1880-Aug-15
PATE, Terecea Ann PARKES, John M 183 -Jan-04
PATERSON, Carrie T REED, H C 1898-Dec-28
PATTERSON, Anna P BEARDEN, Clifton 1884-Nov-26
PATTERSON, Emma MAY, William A 1863-Jan-21
PATTERSON, M J (Mrs) CAULEY, James 1886-Oct-08
PATTERSON, Matilda BIRD, John C 1868-Jun-17
PATTON, Victoria JONES, Thoams A 1875-Oct-30
PATTY, Calvine YETES, E V 1899-Apr-27
PATTY, Jessie EVANS, T J 1902-Nov-04
PATTY, Nannie E JONES, Wyatt M 1881-Apr-20
PATTY, Neil H FERRIS, W F (Jr) 1895-Jan-23
PAULETTE, Emma V GRTAY, William K 1871-Nov-23
PAULETTE, Lucinda J MCHENRY, Spencer 1863-May-19
PAULETTE, Sara J MCHENRY, R B 1875-Jan-31
PAULY, Catherine SANDERS, William B 1837-Dec-28
PEANE, Lucy A JONES, John R 1859-Jan-26
PENDER, Julia WILLIAMS, William C 1845-Jul-10
PENDLETON, Sarah F HODGES, John D 1852-May-23
PENRY, Mary L STINSON, Simpson R 1858-Mar-10
PENRY, Melissa SHANDS, H J 1847-Dec-14
PERKINS, Abbie L JARNAGIN, H L 1869-Jul-29
PERKINS, Christiana M ROSSER, L V Dr 1861-Feb-05
PERKINS, Fannie L PATTY, James L 1875-Jan-14
PERKINS, Juliana GAGE, James R 1849-Mar-15
PERKINS, Margaret Jane CLEMENT, Jefferson 1837-Nov-23
PERKINS, Martha M PATTERSON, William 1864-May-23
PERKINS, Mollie EWING, W H 1892-May-01
PERKINS, Nancy MCGAHA, Francis M 1839-Jan-23
PERMENTER, Alice EDDINS, J P 1880-May-18
PERMENTER, Alice HILL, James 1887-Nov-02
PERMENTER, Hallie E GOODWIN, W W 1899-Sep-20
PERMENTER, Lula HILL, J M 1892-Feb-03
PERMENTER, Martha A HILL, J B 1869-May-30
PERMENTER, Mary TUCKER, William 1873-Nov-25
PERRY, Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Henry I 1863-Nov-17
PERRY, Fannie K SHORT, W E 1887-Nov-09
PERRY, Frances M LONG, John R 1850-Jul-03
PERRY, Susan A JARNAGIN, Bryrum 1852-Nov-25
PETERS, Mary Ann (Mrs) RICHARDS, George W 1877-Mar-01
PETERSON, C Inex MCDADE, T J 1892-Apr-14
PETWAY, Bessie HALFACRE, J T 1903-Feb-28
PETWAY, E L (Mrs) TOMPKINS, John 1875-Sep-16
PETWAY, Kate DAVIS, A J 1874-Oct-22
PHELPS, Vashti ROGERS, W V 1901-Nov-14
PHILLIPS, Ann PHILLIPS, Richard 1849-Sep-13
PHILLIPS, Keziah SUMMERFORD, James 1869-Mar-28
PHILLIPS, Lucinda DAVE, Henry 1837-May-18
PHILLIPS, Malinda HARLISS, Charles E 1866-Apr-05
PHILLIPS, Malinda HOLLEY, James F 1866-Jan-04
PHILLIPS, Margaret (Mrs) O'REILLY, Edward T 1874-Jan-12
PHILLIPS, Mary SIGLER, J A 1862-Mar-02
PHILLIPS, Mary A HILL, J W 1880-Nov-29
PHILLIPS, Mary Lee MORRIS, R M 1880-Apr-13
PHILLIPS, Sallie WILLIAMS, M M 1887-Jan-20
PHILLIPS, Sallie A CODKRELL, T D 1884-Aug-27
PHILLIPS, Sallie W SMOOTHE, C L 1891-Jan-01
PIERCE, Belle M TURNER, Charles B 1860-Jul-05
PIERCE, Lizzie G COOK, Robert A 1876-Jan-20
PIERCE, Minnie A DOTSON, E R 1880-Jan-21
PIERCE, Sallie E SNOOK, Francis 1873-Oct-01
PITTS, Henrietta MURRAY, Walter F 1865-Dec-14
PITTS, Lucretia E IRSCH, Frank 1860-Mar-08
POINER, Letetia SELLERS, J P 1884-Oct-20
POLLARD, Catherine F SLAUGHTER, William H 1851-Jun-18
POLLARD, Mary H SLAUGHTER, Stanton M 1852-Sep-28
POLLY, Margaret DONALD, Harrison P 1843-Oct-05
PONDER, Henrietta HURST, J E 1894-Dec-25
PONDER, Ida HOLDINESS, B H 1899-Nov-14
POPE, Bettie LOCKETT, D W 1870-Nov-17
PORTER, Jane C LIDDLE, Francis J 1842-May-04
PORTER, Mary CADE, M A 1904-Mar-30
PORTER, Mary W ADAMS, John T 1838-Jul-12
PORTER, Susan A ERVIN, William 1842-Nov-13
POSEY, Mary J WALKER, Benjamin M 1864-Sep-21
POWELL, Emily J THORNTON, John 1856-Jan-17
POWERS, Minnie PAINE, J C 1893-Nov-19
POWERS, Susie BRITT, George A 1896-May-06
PRATT, Elizabeth CRAWFORD, J A 1868-Dec-08
PRATT, Mollie Lee WALKER, William John 1886-Oct-14
PRATT, Sarah BISHOP, John L 1854-Nov-30
PRATT, Virginia W COTTON, J B 1896-Oct-13
PRESLEY, May WHITE, T W 1886-Apr-20
PREWITT, Elizabeth R MCDONALD, Robert K 1845-Nov-26
PREWITT, Nancy A REED, Christopher C 1852-Jan-20
PREWITT, Nancy E ROBINSON, A 1834-Aug-07
PREWITT, Rosanna M PORTER, William C 1851-Feb-19
PRINCE, Ida WRENN, J T 1898-Sep-28
PROFITT, Jane GLASS, Jesse W 1840-Feb-09
PRUETT, Mary J HEATH, Robert 1866-Jan-15
PRUITT, M EGGARTON, George 1837-Oct-12
PRUITT, Margaret J DAVIS, Gabriels 1855-Mar-22
PRUITT, Permelia M EAVES, William B 1843-May-11
PRUITT, Sarah Ann WILKINS, John A 1866-Apr-05
PUCKETT, Adeline DAVIDSON, John 1865-Sep-13
PUCKETT, Catherine COCKRELL, Samuel 1873-Dec-30
PUCKETT, Mary E TROTMAN, William T 1854-Dec-20
PUCKETT, Momollie GLOVER, W F 1902-Sep-17
PURDY, Texana HART, Richard B 1857-Jan-21
PURNELL, Anne H HOPKINS, Thomas A 1855-Sep-04
PURNELL, Laura H LOCKE, Richard A 1865-Jun-22
PURNELL, Nancy J KITCHENS, Thomas J 1866-Oct-25
QUICK, Lucy Ann PHILLIPS, Thomas 1851-Oct-09
QUICK, Ruthy BRANDON, John T 1856-May-14
QUINN, Emily WALKER, G W 1859-Feb-17
QUINN, Nancy L EAST, Jesse P 1860-Aug-25



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