Noxubee County Brides

N - O

NAPP, Cyntha Mrs SPRINGS, Henry 1842-Apr-14
NASH, Emma T LOVE, Wm P 1853-Dec-08
NATIONS, Julian FLETCHER, William 1842-Sep-22
NEAL, Caroline LINDLEY, James F 1865-Jun-29
NEAL, Emma SMITH, Henry 1870-   -
NEAL, Laura M MCCOY, L W 1879-Feb-26
NEAL, Nancy J DEW, Joseph 1855-May-31
NEEVES, Mary A GAVIN, C S 1876-Feb-24
NEILL, Ida E ROGERS, S B 1875-Nov-10
NEILL, Lucinda A BROOKS, Bird R 1857-Apr-02
NEILL, Margaret A BASKIN, A Mcd 1857-Dec-30
NEILL, Nancy A BASKINS, John N 1851-Dec-24
NEILSON, Henrietta M KING, William D 1867-Jul-30
NELMS, Jane CHAMBERS, V M 1866-Sep-27
NELSON, Ann E STEVENS, Joshua 1851-Dec-09
NELSON, Hattie W DOAN, John F 1884-Nov-10
NELSON, Mary M CARD, James M 1856-Aug-25
NELSON, Susan C STEVENS, Thomas 1865-Sep-07
NEVES, Ida O'BYRNE, M 1886-Mar-30
NEWMAN, S C Mrs WALKER, S T 1869-Jul-06
NICHOLS, Mary Elizabeth CARDEN, Joseph 1888-Apr-12
NICHOLSON, Sarah BBOYKIN, B A J 1885-Sep-03
NIEL, Jane E MOORE, Rufus A 1845-Feb-16
NIVENS, Lucinda FOSTER, Anderson C 1854-Mar-16
NIXON, Samantha BRYAN, Robert A 1853-Nov-10
NORWOOD, Lula PARRISH, Jenj. J 1887-Dec-20
NUCKOLS, Annie E COSBY, T D 1891-Jan-22
NUNLY, Mary Ann CONNOR, John 1861-Mar-17
NUNN, Elizabeth WATSON, Joseph 1839-Nov-21
NUNN, Margaret L EVANS, Isham H 1899-Aug-09
O'NEAL, Carrie GRIFFITH, James 1886-Feb-18
O'REILLY, Catherine CASH, Silas W 1876-   -16
OLDNER, Emma A PATTERSON, George W 1865-Aug-16
OLDNER, Martha M WHITE, Priestly L 1867-Aug-20
OLDNER, Mary (Mrs) WILKINS, W O 1900-Nov-22
OLDNER, Mary E BEAMAN, William R 1865-Aug-29
OLDNER, Sarah E B FULTON, John 1858-May-05
OLICK, Kate LUDIED, Lewis -   -
OLIVER, Martha E GILMER, John P 1875-Aug-08
OLNEY, R J (Mrs) TRIPLETT, G H 1898-May-08
ORIAH, Elizabeth JOHNSON, John R 1861-Nov-07
ORMSBEE, Mary S BREWER, Culch 1851-Aug-03
ORR, Mary BLEDSOE, William 1865-Jun-20
ORR, Mary E TROUPE, Frank J 1870-   -
OTIS, Amanda Ophelia SANDERS, J M 1883-Oct-11
OTIS, Mary SENNETT, Elmer 1888-Dec-11
OTIS, Sallie SENNETT, C P 1893-Jan-25
OVERSTREET, Mary J MCCRARY, John 1850-Oct-09
OWEN, Lida B BURGESS, C W 1884-Sep-04
OYE, Elizabeth MCGRAW, D W 1874-Oct-01



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