Noxubee County Brides

I - J

IDOM, Caroline J BUGG, Willis 1836-Feb-11
ING, Mary E EDWARDS, J J W 1852-Dec-02
INGRAHAM, Laura DUNCAN, J H 1869-Aug-23
INGRAM, Elizabeth GORE, E 1860-May-22
INGRAM, Johana A LEE, James H 1859-Nov-03
INGRAM, Mollie J MANEES, John W 1866-Oct-23
INGRAM, Rebecca J NANCE, Cephas 1857-Mar-18
IRION, Bessie May MCKELLAR, Charles A 1903-Jun-10
IRWIN, Cynthia M FUNDERBURK, Samuel 1839-Dec-29
ISRELL, Emiline ROBINSON, William 1854-Oct-15
IVY, Ida H HIBBLER, J Ed. 1871-Mar-02
IVY, Lottie YATES, L T 1871-Dec-15
J, Martha A GAMMELL, James A 1842-Oct-27
JACKSON, Cynthia A BOSWELL, Andrew J 1860-Dec-19
JACKSON, Eliza A OLIVER, Thomas 1835-Jun-18
JACKSON, Jane E CAMPBELL, George W 1846-May-05
JACKSON, Lucinda A FAVOR, Isaac S 1852-Jun-24
JACKSON, Martha JACKSON, Seabron A 1852-Nov-26
JACKSON, Mary HUNTER, B E 1902-Sep-11
JACKSON, Sallie E CARPENTER, J W 1860-Feb-26
JACKSON, Sallie L PHILLIPS, J E 1896-May-14
JACKSON, Susan A BROOKS, James K 1856-Apr-21
JAMEISON, Mattie W GAY, Thomas S 1903-Jan-14
JAMES, Maria ROBERTS, Daniel 1839-Jan-07
JAMISON, Martha B DUNN, H H 1851-Nov-13
JARNAGAN, Mary S BURRAGE, John H 1860-Mar-01
JARNIGAN, Bessie B HAMITER, E N 1881-Nov-24
JARNIGAN, J Lilly BARNES, W O 1874-Nov-26
JARNIGAN, Mary A BOGLE, W H 1879-Feb-06
JARNIGAN, Sarah T SHIELDS, Francis M 1855-Oct-18
JEFFREIS, Bettie May POINDEXTER, John B 1904-Jan-13
JEFFREIS, Kate (Mrs) CHEATHAM, W A 1891-Nov-26
JEFFRIES, Alexander TATE, Frances A 1853-Dec-06
JENKINS, Harriet E MCLURE, William A 1859-Jun-14
JENKINS, Mary A BELL, J H 1895-Mar-30
JERNIGAN, Claude THOMPSON, Mattie 1901-Feb-12
JERNIGAN, Cora MATTHEWS, R M 1903-Nov-09
JERNIGAN, Elizabeth SHAW, Robert J 1848-Dec-14
JERNIGAN, Jennie (M*S) RIBBINS, George 1896-Dec-22
JERNIGAN, Martha L HATHORN, Hugh L W 1867-Sep-12
JERNIGAN, Mattie B WARR, John H 1882-Dec-07
JINKS, Mary SULLIVAN, Joseph 1848-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Emma E WHITE, Walter T 1857-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Fannie LAGRONE, D A 1870-Aug-23
JOHNSON, Frances LINDSAY, M M 1865-Oct-12
JOHNSON, Frances E CORY, Johnson 1842-Apr-02
JOHNSON, Margaret HARLICE, Charles 1838-May-08
JOHNSON, Margaret C SPARKS, William N 1857-Apr-16
JOHNSON, Martha MAXEY, George M 1860-Sep-09
JOHNSON, Mary KING, Alexander 1883-Oct-12
JOHNSTON, Nancy DAVIS, Thomas L 1858-Sep-23
JOINER, Margaret DARE, John 1866-Mar-22
JOINER, Martha PAGAN, George 1840-Nov-19
JOINER, Mary A CASTON, M G 1845-Dec-10
JOINER, Permelia PAGAN, John M 1857-Dec-02
JONES, Alice CROCKER, W F 1896-Dec-16
JONES, Annie POWER, W A 1896-Aug-02
JONES, Caroline MARTIN, Andy 1876-Mar-21
JONES, Dixi Orlena SNELL, R B 1884-May-14
JONES, Dora E FRIDAY, M V 1872-May-02
JONES, Elizabeth COLLIER, Henry J 1855-Dec-19
JONES, Emma A FANCHER, T E 1877-Nov-27
JONES, Fannie MOFFAT, Charles W 1882-Nov-15
JONES, Georgia B SALKER, James A 1889-Oct-12
JONES, Louisa Mrs CRAWFORD, Levon K 1845-Jun-25
JONES, Lucy BINION, Hiram J 1865-Nov-23
JONES, Mamie MCCLURE, J T 1890-Feb-26
JONES, Martha A BURTON, William A 1887-Jun-09
JONES, Martha C ALLEN, Boyd C 1839-Jan-12
JONES, Martha J FORD, Wilkins A 1850-Feb-03
JONES, Mary FERRELL, Thomas 1857-Jan-20
JONES, Mary MAYRANT, James A Dr 1849-Nov-22
JONES, Mary WILLIAMS, Francis E W 1854-Jul-06
JONES, Mary A AUST, J 1865-Sep-24
JONES, Mary Ann Eliz. SELLERS, J P 1881-Dec-18
JONES, Mary J TUCKER, Thomas J 1869-Jul-07
JONES, Mattie LUTTRELL, J J 1887-Mar-06
JONES, Mattie I DUGAN, J M 1886-   -13
JONES, Nannie HUGHES, William 1865-Feb-21
JONES, Rachael CALLAWAY, M L 1865-Apr-18
JONES, Rutha HAUENSTEIN, G J 1901-Dec-03
JONES, Sarah F SWANN, Thomas T 1860-May-31
JONES, Susan JACKSON, William 1848-Feb-24
JORDAN, Clara HURST, Ed 1874-Oct-01
JUDON, Martha E FANT, Joseph P 1852-May-27
JUDON, Savannah J STROUP, Beverly B 1854-Dec-14



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