Noxubee County Brides


GAINES, Lee Ida RANSOM, Arthur S 1891-Jan-02
GANDY, Martha J MORTON, Jesse M 1863-Dec-17
GANDY, Mary Ann CROTON, H H 1848-Jan-02
GANDY, Sarah F BISHOP, Gabriel L 1851-Nov-20
GARDNER, Emma PRIEST, J F 1896-Nov-19
GARNER, Elizabeth A JACKSON, Henry A 1868-Jul-09
GARNER, Hopie F THOMPSON, B L 1890-Dec-17
GARNER, Mattie J FORD, Samuel J 1881-Oct-20
GARNER, Sarah I ROBERTSON, R N 1869-Jun-22
GATHRIGHT, Virginia MAURY, M H 1875-Dec-21
GATTIS, Henrietta ZUBER, Henry (Kr) 1876-Mar-16
GAVIN, Andeline WELLS, Reuben 1840-Aug-20
GAVIN, Margaret E DAVIE, Gabriel S 1869-May-24
GAVIN, Mary G STRODE, William R 1858-Nov-18
GAVIN, Mary R PERRY, Sam J 1895-Oct-16
GAZAWAY, Mary JORDAN, J H 1878-Nov-07
GEER, Adeline MCGOWEN, James W 1860-Mar-20
GENTRY, Nancy I HUMPHRIES, Amos T 1845-Jul-04
GIFFORD, Bessie LOCKLEY, Chester 1902-May-03
GILBERT, Angenetta PHILLIPS, John 1855-Aug-01
GILBERT, Irene SEELEE, David 1866-Dec-16
GILBERT, Jane POWERS, James 1856-Jul-10
GILBERT, Martha PHILLIPS, Archy 1856-Feb-21
GILBERT, Mary JONES, James R 1848-May-07
GILKEY, Emma HARKINS, H C 1886-Nov-09
GILL, Margaret S ARLEDGE, John 1838-Apr-15
GILL, Mary Ann JOHNSON, Solomon 1835-Feb-10
GILLESPIE, Annie E BARDWELL, Joseph 1861-Nov-06
GILLESPIE, Mary ADAMS, Andrew 1873-Aug-24
GILLESPIE, Mary L C WOOD, William W 1844-Feb-28
GILLESPIE, Sallie Mae FOSTER, Hugh 1866-Apr-26
GILLESPIE, Susan CANNON, R R 1861-Mar-05
GILMORE, Daithula RIDDLE, William J 1867-Dec-26
GILMORE, Fannie COX, Robert 1857-Oct-29
GILMORE, Hattie MCCOLLUM, L A 1889-Dec-03
GILMORE, Jane ORR, Simeon 1862-Feb-13
GILMORE, Mattie ROSS, William 1885-Jan-14
GILMORE, Sallie WILLIAMS, A M 1869-Oct-27
GLASS, Bettie EASTON, James W 1866-Jul-05
GLASS, Dizy MAY, Joseph T 1836-Dec-09
GLASS, Eugenia DEW, S A 1873-Feb-05
GLASS, Mary A SIMMONS, S R 1839-Dec-10
GLASS, Mary C B MILNER, L M 1872-Sep-19
GLASS, Mary E BALLARD, Kedner 1840-Oct-20
GLASS, Mary Jane DEW, John H 1871-Jan-26
GLASS, M E RAY, William A 1850-Aug-29
GLASS, Susan FRETWELL, William 1837-Apr-18
GLENN, Finity WHITE, James 1845-Oct-10
GLOVER, Elizabeth WILKINS, Thomas J 1866-May-10
GOLBERT, Hilda GUYTON, C H 1897-Jul-04
GOLDEN, Cornelia BARNHILL, John D 1866-Jun-28
GOLDEN, Jane A PETERSON, William H 1867-Nov-24
GOLDEN, Susan STALLINGS, Thos. R 1887-Jan-16
GOOCH, Catherine J FARROW, George F 1866-Dec-04
GOODMAN, Freedoney DEPRIST, Thomas W 1865-Mar-19
GOODWIN, Ernestine COMPTON, W M Dr 1863-Dec-15
GOODWIN, Kate HILL, P E 1897-Sep-28
GOODWIN, M Ernestine SCOTT, T F 1887-Sep-28
GOODWIN, Martha E HOOK, R J Van 1859-May-25
GOODWIN, Mary Ann ( Mrs) HEMPHILL, James E 1874-Dec-29
GOODWIN, Rebecca TAYLOR, George F 1853-Jan-25
GOODWIN, Susan L GRAY, Allen W 1866-Jan-29
GORE, Elizabeth Mrs MCLEMORE, E T 1868-Feb-06
GORE, Elizabeth Mrs WARREN, Robert 1868-Apr-06
GORMAN, Cassindanah HINES, David 1850-Jun-06
GORMAN, Sarah Ann ALLEN, Charles W 1841-Jul-18
GOTCHER, Elizabeth FORD, A 1866-Feb-24
GOWEN, Elizabeth Mrs GOWEN, J H 1864-Dec-27
GRACE, Catherine FRANCH, William 1870-Jul-13
GRACE, Mary P BAKER, Charles A 1865-Oct-22
GRACE, Ruth E JAMISON, George 1869-May-23
GRACE, Sallie E HANKCOCK, Charles 1873-Nov-20
GRAHAM, Alice BOONE, Charles 1903-Aug-06
GRAHAM, Casander WALKER, Felix H 1843-Feb-26
GRAHAM, Martha E GRAY, Charles T 1865-Jan-16
GRAHAM, Roxie COCHRAN, D J 1874-Sep-10
GRAHAM, Sarah F E BENNETT, Samuel 1858-Jan-09
GRAHAM, Sparta L HALSELL, W M 1888-Sep-09
GRANT, Frances M NELSON, George D 1847-Oct-25
GRANT, Laura F WIER, Robert O 1854-Nov-28
GRANT, Mary E PLACE, George A 1865-Aug-15
GRANT, Mattie W BROOKS, Charles O 1869-Jan-12
GRAY, Blanch C LONG, R M 1894-Mar-03
GRAY, Caroline A WEIR, Geo T Capt 1862-Sep-05
GRAY, Eliza Jane GOGGANS, Joshua T 1845-Mar-02
GRAY, Elizabeth DADE, Lee M 1840-Mar-18
GRAY, Elizabeth SAXON, Murry 1853-Sep-29
GRAY, Hannah A HARRISON, Elijah T 1851-Dec-23
GRAY, Lula W SPARKMAN, J R 1896-Nov-18
GRAY, Martha WATT, Major 1872-May-11
GRAY, Mary E MCGREGOR, George D 1872-Oct-30
GRAY, Mollie G DENTON, Isaac 1866-Dec-13
GREEN, Bettie OWENS, John H 1875-Feb-23
GREEN, Elizabeth P BATEMAN, William J 1865-Aug-17
GREEN, Ida Russell JONES, Houston 1902-Sep-03
GREEN, Joanna GRIFFIN, Green 1875-Dec-30
GREEN, Lucy A RICE, Hampton A 1868-Oct-26
GREEN, Margaret RUSSELL, Eng 1902-Sep-24
GREEN, Mary J KILGORE, Alexander S 1839-Jan-21
GREEN, Minnie CLARK, Nat G 1899-Oct-09
GREENE, Nancy O EDEARDS, William A 1849-Jan-11
GREER, A WIGGINS, C L 1869-Sep-16
GREER, Callie WIGGINS, Thomas J 1872-Mar-21
GREER, Eliza E ANDERSON, Edward H 1847-Jun-10
GREER, Henrietta COLE, F O 1891-Feb-26
GREER, Sallie BURRAGE, T M 1289-Jul-21
GREER, Sallie E OWEN, Augustus 1860-Jul-19
GREER, Vannie L OWENS, W J 1890-Apr-17
GRIFFIN, Mary HOLLAND, Elisha 1864-Jun-24
GRIFFITH, Landonia PIERCE, Willborn Riley 1854-Jan-05
GRIGGS, Eliza DOWLING, Charles 1857-Feb-10
GRIGGS, M E (Mrs) HULL, E S 1895-Feb-21
GRIGGS, Mary W OWENS, Henry L 1899-Jun-07
GRIGGS, Minnie CAVVETT, Van C 1887-Nov-10
GROSS, Catherine SCHOOLER, Issac 1873-Jan-18
GROSSMAN, Emma PETERSON, A M 1870-   -
GROSSMAN, Mollie R SIMS, W S 1877-Jun-07
GRUBBS, Mary WILKINS, J A 1889-Dec-18
GUNTER, Rachael J PREWITT, Andrew J 1866-Feb-22
GURLEY, Jennie SMITH, J H D 1879-Dec-12
GURLEY, Mary E CONWAY, Albert 1857-Dec-22
GURLEY, Narcissa LEE, Wallace 1867-Dec-15
GUY, Pearl DUGAN, T C 1900-Dec-13
GUY, Susan NORTON, George 1865-Dec-15



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