Noxubee County Brides


ADAIR, Mary A MANGRUM, John 1841-Aug-20
ADAMS, Jane DANIEL, John 1866-Dec-05
ADAMS, Lizzie TAYLOR, W S 1894-Nov-14
ADAMS, Maggie FARRISH, C S 1900-Jun-17
ADAMS, Margaret M SHIELDS, John W 1844-Dec-24
ADAMS, Martha G BOYD, H V 1868-Jul-30
ADMAN, Sarah Jane FREEMAN, William H 1862-Nov-20
ALBORN, Addie CAMPBELL, Geo. W 1882-Feb-06
ALLEN, Cynthia H POPE, William 1864-Jan-05
ALLEN, Elizabeth P AMES, Charles B 1894-Feb-06
ALLEN, Emily FINKLEY, Samuel F 1849-Jan-30
ALLEN, Leah FORD, Wilkins A 1844-Jan-14
ALLEN, M C MAXEY, John 1854-May-04
ALLEN, Mary A ST JOHN, Jackson 1853-Aug-25
ALLEN, Mary M BAKER, T C 1869-Mar-30
ALLEN, Permelia E CALHOUN, John 1866-Jan-04
ALLEN, Pricilla ONEEL, Patrie 1849-May-17
ALLEN, Sallie H WELSH, Israel 1859-May-24
ALLGOOD, Dathula GRAHAM, Hilliard L 1869-Apr-15
ALLMAN, E K ALEXANDER, William -   -
AMES, Sarah WILLIAMS, D W 1887-Jan-07
ANDERSON, Catherine L SWIFT, Thomas P 1863-Jan-23
ANDERSON, Louisa A AUSTON, Jesse L 1875-Sep-02
ANDERSON, Mary E SLAUGHTER, James S 1849-Nov-28
ANDERSON, Sabie JACKSON, S A 1902-Sep-24
ANDERSON, Sallie D TYSON, Thompson S 1854-May-25
ANDERSON, Susan HILL, J C 1873-Dec-18
ANDREW, Kessiah HOPKINS, Wade Dr 1846-Mar-16
ANILTON, Penetta A ADAMS, John 1846-Dec-30
ARCHER, Almira RUSSELL, Thomas A 1847-Oct-14
ARCHER, Louisa D SOWERS, Levi A 1867-Oct-27
ARMSTRONG, Cornelia A J WILLIAMS, Isaac 1846-Nov-19
ARMSTRONG, Martha E COCKRELL, John 1855-Aug-08
ARMSTRONG, Melissa A WATKINS, Benjamin 1860-Apr-19
ARMSTRONG, Partherian A STALLINGS, Samuel 1843-Sep-28
ARMSTRONG, Rosanna A HOLT, Smith L 1869-Dec-23
ARNOLD, Mary HAZLEWOOD, William H 1841-Oct-14
ARRINGTON, Ella Etta BARRETT, William 1889-Jul-21
ARRINGTON, Ritty L MCARTHUR, Nathan 1855-Jan-14
ARTHUR, Julia FRANKLIN, Jesse 1838-Nov-30
ARUNDALE, Caroline HARDIN, James 1838-Jul-30
ATAMAY, Letice MOORE, Green B 1846-Apr-15
ATKINSON, Elizabeth ROBERTSON, Henry B 1848-Jul-06
ATKINSON, Emily J SPARKMAN, Ephraim 1852-Apr-13
ATKINSON, Martha Ann STEWART, Manuel L 1846-Dec-24
ATKINSON, Martha Ann WHITE, Benjamin F 1862-Jan-01
ATKINSON, Mary A SADDLE, E M 1845-Feb-18
ATKINSON, Mary E COLBERT, James M 1841-Nov-30
ATKINSON, Temperance TUBB, Owen 1846-Apr-08
ATMAR, Mary E LIPSCOMB, James L 1854-May-24
ATMER, Sarah R SMITH, William B 1850-Nov-05
AUGUSTUS, Eliza V MILLER, J G 1880-Nov-18
AUGUSTUS, Mahala WILLIAMS, John Lee 1870-Nov-08
AUST, Madora LOCKLEY, J R 1885-Jan-15
AUSTIN, Addie HILL, J B 1893-Mar-19



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