Newton County Grooms

W - Z

WADE, F D MARSHALL, Julieth 1917-May-02
WADE, J E BOULWARE, Miriam 1914-May-19
WADE, M W DEARING, Mary 1912-Nov-02
WALKER, W H TURNER, M A Miss 1917-Nov-04
WALL, C C DUNN, Clyde 1915-May-15
WALLACE, E O GERMANY, Mattie 1912-Aug-10
WALLER, A P ALLEN, Zeller 1913-Aug-24
WALTERS, A J CLAIR, Drucilla 1917-Jan-03
WALTERS, Mathews POSEY, Beulah 1917-Sep-26
WALTERS, Oscar RUSHING, Ora 1914-Jul-26
WALTERS, W R WRIGHT, Sarah 1914-Dec-08
WALTON, H E WILLIAMSON, Jewel 1915-Jan-10
WALTON, Imar RHODES, Marvin 1920-Feb-10
WALTON, J C BUTLER, Mollie 1920-Aug-15
WALTON, J C TOLBERT, Ruby E 1917-Dec-23
WALTON, J L BOYD, Fannie 1919-Oct-04
WARD, Adam TUCKER, Lela 1915-Oct-24
WARD, Earl CANNON, Ethel 1915-Dec-02
WARD, Gene APLERSON, Mary 1913-Dec-25
WARD, Irvin BARRETT, Lena 1913-Dec-18
WARD, J A JACKSON, Lucille 1920-Aug-24
WARD, P F TUCKER, Minnie 1914-Sep-06
WARE, C J DREWERY, V D Miss 1913-May-03
WARREN, Andrew WILLIS, V D Miss 1915-Jan-21
WARREN, Dave HOPE, Lelar 1915-Aug-25
WARREN, Gordie MOORE, Sadie 1915-Dec-19
WARREN, Grover ALLDAY, Allie 1912-May-19
WARREN, J E CHESNEY, Annie 1919-Jun-16
WARREN, J W SPEARS, Myrtle 1917-Feb-11
WARREN, L G LEOPARD, Rosie 1912-Mar-31
WARREN, L H THRASH, Carrie 1915-Nov-21
WARREN, M M ROBINSON, Lavata 1914-Nov-08
WARREN, W E PAGE, Effie 1914-Aug-25
WARRER, W M CARTER, Nanie 1918-Sep-15
WATKINS, A L RUCKER, Mary 1914-Sep-13
WATKINS, B A GRIFFIN, Velma 1920-Nov-01
WATKINS, Calan FOSTER, Jessie 1920-Sep-05
WATKINS, David WHITE, Coa 1919-Jan-15
WATKINS, E G THOMAS, Carrie 1915-Dec-12
WATKINS, Earl Dr RUSH, Nettie 1913-Feb-01
WATKINS, Ed LUBY, Edna 1912-Jan-04
WATKINS, Gusie GRADY, May 1918-Jan-22
WATKINS, J R BOYD, Kate 1915-Mar-16
WATKINS, Joe PURVIS, Ethel 1920-Oct-02
WATKINS, John WATKINS, Edna 1912-Sep-04
WATKINS, Lot MYATT, Vester 1920-Aug-04
WATKINS, R A HICKS, Fannie 1920-Dec-07
WATKINS, R J SANDERS, Myrtis 1920-Jul-01
WATKINS, S W REA, Mabel 1920-Nov-27
WATKINS, Tebe KILLEN, Annie 1918-Jan-18
WATKINS, W B KNOWLES, Lavadie 1915-Jul-25
WATKINS, W G KIRKSEY, Annie 1914-Dec-13
WATSON, H A DARNELL, Ronnie 1917-Sep-12
WATSON, W J MCLAIN, Willie Leona 1919-Aug-19
WEATHERFORD, H H JOHNSON, Maudie 1916-Dec-24
WEATHERS, F M HAYS, Lela Mrs 1913-Dec-17
WEATHERS, F M MOORE, Sallie 1915-Oct-14
WEATHERS, Hammer HARRISON, Fannie 1919-Sep-21
WEBB, T C TIDWELL, Winnie D 1912-Mar-25
WEBB, Thomas A HARDAGE, Minnie 1916-Aug-09
WEBB, W L QUINN, Sarah M 1913-Nov-03
WEDGEWORTH, H J LIMRICK, Annie 1920-Sep-04
WELBORN, F E FINKLEA, Maggie 1919-Dec-20
WELCH, Marcus SMITH, Maggie 1912-Dec-24
WELLS, Arnold ELLIS, Minnie 1919-Sep-06
WELLS, G W WALTON, Nettie 1919-Mar-07
WELLS, Irvin A MYERS, Deliah Bell 1917-Dec-05
WELLS, Jesse POSEY, Lillie 1912-Jan-14
WELLS, Johnnie POSEY, Dollie 1916-Dec-30
WELLS, M E WATKINS, Lucy 1920-May-16
WELLS, Marven FORD, Eula 1916-Mar-31
WELLS, Mitchell MANNING, Alma 1919-Aug-17
WELLS, S P PIKE, Rosa Mrs 1914-Feb-01
WELLS, W T LONG, Fannie B 1918-Jun-06
WELSH, G H WHITE, Annie 1917-May-27
WELSH, Victor WHITE, Annie Lee 1920-Jan-13
WERKHEISER, E K GORDON, Jessie 1916-May-06
WEST, John RILEY, Della 1913-Sep-14
WHINERY, J E GRIFFIN, Letha 1916-Apr-08
WHITE, B M MCMILLON, Lula 1912-Feb-07
WHITE, Dan BYRD, Eddie Lee 1917-Nov-17
WHITE, Grover PETTY, Nira 1912-Mar-07
WHITE, Jasper GRIFFIN, Mandy 1917-Nov-28
WHITE, Lonnie HILLMAN, J W 1918-May-12
WHITE, M C LEWIS, Eva 1918-Aug-31
WHITE, M J COOK, Minnie 1914-Jan-28
WHITE, Ray EVANS, Floy 1920-Jul-29
WHITE, T M SMITH, Ader 1920-Mar-01
WHITE, Tom RICKLES, Ella 1913-Jan-12
WHITE, W H THOMAS, Annie P 1916-Dec-02
WHITE, Will ALLEN, Mattie 1912-Nov-03
WHITE, William T GUTHRIE, Christina 1912-Apr-14
WHITE, Willie MCMILLAN, Emma 1915-Dec-25
WHITLAD, P A BLANCHE, Wright 1913-Jan-07
WIGGINGTON, Joe MCNEIL, Roxie 1916-Jan-29
WIGGINS, George LANG, Christine 1920-Jun-17
WIGGINS, W E MCPHAIL, Susie 1914-Apr-08
WILDER, Albert STEWART, Elsie 1918-Oct-06
WILKERSON, Onie MAYO, Ora 1918-Apr-21
WILKERSON, W T CHESNEY, Fannie 1920-Jun-27
WILKINSON, C E BOUNDS, Gennie 1913-Nov-29
WILKINSON, C E YATES, Janie 1915-Oct-28
WILKINSON, R L BUSBY, Ava 1917-Apr-15
WILKINSON, T H SPENCE, Buthie 1913-Jul-06
WILKINSON, W J WARWICK, Nealie 1917-May-20
WILLIAMS, A J STRIBLING, Nannie Mae 1916-Mar-27
WILLIAMS, Coleman SADLER, Virgie 1917-Nov-04
WILLIAMS, David PILGRIM, Bettie 1920-May-30
WILLIAMS, J C ALDRIDGE, Lena Pearl 1919-Jun-17
WILLIAMS, J M ROBERTS, Virgie 1912-Sep-29
WILLIAMS, R E ROBERTS, Emma 1913-Jun-08
WILLIAMS, R F MADISON, Bessie 1918-Mar-24
WILLIAMS, T B WEBB, Kate 1914-Jun-24
WILLIAMS, W H BYARS, Tinie 1916-Jul-04
WILLIAMSON, B B JONES, C E Miss 1917-Mar-11
WILLIAMSON, Dinkie Melton LYNCH, Inez 1919-Jul-10
WILLIAMSON, G R GENTRY, Hattie Lee 1920-Feb-22
WILLIAMSON, J M REA, Lillie May 1920-May-09
WILLIAMSON, N I LYNCH, Sadie 1913-Jan-08
WILLIAMSON, Nona PRICE, Ellen 1920-Jan-15
WILLIAMSON, O V GUNTER, Colie M 1914-Dec-31
WILLIS, Dan JIM, Louisiana 1918-Jun-05
WILLIS, Floyd COUGHLAND, Alma 1912-Feb-14
WILLIS, Irvin WOOD, Nancy 1920-Jan-29
WILLIS, T W POSEY, Buna 1912-Jul-03
WILSON, C A CUMANS, Ida 1915-Sep-18
WILSON, Clark MOWDY, Myrtle 1920-Mar-26
WILSON, Clyde FANCHER, Mable 1914-Feb-22
WILSON, G T BRANNING, May 1914-Jul-19
WILSON, J G WILLIAMSON, Arbret 1914-Apr-10
WILSON, Jim PIERCE, Gertie 1916-Jan-16
WILSON, R S HERRING, Lessie 1913-Sep-07
WILSON, W R HOUSTON, Gennie 1915-Jan-10
WINSTEAD, Clyde L RICHARDSON, Viola J 1918-Aug-31
WINSTEAD, H RICHARDS, Essie 1913-Nov-23
WINSTEAD, J M KILPATRICK, Gertie 1920-Oct-19
WINSTEAD, L E WINSTEAD, Lola 1918-Dec-15
WINSTEAD, Lem MUSGROVE, Pearlie 1912-Apr-13
WINSTEAD, Leslie WINSTEAD, Essie 1914-Nov-15
WINSTEAD, R C CHAPMAN, Mamie 1920-Aug-07
WINSTEAD, R G KILLEN, Jewell 1913-Oct-09
WINSTEAD, Roy WILSON, Maria 1916-Feb-13
WOLVERTON, Hamp MCDONALD, Mollie 1916-Jun-25
WOLVERTON, James WOLVERTON, Callie 1917-Sep-09
WOODS, A J POPE, H A Miss 1916-Jul-16
WOODS, Thomas G SANDERSON, Rubie 1918-May-16
WOODS, W S THERRELL, Lucila 1919-Dec-11
WOODWARD, Earl WARREN, Myrtle 1916-Nov-18
WOOTEN, A J DAWSON, Bessie 1920-Oct-06
WOOTEN, A J MCKINZIE, Laurie 1915-Sep-26
WOOTEN, Albert BRADLEY, Ella 1916-Jan-26
WOOTEN, Andrew J PERRY, Annie 1916-Oct-15
WOOTEN, Emit JOHNSON, Julia 1913-Feb-20
WOOTEN, J M COATS, Winnie 1920-Oct-19
WOOTEN, Jim DOOLEY, Etta 1913-Jun-10
WORRELL, J W HAMILTON, I A Miss 1915-Aug-08
WRIGHT, C W PEDER, Gertrude 1913-Jul-13
WRIGHT, J P ARLEDGE, Berdie 1920-Sep-03
WRIGHT, Nathan POWELL, Minnie Leroy 1919-Apr-16
YATES, Claude Dr HARRISON, Audie M 1913-Jun-29
YATES, Clyde JOHNSON, Mary 1918-Aug-03
YATES, E N WOLVERTON, Grace 1920-May-01
YATES, H L TRAPP, Nola B 1912-Apr-13
YATES, Mark NOTOIRE, Maggie 1912-Nov-10
YATES, W J ADCOCK, Dollie 1917-May-24
YOUNG, A A SPEARS, Alice 1918-Mar-03
YOUNG, Clyde HARRIS, B B 1913-Jul-06
YOUNG, John F PRICE, Jessie 1919-Jun-29



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