Newton County Grooms


SALLEY, G H CROCKER, Velina 1913-Feb-09
SALTER, Joe PARTRIDGE, Hettie 1912-Aug-10
SANDERSON, M JONES, Susan 1914-Jan-04
SANDERSON, W E GREEN, Catherine 1901-Apr-03
SANFORD, W D ISHEE, Bessie B 1913-Apr-20
SAVELL, A L WINSTEAD, Priscilla 1919-May-03
SAVELL, C G INGRAM, Sallie 1916-Jan-23
SAVELL, M M BLALOCK, Ada 1913-Mar-02
SAVELL, R W DIVINE, Mary Lula 1912-Sep-22
SCITZ, W J SMITH, Lavada 1912-Jun-15
SCITZS, H M SMITH, M J Miss 1915-Jul-15
SCOTT, I J WILLIAMSON, Mittie Jewel 1913-Mar-23
SCOTT, J S GILBERT, Nina 1913-Sep-24
SEALE, J H NICHOLSON, Lessie 1901-Aug-12
SEALE, M E ROBERTSON, Willie 1916-Dec-29
SERVICE, Leo Tracy PHILLIPS, Winnie 1918-Sep-11
SESSON, R L ADCOCK, Lillian 1916-Oct-15
SEWARD, Otto GRAVES, Jewel E 1913-Dec-14
SHACKELFORD, J L PARKER, Nellie 1918-Feb-22
SHACKELFORD, Roser L JOHNSON, Alma 1918-Apr-22
SHARP, E L HARDY, Verna 1916-Dec-10
SHARP, G L ARCHEY, Florence 1914-Dec-20
SHARP, G W PICKETT, Ora 1918-May-25
SHARP, H C BEALL, Cora 1913-Feb-11
SHARP, H C CROSWELL, Pearl 1915-May-02
SHARP, I D COKER, Rubie May 1917-Jul-29
SHARP, Ivah THORNTON, R A Rev 1913-Dec-21
SHARP, J C BATES, Amanda 1914-Jun-28
SHARP, J D PARKER, Ada B 1915-Dec-23
SHARP, J R FREENY, Mary 1913-Feb-07
SHARP, Jim COATS, Nelva 1918-Nov-10
SHARP, Peyton RUSH, Ila 1918-Aug-07
SHARP, S A GRAFTON, Evelyn 1918-Jun-02
SHARP, S A WARD, Ida 1901-Aug-29
SHAW, R W DAVIDSON, Nellie 1919-Jun-15
SHEPARD, J R WEBB, Clennie 1913-Dec-25
SHEPARD, John BUSBY, Annie 1901-Mar-02
SHEPHERD, A G WATKINS, Nannie 1913-Mar-11
SHEPHERD, B A KENNEDY, Mary 1916-Dec-28
SHEPHERD, Jack R AUSTIN, Lina Mae 1912-Dec-11
SHUMAKER, J L NICHOLSON, Thelma 1901-Aug-19
SIGREST, M R BOZEMAN, Lorina 1919-Sep-14
SIKES, G J LEWIS, Ota 1913-Oct-01
SIKES, John Thomas LOFTON, Mary Ella 1916-Dec-24
SIKES, W T GRAHAM, Lillie 1901-Oct-21
SIMES, George BARHAM, Lessie 1913-Jun-15
SIMES, Seaby HICKS, Frances 1916-Dec-27
SIMS, D S COLLINS, Lena 1916-Nov-19
SIMS, D S RUSHING, Clara Paige 1914-Apr-25
SIMS, Elgie DEWEESE, Fannie 1901-Oct-23
SIMS, J M COLLINS, Melva 1914-Feb-01
SISTRUNK, L C ALLEN, Ethel 1920-Nov-19
SKINNER, Joseph W MOWDY, Liddie 1917-Oct-28
SKINNER, O R KNIGHT, Ophelia 1919-Nov-09
SLADE, J W SLADE, Minnie 1913-Jul-12
SLAUGHTER, H C HOLLADAY, Minnie 1919-Apr-12
SLAUGHTER, W A LOFTON, Addie 1912-Sep-08
SMITH, A J HERRINGTON, Edna 1901-Jul-17
SMITH, A W FANCHER, Nannie 1919-Sep-02
SMITH, Charlie O KILPATRICK, Willie 1919-Mar-02
SMITH, G E LANE, Nola Lee 1918-Jan-09
SMITH, George EUBANKS, Roma 1913-Oct-26
SMITH, H L BATES, Nannie Ethel 1901-Nov-28
SMITH, J B MYERS, Etta 1914-Feb-15
SMITH, J E SULLIVAN, Edna 1901-Sep-19
SMITH, J M BOBO, Hazel 1919-Oct-18
SMITH, J M DEWEESE, Nannie 1914-Sep-06
SMITH, J M HALL, Gertie 1917-Jan-18
SMITH, J O BOLER, Myrtle 1916-Nov-19
SMITH, J W PACE, Gertrude 1912-Sep-01
SMITH, Jasper WALKER, Mary 1901-Dec-16
SMITH, John JOYNER, Janie 1913-Jun-10
SMITH, O B EDWARDS, Maggie 1919-Oct-29
SMITH, P W JOHNSON, Agnes 1919-Jun-09
SMITH, R L HAMILTON, D M Miss 1914-Jul-26
SMITH, R L TULLOS, Gertie 1919-Dec-21
SMITH, R M COATS, Zoda 1901-Feb-08
SMITH, R R WHINERY, J A Miss 1913-Apr-27
SMITH, Robin SHARP, Lottie 1901-Jan-11
SMITH, T M BRELAND, Altha 1917-Nov-16
SMITH, W A MCCRORY, Bettie 1912-Jul-28
SMITH, W T GRAFTON, Fannie 1915-Feb-06
SMITH, Weever PATRIDGE, Linnie 1901-Oct-26
SMITH, Wiley E MALONE, Carrie 1916-May-13
SNOW, G P MORRIS, Hattie 1901-Sep-13
SNOW, H L MORRIS, Caley May 1919-Oct-21
SNOW, J W CODE, Allie 1916-Jan-16
SNOWDEN, Dave J GOFORTH, Addie 1912-Dec-27
SONES, F M BRYAN, Myrtle 1916-Aug-05
SPEARS, Clint BREAZEALE, Ivy 1919-Nov-23
SPEARS, Henry HALL, Annie 1919-May-26
SPEARS, J A KELLEY, Sudie Mae 1901-Oct-16
SPEARS, J L JONES, Ruby 1901-Jan-27
SPEARS, J M HAMILTON, Julia 1917-Jul-08
SPEARS, M N CARTER, Fannie 1915-Sep-16
SPEARS, N M JACKSON, Annie 1913-Aug-21
SPEARS, T F GRICE, Minnie 1912-Sep-01
SPEARS, W S WILLIAMS, Maggie 1901-Oct-09
SPIVEY, H B ODEN, Eva 1916-May-06
SPIVEY, M S CANNON, Stella 1913-Apr-17
SPIVEY, S H HILLMAN, Kate 1901-Dec-29
STANDARD, J M CANNON, Mattie 1915-Sep-16
STANTON, J R BARRETT, Emer 1914-Nov-01
STANTON, Newton G INGRAM, Ethel 1918-Sep-20
STEPHENS, J E NATION, Bennie Lou 1915-Jun-14
STEPHENS, P D CROCKER, Mary 1919-Dec-19
STEVENS, Lennie CLARK, D E 1915-Dec-30
STEWART, B F CUMBERLAND, Nannie 1912-Apr-14
STEWART, Edgar JONES, Ida 1912-Apr-28
STEWART, Frank MAY, Virgie 1915-May-20
STEWART, L O WEBB, Ada 1916-Dec-22
STEWART, William E RUSHING, Clara 1917-Nov-02
STOKES, G O COLSON, Vida 1919-Jul-28
STOKES, Harvey HATCHER, Gertrude 1919-Jul-21
STOKES, J C HOWELL, Ruthie 1915-Dec-26
STOKES, R P MACKELDOVE, Mary 1918-Jul-11
STOKES, Sam PICKETT, Ora 1918-Feb-06
STOKES, W L DAVIDSON, Lena 1912-Nov-07
STOREY, A L PERKINS, Jessie 1916-Dec-24
STOREY, I L HENDRIS, Sallie 1915-Sep-30
STOREY, Odie TUCKER, Annie 1916-May-28
STOVALL, Earl SANFORD, Esther 1901-Jan-11
STOVALL, J R ROBERTS, Della 1914-Aug-24
STOVALL, S H PETTY, Annie Lee 1915-Dec-22
STRIBLING, J H MCDONALD, Allirene 1913-Aug-20
STRIBLING, R C KING, Dollie Rea 1916-Dec-30
STRIBLING, R C MAJURE, Cornelia 1920-Mar-18
STRINGER, C A MCNEIL, Zula 1917-Mar-04
STRUM, J C BATES, Alpha 1915-Nov-08
STUARD, W F WILLIAMSON, Abbie 1916-Dec-06
STUART, A Clark HISAW, Nettie 1913-Jul-24
STUART, Louis WEBB, Luddie 1901-Sep-19
SULLIVAN, J G WARD, Ila 1914-Feb-01
SULLIVAN, J H SMITH, Ida 1919-Oct-09
SULLIVAN, J R JACKSON, Junie Bell 1901-Jun-27
SULLIVAN, W T KELLEY, Luna 1915-Feb-10
SWAYZE, B S BYARS, Evelyn 1919-Aug-12



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