Newton County Grooms


RABB, George H DUNN, Alma 1914-Aug-23
RASH, T J JENKINS, Lee Ona 1917-Aug-04
RAY, H M CLARK, Lemmie 1912-Dec-06
RAY, Roscoe SLAUGHTER, Mary 1913-Sep-07
RAY, Roy BOATNER, Fannie 1917-Nov-03
REA, J M CARTER, Virgie 1919-Jan-12
REAGAN, O W STRICKLAND, Nealie 1912-Dec-24
REED, Roger GANEY, Minnie 1919-Apr-27
RHODES, Benjamin F BRELAND, Cola 1918-Jan-27
RHODES, D B RICE, Fannie 1912-Oct-13
RHODES, D B SMITH, Myrtle 1912-Jun-14
RHODES, Marvin WALTON, Imar 1920-Feb-10
RHYMES, Thomas Welles NOAH, Blanch Otera 1916-Jun-20
RICE, Irvin A JONES, Venie 1912-Sep-01
RICHARDS, J T WALTON, Annie 1919-Oct-05
RICHARDSON, G T MCADORY, Augustie 1915-Feb-06
RICHARDSON, J W WOODWARD, Hallie 1920-Jul-14
RICHARDSON, Lee COLE, Vernie 1913-Apr-06
RICHIE, Dock HARDIN, Mary 1913-Sep-07
RICHMOND, R A SKINNER, Alice 1912-Aug-11
RICKLES, J W STEWART, Beula 1913-Dec-05
RICKS, G W MASON, Ruby Bell 1919-Jun-06
RICKS, J A EPPERSON, Olivia 1912-Dec-29
RIGDON, Alvin MCCRAW, Irene 1918-Jul-19
RIGLER, Charles Peyton MAYO, Ava Aleane 1916-Jul-05
RITCHIE, B B EVENS, Mary 1920-Aug-07
RIVERS, J F WALTON, Annie 1919-Dec-28
RIVERS, Samuel W AVERY, Lillian 1914-Oct-18
ROBERSON, Ben COATS, Jamie 1920-Jun-06
ROBERSON, Grada SLATON, Lillian 1919-Feb-08
ROBERSON, Wesley FEDERICK, Caty 1918-Oct-15
ROBERTS, Earnest STOKES, Vida 1913-Jan-12
ROBERTS, J M SMITH, Nora 1920-Sep-26
ROBERTS, Virgie WILLIAMS, J M 1912-Sep-29
ROBERTSON, I C JACKSON, Dora 1913-Nov-02
ROBERTSON, L L JAMES, Lessie May 1917-Sep-28
ROBERTSON, R T TUCKER, Ever May 1920-Jul-26
ROBERTSON, Walter CHAPMAN, Essie 1914-Sep-05
ROBERTSON, Wilber STOKES, Vera 1914-Apr-26
ROBERTSON, William A BRANTLEY, Myrtle 1918-Nov-17
ROBERTSON, Willie SEALE, M E 1916-Dec-29
ROBINSON, J A SIMMONS, Ellie Mae 1920-Feb-29
ROBINSON, J F HILL, Oza 1918-May-27
RODGERS, Alvah MILLS, Genie 1915-Nov-30
ROGERS, J W YATES, Lizzie 1914-Jan-25
ROSSER, D L ANDERSON, Hallie 1912-Jan-04
ROUNDTREE, J R SPENCE, Mary 1914-Sep-29
ROY, Edgar COLLINS, Lela 1913-Apr-02
RUCKER, A L MOORE, Mattie P 1918-Jan-23
RUSH, Thomas H CHEATHAM, Emley 1920-Jan-14
RUSHING, Alex MCMURRAY, Ennie 1913-Mar-25
RUSHING, H I LYNCH, Inese 1917-Sep-01
RUSHING, Sid BURTON, Eler 1915-Nov-21
RUSSEL, Lee SHAMLEY, Eula 1914-Mar-13
RUSSELL, J A RYALS, Nellie 1919-Sep-19
RUSSELL, L A RAY, Mabel 1913-Dec-21
RUSSELL, Lee SHAMBLEE, Eula 1914-Nov-29
RUSSELL, R A BELL, Tonia 1920-Feb-17
RUTHVEN, R C SPEARS, Lucy 1914-Dec-20
RUTLEDGE, R REYNOLDS, C M Miss 1919-Sep-07
RYALS, Albert LEE, Erma 1920-Aug-01
RYALS, Albert VOWELL, Lura 1916-Jan-16
RYALS, D D GILBERT, Lessie L 1917-Aug-27
RYALS, Homer POPE, Olive 1918-Aug-18
RYALS, S TURNER, Katie Lee 1920-Apr-05



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