Newton County Grooms

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PACE, Mack LONG, Gladys 1916-Mar-10
PAGE, C G APPERSON, Ether 1918-Jun-16
PAGE, J T DANIELS, Ester 1912-Jun-24
PALMER, T J JOINER, Mary 1916-Mar-02
PARKER, C V MURPHEY, Lottie 1917-Jan-25
PARKER, E A DREWRY, Ada 1916-Apr-16
PARKER, E J SMITH, Nannie 1918-Nov-03
PARKER, G O HENDERSON, Velma 1912-Nov-03
PARKER, H C BOLLING, Lottie Pearl 1913-Jan-01
PARKER, I W DUNNINGS, Lennie 1920-Dec-23
PARKER, J B MCADORY, Winnie 1918-Aug-28
PARKER, Perry BRELAND, Doxie 1915-Jan-17
PARTRIDGE, A M MYERS, Lula Bell 1918-Mar-09
PARTRIDGE, R A PHILLIPS, Mattie 1919-Mar-22
PARTRIDGE, W G B MYERS, Pearl 1916-Jun-17
PAULEY, Calvin BURKES, Audrey 1915-Jan-05
PEAIRCY, W W HOFMASTER, Annie 1916-Aug-11
PEDEN, Coman MASON, B C 1920-Aug-13
PEDEN, Earl A GRIFFIN, Ina 1915-Dec-10
PEDEN, J T WARREN, Senie 1914-Dec-14
PEEBLES, R C ROUSE, Fay 1917-Sep-13
PENSION, Bud SMITH, Mary 1915-Dec-05
PENSON, Tomie SMITH, Della 1915-Jul-09
PERMENTER, J R RILEY, Ellie 1913-May-01
PERRY, C L STEWART, Viola 1913-Mar-30
PETTEY, Dewey HUNTER, Nannie Gertrude 1920-Feb-04
PETTIS, W L KING, Ethel 1918-Feb-15
PETTY, J E J PARTRIDGE, Stella 1918-May-20
PHILLIPS, Grover JAYROE, Estelle 1919-Aug-03
PHILLIPS, J T IRONS, Janie 1918-Sep-04
PHILLIPS, L N BRAND, L L Miss 1920-Feb-06
PHILLIPS, Roscoe SPEARS, Etta 1920-Apr-03
PHILLIPS, Walter CREWS, Virgie 1914-Nov-15
PIERCE, C P WELLS, Janie Mrs 1912-Jul-30
PIERCE, E L HARDY, Annie 1915-Mar-14
PIKE, Luther RICKLES, Rosa 1912-Jan-17
PILGRIM, C B POOLE, Ruth 1916-May-28
PILGRIM, Elijah TURNER, Devada 1919-Mar-28
PILGRIM, Jerry B MORRIS, Lolla 1920-Feb-22
PILGRIM, Lonzie PERKINS, Rena 1918-Dec-22
PILGRIM, N M COMANS, Alma 1913-Mar-02
PILGRIM, Osker JACKSON, Bertha 1920-Jun-12
PILGRIM, Other JACKSON, Lillian 1920-Jun-20
PINTER, R P BRADSHAW, Effie 1916-Feb-17
PLATT, C B PARTRIDGE, Allie 1920-Aug-06
PLATT, R B WHITE, Ethel 1915-Nov-24
POE, E B COPELAND, Agnes 1919-Sep-16
POPE, Eddie HOBBY, Jesse 1915-Nov-27
POPE, J C BURKES, L A Miss 1919-Feb-06
POPE, J L DALLAS, Elmira 1918-Nov-12
POPE, J W NOWELL, Mary Wall 1919-Nov-06
POPE, Stevie CREAMEN, Annie 1913-May-24
PORTER, A S LOGAN, Oter 1920-Feb-15
PORTER, W M HICKS, Lena 1914-Aug-10
POSEY, B J JAYROE, Earnest 1918-Aug-16
POSEY, Bunar MILEY, H L 1913-Jan-04
POSEY, Coley SHARP, Cora 1912-Jul-07
POSEY, F R MARTIN, Vena 1916-Feb-18
POSEY, H F PILGRIM, Lura 1915-Aug-09
POSEY, H L TOLBERT, Alma 1919-Jan-26
POSEY, M A BOUNDS, Sadie 1914-Oct-11
POSEY, M V WILLIAMS, Nessat 1920-Aug-10
POSEY, Ollie ROBERTS, Ruth A 1917-Jul-22
POSEY, T M HAMILTON, Lora Etta 1917-Jan-14
POSEY, W A WILLIAMS, Lillie 1916-Jan-31
POWELL, I M WOOTEN, Myrtle 1919-Sep-06
PRICE, Andrew JONES, Bertha 1920-Aug-17
PRICE, R E SMITH, Flora 1916-Jun-05
PULLIN, C G GREEN, Lena 1920-Oct-31
PULLIN, L A WILLIAMSON, E N Miss 1918-Sep-15



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