Newton County Grooms


MAJURE, A L WATKINS, Leota 1917-Jan-28
MAJURE, Carlton C MCBEATH, Sula 1914-Jan-22
MAJURE, Horace L WATKINS, Venie 1917-Dec-24
MAJURE, Joe A JOHNSON, Sallie 1915-Apr-04
MAJURE, Kirby NICHOLSON, Edna 1913-Mar-31
MAJURE, L G GERMANY, Grace 1919-Dec-06
MALONE, J M POWELL, Ruth 1920-Jul-29
MANNING, H C BURKS, Sadie 1915-Sep-05
MANNING, J H TINDOL, Rennie 1918-Dec-24
MANNING, Jim BLOUNT, Ola 1917-Dec-22
MARDIS, L A PRINCE, Ruby 1915-Aug-21
MARSHALL, Charlie BIRCHFIELD, Carolyn 1912-Dec-18
MARSHALL, Virgil PETTY, Callie 1912-Feb-15
MARTIN, H L SMILEY, Lillian Dell 1916-Dec-26
MARTIN, W A IRBY, Walter 1920-Jan-19
MARTINA, Gipson DAVIS, J A 1915-Nov-15
MASON, B C PEDEN, Coman 1920-Aug-13
MASON, Bruce BASSETT, Lessie G 1918-Nov-14
MASSEY, L S MANNING, Anna 1917-Aug-19
MASSEY, W J INGRAM, Nancy 1917-Dec-02
MATHEWS, A Clay BLAND, Clara 1919-Nov-26
MATHIS, Charles C MATHIS, Pearl 1913-Oct-29
MAXEY, B F HARDY, Maud 1913-Sep-14
MAY, H L KENNEDY, Dixie 1916-May-14
MAY, Jessie GRAY, Moreen 1920-Aug-29
MAY, W E BATES, Ella 1912-Sep-08
MAY, Will HENDON, Zelma 1912-Nov-30
MAYO, Claude L HAYS, Cornelia 1914-Apr-12
MAYO, H L JOINER, Carrie 1913-Feb-03
MCALISTER, E M EVANS, E D Miss 1913-Feb-03
MCBEATH, Roy PHILLIPS, Ada 1917-Feb-14
MCCLINTON, Benjamin H PARKER, Onie 1919-Oct-22
MCCRAW, J E HOUSTON, Lela 1915-Nov-07
MCCRAW, Sam JENKINS, Nora 1916-Jul-15
MCCRORY, Joe MCCRORY, Mary 1919-Oct-12
MCCRORY, Robert DEWEESE, Mary E 1917-Jul-01
MCDONALD, J D JOHNSON, Perley 1916-Dec-29
MCDONALD, J G LONG, Alma 1916-Sep-18
MCDONALD, S E JONES, Agnes 1914-Apr-03
MCDONALD, W R NATION, Nannie 1915-Dec-09
MCGEE, Carl G YATES, M V Miss 1913-Jun-17
MCGHEE, Wheeler CARTER, Mattie 1915-Jun-14
MCGILVORY, Luther J LOVORN, Lena P 1912-Mar-31
MCKAY, James Gordon NANCE, Ida May 1916-Dec-24
MCKAY, T E GORDY, Velma 1920-Jun-15
MCKEE, A E CALVERT, Mamie 1918-Feb-09
MCKINION, Arthur EAKES, Lula 1917-Apr-21
MCKINION, Thomas MUSGROVE, Selma 1919-Mar-09
MCKINION, W F KILPATRICK, Etta May 1920-Oct-03
MCKINNEY, Hugh L STRIBLING, Gertrude Edna 1916-Apr-05
MCLEMORE, William MCGLATHAN, Bessie 1920-Jun-06
MCNAIR, Archie INGRAM, Leona 1912-Nov-10
MCNAIR, G F WOODS, Izetta 1912-Jul-06
MCNAIR, J D GUTHRIE, Jocie 1914-Aug-09
MCNAIR, T J WALTERS, Viola 1913-Apr-27
MCNAIR, W A YOUNG, Gertie 1918-Jun-02
MCNEIL, B V GRAHAM, Zealous 1917-Dec-25
MCNEIL, Marvin BARNETT, Josie 1916-Dec-25
MCNEIL, Nathan G RUSH, Necie 1912-Feb-18
MCNEILL, Roy C HOUSTON, Olla 1920-Jan-31
MEEKS, Earl HARRISON, Annie 1920-Jan-18
MEEKS, Roy TOLBERT, Rubye 1916-Feb-16
MEEKS, Wayne PIERCE, Eula 1916-Sep-23
MILEY, E P HARDY, Lettie 1916-Mar-25
MILEY, H L POSEY, Bunar 1913-Jan-04
MILLER, Lynn GAMBLIN, Beulah 1912-Jan-11
MILLER, M M MCCORKLE, Cleo 1917-Jan-03
MILLER, Nester ADAMS, Gilbert 1925-Dec-13
MILLER, T A BARNES, Ethel 1915-Dec-09
MILLING, F M DOVE, Katie Mae 1919-Mar-06
MILLING, Lester GIPSON, Gertie 1914-Sep-20
MILLING, O L CALLAHAN, Eunice 1912-Apr-18
MILLING, Ray BAUGHMAN, Pearl 1919-Sep-27
MIMS, Curtis MCDONALD, Willie 1914-Jun-28
MING, Charley WEDSWORTH, Eta 1913-Apr-05
MITCHELL, Nelson MOORE, Eviline 1918-May-27
MIXON, H M LADD, Eunice 1916-Aug-19
MOLPUS, Charles M SMITH, Margaret A 1912-Sep-08
MOLPUS, G W MOORE, Lizzie Belle 1915-Jul-25
MOODY, Alvin WRIGHT, Lula Faye 1919-Jul-20
MOODY, J A GOFORTH, Ada 1915-Aug-21
MOODY, J A PRICE, Selma 1915-Feb-26
MOONEY, Charles W PERRY, Frances 1920-Mar-18
MOORE, B C RUSHING, Lula May 1918-Sep-21
MOORE, B J AGENT, Effie 1914-Dec-02
MOORE, E D BARRETT, Ludie 1918-Aug-23
MOORE, G L HARBOUR, Anie 1914-Dec-20
MOORE, Henry WALKER, Ina May 1919-Apr-20
MOORE, J D BARRETT, Ethel 1919-Dec-29
MOORE, J P JOHNSON, Nettie 1912-Jan-01
MOORE, John David COLEY, Elizabeth 1917-Jul-18
MOORE, Lacey BREAZEALE, Ella 1915-Sep-15
MOORE, Lacey BREAZEALE, Ella 1916-Dec-11
MOORE, Odie MOORE, Bettie 1920-Oct-13
MOORE, R C WATKINS, Katie 1918-Apr-27
MOORE, S C REA, Myrtle 1912-Sep-07
MOORE, S M DAVIDSON, Nora 1914-Jun-22
MOORE, W G COLLINS, Lillie 1919-Nov-23
MOREHEAD, J S STUART, Hattie 1919-Sep-18
MOREHEAD, J S WILLIAMS, Maude 1916-Oct-26
MOREHEAD, Wesley HENSON, Velma 1914-Jul-19
MOREHEAD, Wesley PERKINS, Alice 1920-Jun-23
MORRIS, Eugene TAYLOR, Admerel 1917-Jan-23
MORROW, W C YATES, Francis 1912-Dec-21
MOTT, A C PIERCE, Vera 1912-Jul-21
MOTT, D W EDWARDS, Lonie 1913-Oct-12
MOTT, Fate ADAMS, Fannie 1914-Dec-24
MOTT, H L SMITH, Armetta 1919-Oct-28
MOTT, J T STOKES, Jesse 1918-Feb-09
MOTT, M GROSS, Annie 1913-Aug-17
MOTT, Rufus CLARK, Bertha 1919-Feb-05
MOTT, Willie JACKSON, Roxie 1916-Jun-21
MOTT, Willie MALONE, Bertha 1917-Nov-03
MOWDY, Emer HARDY, W J 1914-May-28
MOWDY, J M LANG, C L M Miss 1914-Dec-20
MULHOLLAND, C W DEWEESE, Bonnie 1918-Aug-11
MULHOLLAND, Louis Glen n     THOMAS, E May 1914-Jan-04
MUNDAY, Ethan TINGLE, F W 1920-Feb-01
MUNDAY, Pat C BYARS, Nellie 1920-Mar-26
MYATT, Curtis STRANGE, Maude 1917-Aug-19
MYATT, Hunter GIPSON, Effie 1915-Mar-11
MYATT, Vester WATKINS, Lot 1920-Aug-04
MYATT, W O EDWARDS, Sarah Annie 1916-Oct-17
MYERS, Bud PORTER, Mabel 1916-Sep-16
MYERS, G W BREAZEALE, Nora 1914-Mar-22
MYERS, H C GANEY, Annie Mae 1919-May-18
MYERS, J E WHINERY, Sarah 1917-May-16
MYERS, Mitchel KING, Mary Ether 1914-Apr-19



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