Newton County Grooms


LACKEY, C L COPELAND, Killie 1912-Jan-11
LADD, C B ELLENDOR, Dunn 1913-Jul-20
LADD, Columbus STEPHENS, Lilly 1913-Apr-20
LADD, Grover MASON, Bessie 1916-Aug-31
LADD, Hub SMITH, Lola 1918-Jan-14
LADD, J H WHITE, Cora 1917-Sep-14
LAMPKIN, Glen G MOODY, Geneva 1917-Jun-23
LAND, John E SANSING, Martha Mabel 1917-Mar-06
LAND, T L MOORE, Ada 1915-Mar-21
LANDON, Ike CLARK, Verrie 1920-Oct-08
LANDRUM, W S HICKS, Maggie 1919-Jul-06
LANEY, John Will WEIR, S E Miss 1916-Dec-24
LANG, A D BATES, Mattie 1913-Sep-14
LANGDON, Lewis BUSBY, Salla 1915-Jul-04
LANGDON, Lewis SEPTON, Mattie 1914-Feb-03
LATHAM, R L BARRETT, Viola 1920-Oct-07
LAVENDER, H L WINSTEAD, Mary 1920-Sep-08
LAWRENCE, W J MAIN, Ruth 1920-Jan-11
LEE, A D WILKINSON, Nealie 1920-Aug-07
LEE, R A MILLER, Linnie 1915-Jul-06
LEE, Virgil WINSTEAD, Erma 1920-Jan-26
LEMIRICK, Levi WEDGEWORTH, Ruby 1917-Apr-28
LEWIS, Charles D COLE, Eula 1919-Sep-17
LEWIS, J A THOMPSON, Lonie 1920-Dec-27
LEWIS, J L HERRINGTON, Lettie 1912-Oct-29
LEWIS, Ormand THOMAS, Lena 1919-Apr-15
LEWIS, William Lester STRIBLING, Lula Lee 1913-Feb-22
LILLIS, A L NATION, Bennie Sue 1920-Jun-01
LINDSEY, R D TINGLE, Martha Francis 1919-Apr-26
LITTLEJOHN, A G JOHNSON, Velma 1916-Jul-15
LIVINGSTON, J P C COLE, Lillie 1917-Apr-29
LIVINGSTON, J W CROSBY, Queenie 1917-Jul-07
LOCKEWOOD, J SHIPP, Mattie L 1912-May-18
LOFTON, A E GRAFTON, Georgia 1918-Sep-04
LOFTON, E M PERRY, Jodie 1915-Aug-19
LOGAN, George E BREAZEALE, Verna 1918-May-19
LOGAN, Oter PORTER, A S 1920-Feb-15
LONG, C W JENKINS, Bennie 1915-Sep-07
LONG, J E JONES, Roxie 1912-Dec-25
LONG, Jesse CUMBERLAND, Iva 1915-Oct-10
LOVORN, J C SAVELL, Jennie 1913-Apr-02
LOVORN, Thomas T PARKER, Margie A 1919-Apr-06
LOWRY, E E MULHOLLAND, Lilla 1920-Feb-22
LOWRY, Henry MADISON, Edna 1915-Nov-28
LOWRY, W R PERRY, Zora 1916-Dec-16
LUBY, Andrew MCNAIR, Eula 1919-Dec-18
LUCRAY, Lonnie KILLENS, Mara 1912-Nov-17
LUKE, Clifton FULTON, Eula 1917-Sep-30
LUKE, Daniel MCDONALD, Willie 1913-Nov-27
LUKE, Ed BARNES, Emma 1912-Dec-29
LUKE, Eddie M COLE, Minnie Spinks 1913-Jun-28
LUKE, Jim BOUNDS, Jessie 1915-Jun-03
LUKE, Wess PILGRIM, Lonnie 1920-Apr-16
LUKE, Willis HUTTON, Ettie 1914-Jul-10
LUM, S E EUBANKS, Lula 1914-Mar-28
LUNDY, C E ANDERSON, Mattie Lee 1918-Sep-15
LUNDY, Carlton YOUNG, Myrtle 1917-Dec-24
LUNDY, H E BOUNDS, Betty 1913-Jul-26
LUNDY, H E LOWRY, Mary Elizabeth 1920-Jun-23
LUNDY, H M BOUNDS, Bettie 1917-Sep-16
LUNDY, J H STORY, Beular 1912-Sep-12
LUNDY, R L HENLEY, Minnie 1918-Dec-12



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