Newton County Grooms

J - K

JACKSON, B J SPEARS, Lizzie 1917-Nov-28
JACKSON, Elmer FOSTER, Rubie Lee 1918-May-04
JACKSON, Floss T ELLINGTON, Lottie B 1914-May-02
JACKSON, Frank GRAY, Inez 1919-Mar-24
JACKSON, H I ANDERSON, Pearl 1917-Nov-25
JACKSON, J A KILGORE, Catherine E 1919-Nov-07
JACKSON, J D HOWELL, Leler 1918-Feb-03
JACKSON, Moody HOUSTON, Lennie 1915-Feb-21
JACKSON, W J FULTON, Mae 1916-Nov-26
JACKSON, Wade NANCE, Annie 1912-Sep-05
JAMES, C J COATS, M E Miss 1915-Aug-10
JAMES, Clark PENIGA, Clara E 1913-May-11
JAYROE, C B PILGRIM, Verna 1915-Oct-31
JAYROE, Earnest POSEY, B J 1918-Aug-16
JAYROE, L C LEWIS, Ina 1913-Aug-25
JAYROE, Milton TOLBERT, Maggie 1914-May-17
JAYROE, T M LUKE, Lonie 1918-Oct-27
JENKINS, A V CLARK, Osie 1917-May-06
JENKINS, Bennie LONG, C W 1915-Sep-07
JENKINS, Billie GORE, Carrie 1916-Nov-27
JENKINS, C A MCLEMORE, Bessie 1912-Mar-25
JENKINS, J M RAY, Lizzie 1916-Sep-12
JENKINS, J W CRENSHAW, Stella 1916-Feb-06
JOHN, Jordan CAGLE, Vera 1915-Jul-28
JOHNSON, A C GREEN, Annie 1918-Jan-20
JOHNSON, A L CREWS, Alice 1913-Jul-31
JOHNSON, C R COX, Zelma Lee 1919-Aug-23
JOHNSON, C T CREWS, Mattie 1914-Nov-28
JOHNSON, D B WILKINSON, Maudie L 1918-May-11
JOHNSON, D O BRELAND, Edden 1917-Jan-14
JOHNSON, G W ADAMS, Alma 1915-Sep-25
JOHNSON, George DORMAN, Lola 1915-Jun-25
JOHNSON, Henry O MITCHELL, Essie 1919-May-18
JOHNSON, Hughton R JACKSON, Gertrude 1918-Dec-22
JOHNSON, J R WARREN, Myrtice 1912-Jan-14
JOHNSON, Lavator BARNES, D J 1912-Feb-08
JOHNSON, M H PEDEN, Macie 1912-Aug-20
JOHNSON, Matt CUMMINGS, Jessie Mae 1915-Dec-27
JOHNSON, N A JASPER, Bobbie 1920-Aug-13
JOHNSON, Oliver SPEARS, May 1918-Sep-03
JOHNSON, W J MCNAIR, Sallie 1917-Feb-17
JOINER, C C DREWS, Mavice 1912-Nov-23
JOINER, V E MAYO, Verbia 1917-Dec-12
JOLLEY, G F SMITH, Oddie 1919-Apr-16
JOLLY, C A MITCHELL, Rosa Lee 1913-Oct-14
JOLLY, E C SANDERS, Jewel 1918-May-19
JOLLY, R B CLARK, Levader 1912-Dec-12
JONES, B H ROBERSON, Myrtle 1913-Nov-27
JONES, D L HAYES, Cecile 1917-Sep-25
JONES, Elvin SESSUMS, Lillie 1918-Feb-04
JONES, F S WINSTEAD, Mattie 1915-Dec-25
JONES, H BREAZEALE, Lona Lee 1920-Dec-22
JONES, Harris D HERRINGTON, Virginia 1912-Oct-17
JONES, J B DEARING, Clenie 1919-Jun-29
JONES, J H JOLLEY, Olley 1913-Oct-30
JONES, L E TOLBERT, Lola 1916-Apr-06
JONES, Lawrence L GROSS, Lessie 1918-Aug-17
JONES, Lee BEALL, Ruby 1917-Apr-04
JONES, Milford CANNON, Delia 1916-May-27
JONES, Phillip FORTENBERRY, Willie 1918-Oct-19
JONES, Straudie SMITH, Elsie 1915-Jul-04
JONES, T L MILLER, Addie 1920-Feb-17
JOYNER, E B STRICKLAND, Maudie 1915-Oct-11
JOYNER, Feely HERRINGTON, J L 1920-Sep-03
JOYNER, G W BLAND, Velma 1913-Nov-09
KEEN, J T MABREE, L E Miss 1918-May-14
KEEN, Roscoe SMITH, Mittie 1917-Jul-08
KELLEY, Bob BELL, Eliza 1920-Oct-04
KELLEY, J H TAYLOR, Minnie 1915-Jun-05
KELLEY, James H WHITE, Jessie 1918-May-07
KENNEDY, A J FLAKE, Nelia 1918-Apr-28
KENNEDY, Julius J MCGEE, Lillian 1913-Jul-22
KENNEDY, Roy WALTON, Mittie 1913-Jan-19
KILGO, G C STOKES, Ollie 1917-Jun-23
KILLEN, Homa HATCHER, Helen 1913-Oct-03
KILLEN, John JOINER, Mattie 1913-Dec-24
KILLEN, Roy MOWDY, May 1917-Nov-11
KILLENS, J D MOOREHEAD, Maudie 1916-May-13
KILPATRICK, F B PARKER, Myrtle 1919-Aug-16
KILPATRICK, R L SMITH, J A Miss 1914-Jan-18
KILPATRICK, Walter HARDY, Lokie 1918-May-30
KIMBROUGH, Z H Jr DOVE, Emma 1913-Feb-07
KING, George JAMES, Eula 1915-Jul-10
KING, H E WHITE, Lizer 1917-Sep-25
KING, H G DEWEESE, Gladys 1920-Sep-30
KING, L W MCBEATH, Ellen 1915-Mar-21
KING, R A BOZEMAN, Mary F 1913-Feb-02
KING, S Q JAYROE, Della 1917-Dec-23
KING, T F HARRIS, Addie 1920-Feb-26
KING, W H PALMER, Eunice 1912-Oct-30
KIRBY, O P STEVENS, Nettie 1919-Dec-24
KIRBY, W C SISTRUNK, Stella 1913-Jul-15
KIRKLAND, Allen CROCKER, Nelly 1920-Jan-21
KIRKLAND, Larance M LITTLE, Mary Annie 1912-Nov-24
KNOWLES, Columbus MORROW, Zelma 1915-Mar-18
KNOWLES, E E BURNS, Allie 1917-Apr-11
KRUGER, E M DALLIE, Mattie 1916-Dec-23



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