Newton County Grooms

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HAGGARD, John PIERCE, Virginia 1918-Dec-28
HALL, Hubert SMITH, Alice 1913-Nov-30
HALL, J M SINGLETON, Bettie 1914-Oct-03
HAMILTON, J L JONES, Eloie Lee 1919-Feb-12
HAMILTON, P R RUSHING, Clara 1920-Dec-12
HAMMONS, J W MCNEIL, Julia 1919-Dec-10
HARBOUR, A C WARD, Linnie 1919-Nov-22
HARBOUR, T D CALVERT, Essie Mae 1917-Oct-21
HARDAGE, J J MCCRORY, Lillie 1917-Jan-20
HARDY, A B KILPATRICK, I L Miss 1918-Dec-22
HARDY, Charley KILLEN, Ola 1916-Feb-12
HARDY, J A DUNN, Lettie 1914-Sep-08
HARDY, J A MCDONALD, Mollie 1913-Jun-29
HARDY, J A SHARP, L J Miss 1914-May-14
HARDY, J D WINSTEAD, L M Miss 1919-Jan-26
HARDY, J L CROSWELL, Myrtle 1915-May-01
HARDY, J L TOLBERT, Zona 1917-Jan-07
HARDY, W J MOWDY, Emer 1914-May-28
HARDY, William BEULAH, Sharp 1913-Dec-28
HARPOLE, Jeff TURNER, Mattie 1913-Jun-08
HARRELL, E C MARSHALL, Margaret 1917-Aug-11
HARRIS, B B YOUNG, Clyde 1913-Jul-06
HARRIS, W H CLARK, Hattie 1917-Feb-11
HARRIS, W W SULLIVAN, Nannie 1912-Jan-03
HARRISON, E D DENNIS, Alberta 1915-Jul-04
HARRISON, J C FULTON, Fannie 1916-Sep-28
HARRISON, J C MAYO, Lena 1914-Aug-29
HARRISON, J H HICKS, Zillie 1920-May-29
HARRISON, W E MOOREHEAD, Sallie 1919-Mar-23
HARRISON, W R SMITH, May 1914-Jan-28
HART, W R HART, Annie Kate 1917-Oct-07
HARTAGE, Jessie ARLEDGE, Martie 1918-Sep-05
HARTLEY, Mike GORDON, Agnes 1912-Sep-11
HATCHER, S E WHITE, Annie 1913-Sep-20
HAWKINS, G M STEWART, Jewel 1912-Jul-20
HAYS, J D KENNEDY, Miriam 1914-Dec-23
HAYS, J G DONALD, Lyda 1912-Aug-13
HAYS, J L TRAPP, Edna 1913-Sep-04
HAYS, J R JENNINGS, Lena Mae 1919-Mar-10
HAYS, Luther A SIKES, Claudia 1913-May-02
HAYS, Sam PRUITT, Alma 1913-Oct-21
HENLEY, George BLALOCK, Lola 1914-Oct-04
HENLEY, H S BLAND, Laura 1920-Oct-24
HENLEY, H W SMITH, Nannie 1920-Dec-26
HENLEY, W L DAVIDSON, Minnie 1917-Jun-10
HERRINGTON, E M JOYNER, Mary 1920-Mar-19
HERRINGTON, H G TYLER, Rubie 1913-Jan-09
HERRINGTON, J L JOYNER, Feely 1920-Sep-03
HERRINGTON, M M CHESNEY, Susie 1913-Feb-19
HICKMAN, John BOSWELL, Jewel 1917-Feb-04
HICKS, P W HADLEY, Sallie 1920-Dec-01
HICKS, William G HARDY, Velma 1919-Apr-11
HIGGINBOTTOM, Brady CLARK, Myrtle 1919-Apr-12
HIGGINBOTTOM, J E KING, Fannie 1913-Jul-06
HILL, A P WALKER, Lettie 1916-Aug-20
HILL, F B POSEY, Grace 1914-Jul-04
HILL, H H JOHNSON, Luna 1919-Jun-29
HILL, Luke STARK, Allie 1901-Jan-25
HILL, S H BISHOP, Ethel 1919-Jul-06
HILLMAN, J P SMITH, Bettie 1915-Mar-31
HILLMAN, J W WHITE, Lonnie 1918-May-12
HILLMAN, W W Jr TIDWELL, Grace Lee 1919-Dec-21
HINDON, W T MAYO, Clairo 1915-Feb-01
HITT, A C SCITZ, Lavender 1912-Jun-02
HITT, O T HARDY, Susie 1918-Sep-01
HITT, Q BLALOCK, L A Miss 1914-Oct-04
HOBBY, Earl INGRAM, Velma 1920-Nov-22
HOBBY, L W BARRETT, Luro 1914-Sep-13
HOBBY, Roger M GRIFFIN, Alda 1919-Jan-22
HOBSON, Buddie GENTRY, Lula 1917-Dec-21
HOBSON, M L VANCE, Minnie Lee 1916-May-14
HODGES, W D JAYROE, Ada 1919-Jan-05
HOFMASTER, O M MCLEMORE, Fannie 1918-Feb-03
HOFMISTER, C H MASON, Odell 1920-Aug-01
HOFMISTER, William L SMITH, Lucia 1919-Aug-03
HOLDER, W M JOLLY, Hattie 1914-Jul-19
HOLLAND, John L MCGOVERN, Annie 1920-Apr-18
HOLLEY, Sim STOREY, Gladys 1917-Nov-24
HOLLIS, Beno SISSON, Viola 1915-Nov-14
HOLLIS, R L KERR, Mollie 1912-Dec-25
HOLMAN, John FERGUSON, Audie 1918-Jul-11
HOLMAN, Paul CANNON, Ora 1912-Mar-22
HOLT, Eddie Lee ADAMS, H F 1916-Feb-19
HOOPER, Dewitt T MUNDY, Mary E 1912-Aug-11
HOOPER, H M LOFTON, Ida M 1915-May-03
HOOPER, L B PILGRIM, Annie J 1914-Aug-01
HOUSTON, Charley EDNER, Cola 1916-Mar-09
HOWELL, W C SMITH, Maggie 1916-Jun-23
HOWLE, J A LEWIS, Louver 1913-Dec-28
HOWLE, R P MCCARTHY, Olea 1913-Oct-19
HOYT, G C WHITE, Ada 1920-Feb-05
HUDRALL, J D BURTON, Evah 1918-Aug-17
HUDSON, Andrew DICKINSON, Effie 1916-Jul-15
HUDSON, J F CLAY, Otis 1916-Oct-01
HUFMASTER, J E GOFORTH, M V Miss 1917-Feb-25
HUGHES, J S MCNEILL, Esther 1915-May-29
HUNTER, J Q HOLDER, Laura 1914-Oct-20
I/STEPHENS, E B ADCOCK, Buelah Everlene 1901-Dec-01
INGERHAM, M L WALTON, Virginia 1912-Mar-31
INGRAM, Dave MORRIS, Velma 1919-Dec-14
INGRAM, Dewitt HOLIDAY, Sophia 1920-Mar-19
INGRAM, Elbert M JONES, Isabel 1918-Mar-14
INGRAM, V C MCKEE, Eunice 1914-Mar-01
IRBY, Robert COGHLAN, Nettie 1913-May-13
IRBY, Walter MARTIN, W A 1920-Jan-19
IVY, Charles C MATHIS, Pearl 1913-Sep-



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