Newton County Grooms

D - E

DALLAS, M C MYERS, Vera 1918-Jul-03
DALLAS, W T GOLDMAN, L A Miss 1919-Jan-26
DANIEL, Elmer FORD, Deliah 1914-Jan-01
DANIEL, J E FULTON, Annie Bell 1917-Feb-24
DANIEL, Osca MCKAY, Emer Sue 1918-Aug-18
DANIEL, W F ALFORD, Jodie 1913-Sep-07
DANIELSON, Oto B SIMS, Viola 1913-Oct-17
DARBY, Linton STUART, Rada Mrs 1912-Mar-30
DARNELL, Ronnie WATSON, H A 1917-Sep-12
DAUGHERTY, C G SIKES, Fannie Ruth 1919-Oct-11
DAVIDSON, Thomas MILLING, Ola 1917-Jan-02
DAVIDSON, W M NATION, Nora 1914-Jan-14
DAVIS, Hamp DAVIS, Sudie 1912-Jul-05
DAVIS, J A MARTINA, Gipson 1915-Nov-15
DAVIS, W H MOTT, Maggie L Mrs 1912-Feb-04
DAVISON, S V BOZEMAN, Emer 1914-Dec-09
DEARING, A J TOLBERT, Iva L 1916-Aug-31
DEES, J J KAY, Mamie 1920-Sep-26
DEES, Jim FORD, Eula 1915-Nov-26
DEES, Paul DONALD, Willie 1916-Sep-29
DENTON, J E DUETT, C I Miss 1912-Aug-08
DENTON, J E DUETT, M E Miss 1913-Dec-28
DEWEASE, H N WADSWORTH, Ludie 1920-Oct-05
DEWEESE, Eugene MCADORY, Ponly 1913-Dec-07
DEWEESE, George WADSWORTH, Alice 1916-Nov-26
DIVINE, J M FLINT, Lula 1912-Jan-11
DIXON, A K ALEXANDER, M V Miss 1915-Jan-31
DIXON, Henry J BARNETT, Alma 1917-Jun-04
DIXON, Jimmie ALEXANDER, B L 1915-Aug-21
DONALD, J C MADISON, Nannie 1917-Sep-29
DOOLITTLE, Roger SPIVEY, Hattie May 1915-Feb-25
DORMAN, Albert DOMAN, Lassie 1920-Mar-07
DOVE, H L MILLING, Dena 1917-Dec-23
DRAKE, J N CANNON, Viola 1913-Jul-07
DRAKE, W W BARNETT, Luella 1913-Mar-09
DRIVER, Bryant TOLBERT, Annie 1914-Jun-06
DRURY, A G STEPHENS, Bettie 1913-Dec-04
DUETT, G W TINDOL, Josephine 1912-Jul-14
DUETT, Gildon WILKERSON, Odie 1916-Apr-02
DUITT, J W BURKS, Genie Mrs 1912-Apr-26
DUNCAN, D H MCCRAW, Sudie 1919-Jun-29
DUNN, A D DUNN, Melviney 1920-Jan-07
DUNN, Anderson WELLS, Willie 1919-Jul-06
DUNN, Annel FORTENBERRY, Ethel 1919-May-11
DUNN, Bennie DUNN, Fannie 1920-Apr-18
DUNN, Clyde WALL, C C 1915-May-15
DUNN, George RICHARDSON, Vera 1915-Jan-03
DUNN, R D FRANKLIN, Annie 1913-Sep-02
DUNN, W R GORDON, Eulla 1912-Jan-15
DUNNINGS, Lennie PARKER, I W 1920-Dec-23
DYER, W L HALL, Carrie P 1913-May-04
EAKES, J W MCLAIN, Sadie 1919-Jan-20
EAKES, Lewis PERKINS, Bessie 1918-Dec-18
EAKES, W A KINION, Cora M 1917-Jan-25
EAKES, W R MCCLAIN, Myrtle 1919-Apr-12
EASON, R L SANSING, Irene 1913-Aug-14
ECHOLS, W A DAVIS, Lena 1919-Mar-31
EDWARDS, Arthur EVANS, Jewel 1920-Jul-08
EDWARDS, C F FRANKLIN, Cora 1914-Sep-05
EDWARDS, Lester Marshall WILSON, Laura 1918-Oct-02
EDWARDS, Lonie MOTT, D W 1913-Oct-12
ELAM, H L HURST, Lola 1917-Oct-10
ELDRIDGE, W W SMITH, Susie 1918-May-15
ELLENBURG, Frank DRURY, Victoria B 1912-Apr-22
ELLENDOR, Dunn LADD, C B 1913-Jul-20
ELLINBURG, A L PEEBLES, Fannie 1918-Jun-15
ELLIOT, A C LEE, Jewell 1917-Jun-30
EMMITT, J Richie TINGLE, Ida 1920-May-09
ETHREDGE, G E MORRIS, Gertrude 1913-Dec-23
ETHRIDGE, J B THOMAS, Maggie 1913-Oct-19
ETHRIDGE, J S THOMAS, Lola 1912-Oct-06
EUBANKS, George W KEA, Etta 1918-Apr-16
EVANS, A L PINTER, Delia 1920-Oct-03
EVANS, D H FOY, Hattie 1912-Feb-07
EVANS, Elton WALTON, Whl 1919-Nov-16
EVANS, J H LINDSAY, Minnie 1913-Dec-14
EVANS, J V BOUNDS, Ima 1918-Mar-24
EVANS, L M MOTT, Mamie 1914-Jan-18
EVANS, Walter THOMAS, Bernice 1912-Oct-13
EVANS, Willis KELLEY, Myrtle 1913-Feb-02
EVERETT, C Hooker AUSTIN, Dora 1916-Dec-23
EVERETT, E H STONE, Ethel 1916-Feb-26




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