Newton County Grooms


CALVERT, Austin Odell MCKEE, Nola Irene 1918-Nov-03
CALVERT, S B ROBERTS, Mattie 1914-Oct-02
CAMPBELL, Bernard HANEY, Apollonia 1912-Feb-17
CANNON, Bruno BELK, Laura 1916-Sep-03
CANNON, Henry BECKHAM, Katie 1919-Oct-15
CANNON, J R FORD, Nannie 1920-Oct-28
CANNON, M R RAY, Adell 1920-Jan-13
CANNON, Sylvester JOHNSON, Fla 1913-May-07
CANNON, Verner DENNIS, Jessie 1915-Jan-23
CARAWAY, J O BOYKIN, Pearl 1912-Dec-03
CARR, J B WELLS, Myrtle B 1917-Jun-27
CARTER, C A THRASH, Ozella J 1919-Feb-16
CARTER, F L POSEY, Virgie 1917-May-20
CHANCELLOR, G G HANEY, Hattie 1920-Apr-24
CHANEY, Leroy M MORRIS, Louie 1912-Jun-24
CHANEY, T F HERRINGTON, Grace 1915-Sep-22
CHAPMAN, Irvin WOODWARD, Stella 1917-Sep-26
CHAPMAN, J M BRYANT, Alma 1917-Oct-25
CHEATHAM, Francis M FRANKLIN, Dollie V 1913-May-13
CHEATHAM, G B ROBBESON, Aggie 1912-Sep-01
CHIPMAN, W E MCLAIN, C J Miss 1915-Jul-22
CHISOLM, C W HAGANS, Visa 1912-Sep-01
CHISOLM, D L PILGRIM, Annie L 1914-Jan-25
CHISOLM, Robert F HAMILTON, Mattie J 1912-Aug-04
CHISOLM, T B MAJURE, Annie 1914-Dec-27
CHOSOLM, Frank Earnest JOYNER, Nora 1920-Feb-19
CHRISTIAN, Joe MILLER, Frances 1917-Dec-18
CHUNN, Clifton STEPHENS, Mandy 1915-Dec-12
CHUNN, Fletcher DOOLIE, Katie 1919-Jun-02
CHUNN, Lawson STEPHENS, Sadie 1915-Nov-28
CHURCH, G W SMITH, Maggie 1918-Apr-07
CLARK, D E STEVENS, Lennie 1915-Dec-30
CLARK, D F WHITE, Annie 1914-Feb-21
CLARK, Grace AGENT, Ethel 1919-Dec-20
CLARK, H R JONES, Mary 1916-May-17
CLARK, J L HARMON, Sarah B 1918-Oct-02
CLARK, T T SMITH, Ada Lee 1916-Oct-01
CLARK, W M FRANKLIN, Ollie 1919-Dec-02
CLAY, D L PAULLEY, Audrie 1920-Jun-03
CLAY, J E KEA, Lillie 1919-Dec-25
CLAY, James M JACKSON, Vadie 1916-May-11
CLAY, Otis HUDSON, J F 1916-Oct-01
CLEMONS, Sam BACKSTRUM, Armetta 1913-Dec-24
CLIBURN, Andrew HITT, Gertrude 1916-Jun-25
COATS, Johnnie FORTENBERRY, Willie 1915-Mar-22
COATS, Roger WOOTEN, Bertha 1920-Oct-06
COGHLAN, Quinton BREAZEALE, Minnie 1914-Mar-25
COGHLAN, R C BARRETT, Virgie 1915-Jul-08
COGHLAN, Robert A CHANEY, Nora 1918-Jul-16
COLE, J D WATSON, Fannie 1915-Dec-23
COLLIER, J J PARKER, Avie 1912-Apr-04
COLLINS, John BERRY, Myrtle Floren 1920-Nov-07
COLLINS, John SIMS, Ola 1912-Nov-25
COLLINS, John WARD, Mary 1916-Mar-19
COMANS, C C SISTRUNK, Viter 1917-Dec-07
COMANS, J W SHAW, Evice 1914-Jan-04
COMANS, Joe JOINER, Nettie 1919-Feb-02
COMMANS, Bud COLE, Ercel 1913-Sep-21
CONN, Algie HARDY, Lizzie 1919-Dec-04
CONNER, Ross CANNON, Jewel 1919-Jun-08
COOK, J W BECKHAM, Eva 1919-Jul-19
COOKSEY, J M BLAND, Grace 1914-Aug-23
COOKSEY, M D INGRAM, Mary 1913-Oct-12
COOKSEY, Robert BLAND, Annie 1913-Mar-02
COPELAND, H C SISSON, Victoria 1912-May-12
COPELAND, Henry E WILLIAMS, Myrtle 1919-Jun-20
COPELAND, S D ECHOLS, Lillian 1920-Sep-08
COX, J B SEALE, Mattie Lue 1919-Mar-16
COX, W M JOYNER, Rhada 1918-Nov-10
CRAMER, G MCKENZIE, Laurel 1919-May-15
CRAWFORD, A D MCNEIL, Eunice 1917-Feb-24
CRAWFORD, H C ADAMS, Lena Mae 1919-Apr-16
CREEKMORE, Grover DAVIDSON, Nettie 1913-Dec-25
CREEKMORE, Henry MORRIS, Georgia 1913-Mar-27
CREEL, Joe LOPER, Callie 1915-Jan-02
CREMER, T O POPE, Vadie Lee 1919-Jun-15
CRENSHAW, A B BROOKS, Donie 1912-Aug-05
CRENSHAW, D L BOLER, Clara 1914-Mar-01
CROCKER, B C NEESE, Rethie 1918-Jan-27
CROCKER, Henry HUDNALL, Leona 1919-Feb-21
CROCKER, J C SMITH, Emma 1919-Nov-09
CROCKER, J H DALLAS, Bessie 1912-Nov-03
CROCKER, Orion HICKS, Ola 1914-Sep-12
CROCKER, W S WARREN, Lillie 1915-Oct-17
CROSBY, F M LANE, Vera 1920-Jan-21
CROSBY, William Edward HUSBAND, Clara Alice 1919-Jun-30
CROSWELL, A C BRIDGES, Cherrie 1920-Mar-19
CROSWELL, W M THORNTON, Marie 1920-Aug-28
CULBERSON, Ike WARREN, Dora 1912-Mar-10
CULBERSON, W S LAVENDER, Katie 1915-Mar-14
CUMBERLAND, E L FOX, Lucy 1912-Jan-24
CUMBERLAND, Gene COPELAND, Bidie 1912-Sep-29
CUMBERLAND, Hames STOVALL, Mary 1914-Aug-11
CUMBERLAND, Harris BLALOCK, Renie 1912-Nov-23
CUMBERLAND, Harvey INGRAM, Myrtle 1914-Dec-27
CUMBERLAND, I M ALFORD, Vera 1912-Sep-01
CUMBERLAND, J E MARTIN, Nora 1913-Feb-02
CUMBERLAND, L C BARRETT, Parlee 1919-Aug-09
CUMBERLAND, W L COPELAND, Francis 1920-Feb-24



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