Newton County Grooms


BALLENDER, Claud CHIRCH, Manilla 1914-Jul-19
BALLENGER, T M MASON, Alice 1912-Sep-15
BALLEY, Earl HUDSON, Lissie 1917-Feb-22
BANKS, E P MCCLENDON, Maude C 1914-Mar-01
BANKS, Gilbert BELINGER, Effie Lee 1912-Dec-25
BANKS, L W MARTIN, Virgie 1916-Oct-15
BARHAM, B J THOMPSON, Zura 1915-Sep-26
BARHAM, Dewey GRIFFIN, Myrtle 1919-Mar-08
BARHAM, R C SULLIVAN, Lillar 1918-May-02
BARNES, D J DANSBY, Fannie 1916-May-11
BARNES, D J JOHNSON, Lavator 1912-Feb-08
BARNES, E F FRYERY, Cora 1917-May-12
BARNES, S A BARNES, Vangie 1912-Nov-11
BARNETT, H C DOZIER, Bessie 1917-Sep-16
BARNETT, Lloyd ANDERSON, Lillie 1920-Jan-17
BARNETT, T J ROSS, Eunice 1919-Nov-24
BARRETT, E B LILLIE, Almedia 1919-Jul-13
BARRETT, Emer STANTON, J R 1914-Nov-01
BARRETT, Hugh W BYAR, Elvin 1919-Nov-02
BARRETT, I W WILLIAMS, Jodie 1916-Feb-13
BARRETT, R H WILLIAMS, Vera 1916-Nov-11
BARRETT, Rush WALKER, Vernice 1919-Jan-12
BASSETT, H R COMANS, Quille 1914-Feb-03
BASSETT, Irvin Oscar COMANS, Nellie 1920-Dec-25
BATES, D J GIPSON, Cassie 1916-Jan-08
BATES, D M GARTER, Nettie 1919-Aug-31
BATES, George M WADE, Lillian Ethel 1916-Sep-26
BATES, J D BRANTLEY, Beedy 1918-Apr-18
BATES, Lee FARTHRIDGE, Mittie Lee 1919-Nov-16
BEALL, Charles Marvin GARDNER, Chassie 1920-May-08
BEALL, Tomas B TRAPP, Minnie Thompson Mr 1920-Nov-25
BECKHAM, E A RIVERS, Lula 1916-Dec-31
BECKHAM, G F BRAND, Palmer 1915-Dec-23
BECKHAM, L P CHUNN, Loise 1915-Nov-28
BECKHAM, T J BECKHAM, Josie 1915-Dec-24
BECKHAM, Tom THORNTON, Gennie 1913-Feb-12
BELK, A D STRICKLAND, Carrie 1917-May-24
BELK, A P GRAHAM, Nellie 1913-Nov-18
BELL, H E HILL, Ruby 1920-Sep-13
BELL, Louie CLARK, Hattie 1914-Dec-26
BERRY, N B SAVILL, Nora 1917-Dec-02
BETHANY, C P BARRETT, Deadie 1915-Nov-25
BETHANY, I W NICHOLSON, Ottie 1915-Sep-07
BETHANY, Newton WADDELL, Ola 1917-Jan-14
BEULAH, Sharp HARDY, William 1913-Dec-28
BLACKWELL, Luther THAGGARD, Dollie 1920-Feb-25
BLACKWELL, Tom B MCDONALD, Mary 1913-Oct-02
BLALOCK, J M WINSTEAD, Flora 1920-Sep-26
BLALOCK, T R THOMAS, Addie 1913-Dec-26
BLANCHE, Wright WHITLAD, P A 1913-Jan-07
BLAND, Albert SAVELL, Addie 1918-Jun-09
BLAND, Asa SMITH, Daisy 1913-Mar-19
BLAND, Ed PHILLIPS, Bettie 1912-Mar-10
BLANTON, S A ALAWAINE, Minnie 1915-Jul-01
BLOCKER, Bloy FERGUSON, E M 1920-Feb-13
BLOCKER, Carnet N BOBO, Mary E 1917-Apr-01
BLOCKER, Dewey RAY, May 1917-Jun-24
BLOCKER, Webb BOBO, Ulna 1916-Mar-16
BLOUNT, B B SPEARS, Pearlie 1916-Dec-14
BLOUNT, H A HURST, Ola 1920-Aug-23
BLOUNT, H J DIVINE, M S Miss 1920-Apr-22
BOATNER, Marion MING, Nancy 1919-Mar-18
BOATNER, R L WELLS, Virtie 1916-Jul-16
BOGAN, L D CROW, Claudie Lee 1912-Oct-24
BOLER, Colin WILSON, Biddie 1919-May-04
BOLER, R C HILLMAN, C L Miss 1915-Nov-18
BOLER, Ray SMITH, Alma 1914-Jan-16
BOSWELL, C L STOKES, Claudie 1919-Dec-14
BOSWELL, Jewel HICKMAN, John 1917-Feb-04
BOSWELL, K C MCDONALD, Mamie 1913-Mar-01
BOUNDS, C D WADDELL, Ethel 1916-Oct-29
BOUNDS, G L BURTON, Nettie 1913-Feb-23
BOUNDS, J W WILKERSON, Lenora 1917-Feb-03
BOUNDS, Leslie SHARP, Lucie 1920-May-16
BOUNDS, W A HAMILTON, Bessie 1920-Feb-22
BOUNDS, W D CARTER, E A Mrs 1916-Nov-15
BOYD, S C SWEARINGER, Ola 1914-Sep-06
BOYDSTON, R L SPEARS, Susie 1916-Nov-19
BOZEMAN, Emer DAVISON, S V 1914-Dec-09
BRAND, L D THERRELL, Maye 1917-Jun-09
BRAND, Palmer BECKHAM, G F 1915-Dec-23
BRANNING, L H BISHOP, Minnie 1913-Feb-14
BRANTLEY, D O MCDONALD, Rubie 1914-May-09
BRANTLEY, D W GRAY, Allie 1919-Jul-17
BRANTLY, I M SANFORD, Cornelia Ethel 1913-Jul-04
BREAZEALE, E W MYERS, Mattie 1915-Jun-20
BREEDLOVE, Leon COMEANS, Excie 1920-Dec-22
BRELAND, E T DOWNEY, Mattie 1913-Jun-17
BRELAND, Edden JOHNSON, D O 1917-Jan-14
BRELAND, J F LUNDY, Alma 1917-Dec-24
BRELAND, M F NICHOLSON, Evie 1920-Sep-12
BRIDGES, D W MARS, Lucille 1920-Dec-28
BROOKS, Donie CRENSHAW, A B 1912-Aug-05
BROOKS, W M DAVISON, Flossie 1918-Oct-26
BROOKSHIRE, Newton D COOPER, Eula 1914-Oct-04
BROWN, E L WILLIS, Sadie 1914-Feb-19
BROWN, L M HILLMAN, Fannie 1916-Jan-09
BROWN, R A LOPER, A V Miss 1919-Jun-23
BRYAN, M C CUMBERLAND, Lether 1920-Jan-18
BUCKLEY, E Vernon MCKEE, A L Miss 1918-Apr-06
BULMAN, Barto AKENS, Minnie 1918-Jul-11
BUNTYN, C L MOREHEAD, Callie 1918-May-20
BURCHFIELD, Tommie Lee AGENT, Velma 1920-May-22
BURHAM, George FOWLER, Rosa 1912-Aug-04
BURKES, Wiley CANNON, Jessie 1914-Dec-23
BURKS, E D EAKS, E M Miss 1917-Apr-08
BURKS, L R HAMILTON, Effie 1917-Nov-16
BURKS, W G HAMILTON, Lillie 1912-May-12
BURNETT, G W ADKINS, Maudie 1918-Mar-07
BURNS, Davis DEVINE, Revie 1917-Jul-15
BURROUGHS, C J HENEY, Mary Ann 1916-Sep-19
BURTON, T A ROBERSON, Abbie 1919-May-17
BUSBY, Fredy BURKES, O N 1919-Apr-19
BUSBY, John B SEPHTON, Sallie 1912-Feb-14
BUSBY, Ollar BUSBY, P W 1919-Aug-29
BUSBY, P W BUSBY, Ollar 1919-Aug-29
BYARS, Tom WILLIAMS, Sena 1914-Sep-26



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