Newton County Grooms


ABEL, Karl DUETT, Ada L 1912-Jun-09
ADAMS, Dudley WESTERFIELD, Jeffa 1918-Dec-21
ADAMS, Gilbert MILLER, Nester 1925-Dec-13
ADAMS, H F HOLT, Eddie Lee 1916-Feb-19
ADAMS, J H ADAMS, Ona 1915-Mar-25
ADAMS, J H COOK, Ida 1917-Jan-21
ADAMS, J H RILEY, Nalline 1918-Jul-11
ADAMS, J H RILEY, Valline 1918-Jul-11
ADAMS, Will MOORE, Sallie 1917-Apr-12
ADCOCK, C L BREAZEALE, Eula 1925-Sep-20
ADCOCK, J M JOHNSON, May 1919-Nov-16
ADCOCK, J S BREAZEALE, Cora 1916-Jan-22
ADCOCK, J T GAMBLIN, Sula 1918-Sep-17
ADCOCK, Robert CARTER, Aliva 1925-Apr-18
ADCOCK, W V BLOUNT, Lola 1915-Dec-12
ADKINS, Dave TRIHITT, Sudie 1920-Feb-22
ADKINS, Davie TRUITT, Sudie 1920-Feb-22
ADKINS, Louis WINSTEAD, Valence 1922-Oct-22
ADKINS, O A CLAIRE, Isare 1923-Aug-22
ADKINS, W P BENSON, Hattie 1919-Jul-05
AGENT, Charles Walter BREAZEALE, Edna 1917-Aug-12
AGENT, Clyde SULLIVAN, Lillie 1919-Dec-24
AGENT, Clyde SULLIVAN, Lillie 1919-Dec-29
AGENT, Clyde SULLIVAN, Lillie 1919-Dec-11
AGENT, H C FERGUSON, Hazel 1825-Mar-07
AGENT, H C FERGUSON, Hazel 1925-Mar-07
AGENT, H O BEALL, Leona 1897-Dec-23
AGENT, Iua WALKER, Lela 1925-Aug-09
AGENT, J M MARSHALL, Dixie Miss 1896-Dec-17
AGENT, R L ALEXANDER, Clara May 1922-Jan-03
AGENT, Walter Charlie BREAZEALE, Edna 1917-Aug-12
AKINS, E EDWARDS, Pearl 1925-Aug-15
AKINS, E C EDWARDS, Pearl 1925-Aug-15
AKINS, W P BENSON, Hattie 1919-Jul-05
AKINS, Willey MYERS, Ethel 1923-Aug-12
ALBERT, Haddy APPERSON, F D 1919-Jun-05
ALDAY, Riley BOZEMAN, Ladie 1919-Aug-19
ALDERMAN, H A STRICKLAND, Eve Lillian 1917-Oct-18
ALDERMAN, Henry MADISON, Sudie 1919-Oct-25
ALEWINE, M W FARISH, Maye L 1917-Apr-15
ALEXANDER, B F DIXON, Jennie 1915-Aug-22
ALEXANDER, D B FORD, Eva Mae 1920-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, D B FORD, Sue May 1920-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Sanford THOMAS, Builah 1923-Oct-24
ALEXANDER, W M COPELAND, Laura 1919-Feb-13
ALEXANDER, W M COPELAND, Lavada 1919-Feb-13
ALFORD, D F LONG, Ima 1916-Mar-23
ALFORD, W E CALBERT, Bettie Lee 1921-Jul-16
ALFORD, W E WHITE, Dorris 1924-Jul-07
ALLDAY, J H GARDNER, Jimmie 1923-Apr-04
ALLDAY, William HURT, Ester 1918-Apr-21
ALLDAY, William HURT, Esther 1918-Apr-21
ALLEN, Elisah BREAZEAL, Maggie 1924-Jan-29
ALLEN, Gradie BISHOP, Rubie Pearl 1920-Mar-07
ALLEN, Grady BISHOP, Ruby Pearl 1920-Mar-07
ALLEN, J W AGENT, Minnie 1919-Apr-12
ALLEN, Lacey BARRETT, Dollie 1918-Feb-05
ALLEN, W J MILLER, Annie 1912-Oct-28
ALLIGOOD, Coy I FRAISER, Oder 1923-May-27
ALPHIN, J H DAVIS, Sudie 1919-Dec-04
ALPHIN, J H DAVIS, Sudie 1920-Dec-11
ANDERSON, J B GARDNER, Maggie 1915-May-09
ANDERSON, J W JACKSON, Ona 1916-Sep-06
APPERSON, F D ALBERT, Haddie 1919-Jun-05
APPERSON, F D ALBERT, Haddy 1919-Jun-05
APPERSON, Jim SAVELL, Johnnie 1920-Apr-18
ARCHEY, Archey TULER, Pearlie 1915-Jun-20
ARLEDGE, C P WEBB, Dovie 1912-Jan-09
ARLEDGE, F SULLIVAN, Evie 1917-Oct-20
ARLEDGE, Martie HARTAGE, Jessie 1918-Sep-05
ARLEDGE, Roy WHITE, Lillie 1920-Jun-07
ARMSTRONG, J B DEARING, Anna 1919-Dec-24
ATKINER, Andrew HOUSTON, Lucie 1924-Mar-01
ATKINES, Andrew HOUSTON, Ludie 1924-Mar-01
ATKINS, Breaks CHATMAN, Budha 1920-Mar-12
ATKINSON, Steve THOMAS, Myrtle 1922-Apr-16
ATWOOD, N L KELLY, Nannie 1885-Oct-17
AUGLIN, Jeffie RICHMOND, Maud 1922-Apr-07
AUTERMN, Alfred RIDDLE, Mary Ella 1919-May-05
AUTMAN, George JOHNSON, Ethel May 1925-Feb-07
AUTMAN, George ROSS, Winnie 1924-Mar-07



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