Newton County Brides

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WADDELL, Ethel BOUNDS, C D 1916-Oct-29
WADDELL, Ola BETHANY, Newton 1917-Jan-14
WADE, Lillian Ethel BATES, George M 1916-Sep-26
WADSWORTH, Alice DEWEESE, George 1916-Nov-26
WADSWORTH, Ludie DEWEASE, H N 1920-Oct-05
WALKER, Ina May MOORE, Henry 1919-Apr-20
WALKER, Lela AGENT, Iua 1925-Aug-09
WALKER, Lettie HILL, A P 1916-Aug-20
WALKER, Mary SMITH, Jasper 1901-Dec-16
WALKER, Vernice BARRETT, Rush 1919-Jan-12
WALTERS, Viola MCNAIR, T J 1913-Apr-27
WALTON, Annie RICHARDS, J T 1919-Oct-05
WALTON, Annie RIVERS, J F 1919-Dec-28
WALTON, Mittie KENNEDY, Roy 1913-Jan-19
WALTON, Nettie WELLS, G W 1919-Mar-07
WALTON, Virginia INGERHAM, M L 1912-Mar-31
WALTON, Whl EVANS, Elton 1919-Nov-16
WARD, Ester E MCGRIFF, Betty 1919-Jul-06
WARD, Ida SHARP, S A 1901-Aug-29
WARD, Ila SULLIVAN, J G 1914-Feb-01
WARD, Linnie HARBOUR, A C 1919-Nov-22
WARD, Lonzie SHARP, Eggie 1919-Sep-21
WARD, Mamie TUCKER, W G 1914-Dec-13
WARD, Mary COLLINS, John 1916-Mar-19
WARREN, Dora CULBERSON, Ike 1912-Mar-10
WARREN, Lillie CROCKER, W S 1915-Oct-17
WARREN, Myrtice JOHNSON, J R 1912-Jan-14
WARREN, Myrtle WOODWARD, Earl 1916-Nov-18
WARREN, Senie PEDEN, J T 1914-Dec-14
WARWICK, Nealie WILKINSON, W J 1917-May-20
WATKINS, Betty GERMANY, F M 1920-Feb-29
WATKINS, Cotie GRAY, Ed 1920-Jan-10
WATKINS, Edna WATKINS, John 1912-Sep-04
WATKINS, Katie MOORE, R C 1918-Apr-27
WATKINS, Leota MAJURE, A L 1917-Jan-28
WATKINS, Lucy WELLS, M E 1920-May-16
WATKINS, Lyda OGLETREE, R L 1912-Dec-23
WATKINS, Maudie B TIDWELL, J C 1916-Aug-24
WATKINS, Nannie SHEPHERD, A G 1913-Mar-11
WATKINS, Venie MAJURE, Horace L 1917-Dec-24
WATSON, Fannie COLE, J D 1915-Dec-23
WATSON, Velma GILL, B S 1913-Jul-27
WEBB, Ada STEWART, L O 1916-Dec-22
WEBB, Clennie SHEPARD, J R 1913-Dec-25
WEBB, Dovie ARLEDGE, C P 1912-Jan-09
WEBB, Ella GRAFTON, Clifton 1915-Mar-26
WEBB, Hattie GUTHRIE, S E 1917-Apr-08
WEBB, Kate WILLIAMS, T B 1914-Jun-24
WEBB, Luddie STUART, Louis 1901-Sep-19
WEDGEWORTH, Ruby LEMIRICK, Levi 1917-Apr-28
WEDSWORTH, Eta MING, Charley 1913-Apr-05
WEIR, S E Miss LANEY, John Will 1916-Dec-24
WELLS, Janie Mrs PIERCE, C P 1912-Jul-30
WELLS, Myrtle B CARR, J B 1917-Jun-27
WELLS, Virtie BOATNER, R L 1916-Jul-16
WELLS, Willie DUNN, Anderson 1919-Jul-06
WESTERFIELD, Jeffa ADAMS, Dudley 1918-Dec-21
WHINERY, J A Miss SMITH, R R 1913-Apr-27
WHINERY, Sarah MYERS, J E 1917-May-16
WHITE, Ada HOYT, G C 1920-Feb-05
WHITE, Annie CLARK, D F 1914-Feb-21
WHITE, Annie HATCHER, S E 1913-Sep-20
WHITE, Annie WELSH, G H 1917-May-27
WHITE, Annie Lee WELSH, Victor 1920-Jan-13
WHITE, Coa WATKINS, David 1919-Jan-15
WHITE, Cora LADD, J H 1917-Sep-14
WHITE, Dorris ALFORD, W E 1924-Jul-07
WHITE, Ethel PLATT, R B 1915-Nov-24
WHITE, Jessie KELLEY, James H 1918-May-07
WHITE, Lillie ARLEDGE, Roy 1920-Jun-07
WHITE, Lizer KING, H E 1917-Sep-25
WHITE, Virgie FOX, W H 1915-Sep-01
WILIAMSON, Frankie DAVIS, Ollie 1919-Oct-03
WILKERSON, Lenora BOUNDS, J W 1917-Feb-03
WILKERSON, Odie DUETT, Gildon 1916-Apr-02
WILKINSON, Maudie L JOHNSON, D B 1918-May-11
WILKINSON, Nealie LEE, A D 1920-Aug-07
WILLIAMS, Carrie Etta NOWELL, G P 1919-Nov-09
WILLIAMS, Jodie BARRETT, I W 1916-Feb-13
WILLIAMS, Lillie POSEY, W A 1916-Jan-31
WILLIAMS, Maggie SPEARS, W S 1901-Oct-09
WILLIAMS, Maude MOREHEAD, J S 1916-Oct-26
WILLIAMS, Myrtle COPELAND, Henry E 1919-Jun-20
WILLIAMS, Nessat POSEY, M V 1920-Aug-10
WILLIAMS, Sena BYARS, Tom 1914-Sep-26
WILLIAMS, Vera BARRETT, R H 1916-Nov-11
WILLIAMSON, Abbie STUARD, W F 1916-Dec-06
WILLIAMSON, Arbret WILSON, J G 1914-Apr-10
WILLIAMSON, E N Miss PULLIN, L A 1918-Sep-15
WILLIAMSON, Fannie NICHOLSON, Martin L 1917-Jun-03
WILLIAMSON, Jewel WALTON, H E 1915-Jan-10
WILLIAMSON, Mittie Jewel SCOTT, I J 1913-Mar-23
WILLIS, Bertie TAYLOR, E P 1914-Mar-08
WILLIS, Effie GRAYDON, Morris 1912-Jan-28
WILLIS, Pearl TOLBERT, Sam 1917-Jan-28
WILLIS, Sadie BROWN, E L 1914-Feb-19
WILLIS, V D Miss WARREN, Andrew 1915-Jan-21
WILSON, Biddie BOLER, Colin 1919-May-04
WILSON, Laura EDWARDS, Lester Marshall 1918-Oct-02
WILSON, Maria WINSTEAD, Roy 1916-Feb-13
WILSON, Rosa FLEMING, F A 1920-Dec-23
WIMBISH, Lottie MASON, William P 1913-Oct-18
WINSTEAD, Erma LEE, Virgil 1920-Jan-26
WINSTEAD, Essie WINSTEAD, Leslie 1914-Nov-15
WINSTEAD, Flora BLALOCK, J M 1920-Sep-26
WINSTEAD, L M Miss HARDY, J D 1919-Jan-26
WINSTEAD, Lola WINSTEAD, L E 1918-Dec-15
WINSTEAD, Lula GARDNER, F B 1918-Feb-21
WINSTEAD, Mary LAVENDER, H L 1920-Sep-08
WINSTEAD, Mattie JONES, F S 1915-Dec-25
WINSTEAD, Myrtle TRUHETT, Robert 1919-Mar-11
WINSTEAD, Priscilla SAVELL, A L 1919-May-03
WINSTEAD, Valence ADKINS, Louis 1922-Oct-22
WOLVERTON, Callie WOLVERTON, James 1917-Sep-09
WOLVERTON, Grace YATES, E N 1920-May-01
WOLVERTON, Mary GRAHAM, C E 1915-Dec-19
WOOD, Nancy WILLIS, Irvin 1920-Jan-29
WOODS, Izetta MCNAIR, G F 1912-Jul-06
WOODWARD, Hallie RICHARDSON, J W 1920-Jul-14
WOODWARD, Stella CHAPMAN, Irvin 1917-Sep-26
WOOTEN, Annie Ray COATS, Ollie 1919-Aug-31
WOOTEN, Bertha COATS, Roger 1920-Oct-06
WOOTEN, Myrtle POWELL, I M 1919-Sep-06
WRIGHT, Lula Faye MOODY, Alvin 1919-Jul-20
WRIGHT, Sarah WALTERS, W R 1914-Dec-08
YATES, Annie FORTENBERRY, Walter 1919-Jan-14
YATES, Francis MORROW, W C 1912-Dec-21
YATES, Janie WILKINSON, C E 1915-Oct-28
YATES, Lizzie ROGERS, J W 1914-Jan-25
YATES, M V Miss MCGEE, Carl G 1913-Jun-17
YOUNG, Gertie MCNAIR, W A 1918-Jun-02
YOUNG, Myrtle LUNDY, Carlton 1917-Dec-24



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