Newton County Brides

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TAYLOR, Admerel MORRIS, Eugene 1917-Jan-23
TAYLOR, Bessie FULTON, Will 1913-Oct-12
TAYLOR, Callie THOMPSON, Willie 1915-Sep-31
TAYLOR, Minnie KELLEY, J H 1915-Jun-05
THAGGARD, Dollie BLACKWELL, Luther 1920-Feb-25
THERRELL, Lucila WOODS, W S 1919-Dec-11
THERRELL, Maye BRAND, L D 1917-Jun-09
THOMAS, Addie BLALOCK, T R 1913-Dec-26
THOMAS, Annie P WHITE, W H 1916-Dec-02
THOMAS, Bernice EVANS, Walter 1912-Oct-13
THOMAS, Builah ALEXANDER, Sanford 1923-Oct-24
THOMAS, Carrie WATKINS, E G 1915-Dec-12
THOMAS, E May MULHOLLAND, Louis Glenn 1914-Jan-04
THOMAS, Edna TOLBERT, C L 1917-Feb-18
THOMAS, Fannie K GERMANY, T J 1912-Jul-29
THOMAS, Lena LEWIS, Ormand 1919-Apr-15
THOMAS, Lola ETHRIDGE, J S 1912-Oct-06
THOMAS, Maggie ETHRIDGE, J B 1913-Oct-19
THOMAS, Myrtle ATKINSON, Steve 1922-Apr-16
THOMPSON, Arrah TAYLOR, J R 1920-Jan-06
THOMPSON, Lonie LEWIS, J A 1920-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Zura BARHAM, B J 1915-Sep-26
THORNTON, Gennie BECKHAM, Tom 1913-Feb-12
THORNTON, Marie CROSWELL, W M 1920-Aug-28
THRASH, Carrie WARREN, L H 1915-Nov-21
THRASH, Janie TINDLE, Joe 1916-Jul-13
THRASH, Ozella J CARTER, C A 1919-Feb-16
TIDWELL, Grace Lee HILLMAN, W W Jr 1919-Dec-21
TIDWELL, Winnie D WEBB, T C 1912-Mar-25
TINDOL, Annie FIELDER, G W 1914-Dec-27
TINDOL, Josephine DUETT, G W 1912-Jul-14
TINDOL, Rennie MANNING, J H 1918-Dec-24
TINGLE, Ida EMMITT, J Richie 1920-May-09
TINGLE, Martha Francis LINDSEY, R D 1919-Apr-26
TINSLEY, Rosa NEESE, F M 1916-Jan-08
TOLBERT, Alma POSEY, H L 1919-Jan-26
TOLBERT, Annie DRIVER, Bryant 1914-Jun-06
TOLBERT, Iva L DEARING, A J 1916-Aug-31
TOLBERT, Lola JONES, L E 1916-Apr-06
TOLBERT, Maggie JAYROE, Milton 1914-May-17
TOLBERT, Ruby E WALTON, J C 1917-Dec-23
TOLBERT, Rubye MEEKS, Roy 1916-Feb-16
TOLBERT, Verna FORTENBERRY, Comondo 1919-Jun-04
TOLBERT, Zona HARDY, J L 1917-Jan-07
TOWNSEND, Lucy BOZEMAN, Meade 1916-Nov-04
TRAPP, Edna HAYS, J L 1913-Sep-04
TRAPP, Hazel NICHOLSON, J H 1920-Dec-30
TRAPP, Minnie TRAPP, Voll 1912-Jan-04
TRAPP, Minnie Thompson Mr   BEALL, Tomas B 1920-Nov-25
TRAPP, Nola B YATES, H L 1912-Apr-13
TRIHITT, Sudie ADKINS, Dave 1920-Feb-22
TRUITT, Sudie ADKINS, Davie 1920-Feb-22
TUCKER, Annie STOREY, Odie 1916-May-28
TUCKER, Ever May ROBERTSON, R T 1920-Jul-26
TUCKER, Lela WARD, Adam 1915-Oct-24
TUCKER, Minnie WARD, P F 1914-Sep-06
TULER, Pearlie ARCHEY, Archey 1915-Jun-20
TULLOS, Gertie SMITH, R L 1919-Dec-21
TURNER, Devada PILGRIM, Elijah 1919-Mar-28
TURNER, Katie Lee RYALS, S 1920-Apr-05
TURNER, M A Miss WALKER, W H 1917-Nov-04
TURNER, Mattie HARPOLE, Jeff 1913-Jun-08
TURNER, Shellie TINGLE, Lewis 1915-Mar-17
TURNER, Zola Helen FRANKLIN, Elmer S 1918-Dec-22
TYLER, Rubie HERRINGTON, H G 1913-Jan-09
UNDERWOOD, Annie GROSS, T B 1918-Jan-06
VANCE, Eddie NEESE, Artie M 1914-Jan-25
VANCE, Minnie Lee HOBSON, M L 1916-May-14
VOWELL, Lura RYALS, Albert 1916-Jan-16



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