Newton County Brides


SADLER, Virgie WILLIAMS, Coleman 1917-Nov-04
SANDERS, Jewel JOLLY, E C 1918-May-19
SANDERS, Myrtis WATKINS, R J 1920-Jul-01
SANDERSON, Rubie WOODS, Thomas G 1918-May-16
SANFORD, Cornelia Ethel BRANTLY, I M 1913-Jul-04
SANFORD, Esther STOVALL, Earl 1901-Jan-11
SANSING, Irene EASON, R L 1913-Aug-14
SANSING, Martha Mabel LAND, John E 1917-Mar-06
SAVELL, Addie BLAND, Albert 1918-Jun-09
SAVELL, Jennie LOVORN, J C 1913-Apr-02
SAVELL, Johnnie APPERSON, Jim 1920-Apr-18
SAVELL, Nora BRANTLEY, Lonzie 1917-Dec-09
SAVILL, Nora BERRY, N B 1917-Dec-02
SCITZ, Lavender HITT, A C 1912-Jun-02
SEALE, Mattie Lue COX, J B 1919-Mar-16
SEPHTON, Sallie BUSBY, John B 1912-Feb-14
SEPTON, Mattie LANGDON, Lewis 1914-Feb-03
SESSUMS, Lillie JONES, Elvin 1918-Feb-04
SHAMBLEE, Eula RUSSELL, Lee 1914-Nov-29
SHAMLEY, Eula RUSSEL, Lee 1914-Mar-13
SHARP, Cora POSEY, Coley 1912-Jul-07
SHARP, Eggie WARD, Lonzie 1919-Sep-21
SHARP, L J Miss HARDY, J A 1914-May-14
SHARP, Lottie SMITH, Robin 1901-Jan-11
SHARP, Lucie BOUNDS, Leslie 1920-May-16
SHAW, Evice COMANS, J W 1914-Jan-04
SHIPP, Mattie L LOCKEWOOD, J 1912-May-18
SHOEMAKER, Emma GRAVES, Rufus A 1913-Oct-19
SIKES, Claudia HAYS, Luther A 1913-May-02
SIKES, Fannie Ruth DAUGHERTY, C G 1919-Oct-11
SIKES, Una GRAVES, Mack 1912-Apr-12
SIMMONS, Ellie Mae ROBINSON, J A 1920-Feb-29
SIMS, Ola COLLINS, John 1912-Nov-25
SIMS, Viola DANIELSON, Oto B 1913-Oct-17
SINGLETON, Bettie HALL, J M 1914-Oct-03
SISSON, Victoria COPELAND, H C 1912-May-12
SISSON, Viola HOLLIS, Beno 1915-Nov-14
SISTRUNK, Eula GILMER, Joe B 1918-Oct-27
SISTRUNK, Stella KIRBY, W C 1913-Jul-15
SISTRUNK, Viter COMANS, C C 1917-Dec-07
SKINNER, Alice RICHMOND, R A 1912-Aug-11
SLADE, Minnie SLADE, J W 1913-Jul-12
SLATON, Lillian ROBERSON, Grada 1919-Feb-08
SLAUGHTER, Maggie GERMANY, Martin 1913-Dec-20
SLAUGHTER, Mary RAY, Roscoe 1913-Sep-07
SMILEY, Lillian Dell MARTIN, H L 1916-Dec-26
SMITH, Ada Lee CLARK, T T 1916-Oct-01
SMITH, Ader WHITE, T M 1920-Mar-01
SMITH, Alice HALL, Hubert 1913-Nov-30
SMITH, Alma BOLER, Ray 1914-Jan-16
SMITH, Armetta MOTT, H L 1919-Oct-28
SMITH, Bettie HILLMAN, J P 1915-Mar-31
SMITH, Daisy BLAND, Asa 1913-Mar-19
SMITH, Della PENSON, Tomie 1915-Jul-09
SMITH, Elsie JONES, Straudie 1915-Jul-04
SMITH, Emma CROCKER, J C 1919-Nov-09
SMITH, Eva FRANKLIN, Mason 1918-Feb-23
SMITH, Flora PRICE, R E 1916-Jun-05
SMITH, Ida SULLIVAN, J H 1919-Oct-09
SMITH, J A Miss KILPATRICK, R L 1914-Jan-18
SMITH, Lavada SCITZ, W J 1912-Jun-15
SMITH, Lena May GEORGE, Gene 1915-Dec-26
SMITH, Lola LADD, Hub 1918-Jan-14
SMITH, Lucia HOFMISTER, William L 1919-Aug-03
SMITH, Lune GRAFTON, E V 1919-Dec-18
SMITH, M J Miss SCITZS, H M 1915-Jul-15
SMITH, Madge FERGUSON, Ivan 1920-Sep-28
SMITH, Maggie CHURCH, G W 1918-Apr-07
SMITH, Maggie HOWELL, W C 1916-Jun-23
SMITH, Maggie WELCH, Marcus 1912-Dec-24
SMITH, Margaret A MOLPUS, Charles M 1912-Sep-08
SMITH, Mary PENSION, Bud 1915-Dec-05
SMITH, Mary Etta TOLBERT, J J S 1913-Aug-17
SMITH, May HARRISON, W R 1914-Jan-28
SMITH, Mittie KEEN, Roscoe 1917-Jul-08
SMITH, Mollie GRIFFIN, Roy B 1919-Dec-30
SMITH, Myrtle RHODES, D B 1912-Jun-14
SMITH, Nannie HENLEY, H W 1920-Dec-26
SMITH, Nannie PARKER, E J 1918-Nov-03
SMITH, Nora FULTON, L G 1912-Mar-03
SMITH, Nora ROBERTS, J M 1920-Sep-26
SMITH, Oddie JOLLEY, G F 1919-Apr-16
SMITH, Susie ELDRIDGE, W W 1918-May-15
SPEARS, Alice YOUNG, A A 1918-Mar-03
SPEARS, Altha FULTON, Ebbie 1919-May-04
SPEARS, Etta PHILLIPS, Roscoe 1920-Apr-03
SPEARS, Lizzie JACKSON, B J 1917-Nov-28
SPEARS, Lucy RUTHVEN, R C 1914-Dec-20
SPEARS, May JOHNSON, Oliver 1918-Sep-03
SPEARS, Myrtle WARREN, J W 1917-Feb-11
SPEARS, Pearlie BLOUNT, B B 1916-Dec-14
SPEARS, Susie BOYDSTON, R L 1916-Nov-19
SPENCE, Buthie WILKINSON, T H 1913-Jul-06
SPENCE, Mary ROUNDTREE, J R 1914-Sep-29
SPENCE, Nellie TIGERT, C H 1916-Mar-20
SPIVEY, Hattie May DOOLITTLE, Roger 1915-Feb-25
STARK, Allie HILL, Luke 1901-Jan-25
STEPHENS, Bettie DRURY, A G 1913-Dec-04
STEPHENS, Eve ADKINS, Vera 1935-Mar-28
STEPHENS, Lilly LADD, Columbus 1913-Apr-20
STEPHENS, Mandy CHUNN, Clifton 1915-Dec-12
STEPHENS, Rubie NOWELL, N B 1915-May-23
STEPHENS, Sadie CHUNN, Lawson 1915-Nov-28
STEVENS, Nettie KIRBY, O P 1919-Dec-24
STEWART, Bessie GRAY, Earl 1919-Apr-12
STEWART, Beula RICKLES, J W 1913-Dec-05
STEWART, Elsie WILDER, Albert 1918-Oct-06
STEWART, Ira D BYARS, Mamie 1915-Apr-04
STEWART, Jewel HAWKINS, G M 1912-Jul-20
STEWART, Nannie GARRARD, M 1915-Apr-29
STEWART, Ona TURNER, W L 1912-Sep-19
STEWART, Viola PERRY, C L 1913-Mar-30
STOKES, Claudie BOSWELL, C L 1919-Dec-14
STOKES, Jesse MOTT, J T 1918-Feb-09
STOKES, Lena TINDOL, W B 1915-Jun-13
STOKES, Ollie KILGO, G C 1917-Jun-23
STOKES, Vera ROBERTSON, Wilber 1914-Apr-26
STOKES, Vida ROBERTS, Earnest 1913-Jan-12
STOKES, Virgie FULTON, G H 1917-Sep-27
STONE, Ethel EVERETT, E H 1916-Feb-26
STOREY, Gladys HOLLEY, Sim 1917-Nov-24
STORY, Beular LUNDY, J H 1912-Sep-12
STOVALL, Mary CUMBERLAND, Hames 1914-Aug-11
STRANGE, Maude MYATT, Curtis 1917-Aug-19
STRIBLING, Gertrude Edna MCKINNEY, Hugh L 1916-Apr-05
STRIBLING, Lula Lee LEWIS, William Lester 1913-Feb-22
STRIBLING, Nannie Mae WILLIAMS, A J 1916-Mar-27
STRIBLING, Zelma GILLIS, J K 1919-Nov-11
STRICKLAND, Carrie BELK, A D 1917-May-24
STRICKLAND, Eve Lillian ALDERMAN, H A 1917-Oct-18
STRICKLAND, Maudie JOYNER, E B 1915-Oct-11
STRICKLAND, Nealie REAGAN, O W 1912-Dec-24
STRICKLAND, Ruby GREEN, Benton 1919-Dec-19
STUART, Hattie MOREHEAD, J S 1919-Sep-18
STUART, Rada Mrs DARBY, Linton 1912-Mar-30
SUBER, Gladys GRIFFIN, Frank K 1918-Jan-04
SULLIVAN, Edna SMITH, J E 1901-Sep-19
SULLIVAN, Evie ARLEDGE, F 1917-Oct-20
SULLIVAN, Lillar BARHAM, R C 1918-May-02
SULLIVAN, Lillie AGENT, Clyde 1919-Dec-24
SULLIVAN, Lillie AGENT, Clyde 1919-Dec-29
SULLIVAN, Lillie AGENT, Clyde 1919-Dec-11
SULLIVAN, Nannie HARRIS, W W 1912-Jan-03
SWEARINGER, Ola BOYD, S C 1914-Sep-06



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