Newton County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Gertrude SMITH, J W 1912-Sep-01
PACE, Minnie BISHOP, J C 1917-Sep-26
PAGE, Effie WARREN, W E 1914-Aug-25
PALMER, Eunice KING, W H 1912-Oct-30
PARKER, Ada B SHARP, J D 1915-Dec-23
PARKER, Audie FORD, W R 1913-Dec-25
PARKER, Avie COLLIER, J J 1912-Apr-04
PARKER, Bessie FULTON, H S 1915-Nov-14
PARKER, Ethel GRIFFIN, S A 1918-Aug-23
PARKER, Margie A LOVORN, Thomas T 1919-Apr-06
PARKER, Myrtle KILPATRICK, F B 1919-Aug-16
PARKER, Nellie SHACKELFORD, J L 1918-Feb-22
PARKER, Onie MCCLINTON, Benjamin H 1919-Oct-22
PARKER, Zella TULLOS, Leon 1919-Feb-09
PARTIN, Manda THOMAS, J C 1914-Sep-03
PARTRIDGE, Allie PLATT, C B 1920-Aug-06
PARTRIDGE, Hettie SALTER, Joe 1912-Aug-10
PARTRIDGE, Stella PETTY, J E J 1918-May-20
PATRIDGE, Linnie SMITH, Weever 1901-Oct-26
PATTERSON, Nina TAYLOR, L A 1913-Sep-04
PAULLEY, Audrie CLAY, D L 1920-Jun-03
PEARSON, Mydia TANNER, Marshall 1914-May-15
PEDEN, Macie JOHNSON, M H 1912-Aug-20
PEDER, Gertrude WRIGHT, C W 1913-Jul-13
PEEBLES, Claudie RAY, Robertie 1913-Jun-16
PEEBLES, Fannie ELLINBURG, A L 1918-Jun-15
PENIGA, Clara E JAMES, Clark 1913-May-11
PEOPLES, Myrtle TEDDER, J M 1916-Jun-18
PERKINS, Alice MOREHEAD, Wesley 1920-Jun-23
PERKINS, Bessie EAKES, Lewis 1918-Dec-18
PERKINS, Jessie STOREY, A L 1916-Dec-24
PERKINS, Rena PILGRIM, Lonzie 1918-Dec-22
PERRY, Annie WOOTEN, Andrew J 1916-Oct-15
PERRY, Frances MOONEY, Charles W 1920-Mar-18
PERRY, Jodie LOFTON, E M 1915-Aug-19
PERRY, Zora LOWRY, W R 1916-Dec-16
PETTY, Annie Lee STOVALL, S H 1915-Dec-22
PETTY, Callie MARSHALL, Virgil 1912-Feb-15
PETTY, Nira WHITE, Grover 1912-Mar-07
PHILLIPS, Ada MCBEATH, Roy 1917-Feb-14
PHILLIPS, Bettie BLAND, Ed 1912-Mar-10
PHILLIPS, Frances MCKINION, Lula 1912-Jan-07
PHILLIPS, Mattie PARTRIDGE, R A 1919-Mar-22
PHILLIPS, Winnie SERVICE, Leo Tracy 1918-Sep-11
PICKETT, Ora SHARP, G W 1918-May-25
PICKETT, Ora STOKES, Sam 1918-Feb-06
PIERCE, Eula MEEKS, Wayne 1916-Sep-23
PIERCE, Gertie WILSON, Jim 1916-Jan-16
PIERCE, Vera MOTT, A C 1912-Jul-21
PIERCE, Virginia HAGGARD, John 1918-Dec-28
PIKE, Rosa Mrs WELLS, S P 1914-Feb-01
PILGRIM, Annie J HOOPER, L B 1914-Aug-01
PILGRIM, Annie L CHISOLM, D L 1914-Jan-25
PILGRIM, Bettie WILLIAMS, David 1920-May-30
PILGRIM, Lonnie LUKE, Wess 1920-Apr-16
PILGRIM, Lura POSEY, H F 1915-Aug-09
PILGRIM, Minnie FAIN, E 1920-Jan-09
PILGRIM, Nettie TURNER, John 1919-Feb-16
PILGRIM, P L Miss FEDRICK, M J 1917-Dec-16
PILGRIM, Verna JAYROE, C B 1915-Oct-31
PINTER, Delia EVANS, A L 1920-Oct-03
POOLE, Ruth PILGRIM, C B 1916-May-28
POPE, Ada NOWELL, L W 1914-Dec-23
POPE, H A Miss WOODS, A J 1916-Jul-16
POPE, Olive RYALS, Homer 1918-Aug-18
POPE, Vadie Lee CREMER, T O 1919-Jun-15
PORTER, Mabel MYERS, Bud 1916-Sep-16
POSEY, Beulah WALTERS, Mathews 1917-Sep-26
POSEY, Buna WILLIS, T W 1912-Jul-03
POSEY, Dollie WELLS, Johnnie 1916-Dec-30
POSEY, Grace HILL, F B 1914-Jul-04
POSEY, Lillie WELLS, Jesse 1912-Jan-14
POSEY, Virgie CARTER, F L 1917-May-20
POWELL, Minnie Leroy WRIGHT, Nathan 1919-Apr-16
POWELL, Ruth MALONE, J M 1920-Jul-29
PRICE, Ellen WILLIAMSON, Nona 1920-Jan-15
PRICE, Jessie YOUNG, John F 1919-Jun-29
PRICE, Selma MOODY, J A 1915-Feb-26
PRINCE, Ruby MARDIS, L A 1915-Aug-21
PRUITT, Alma HAYS, Sam 1913-Oct-21
PURVIS, Ethel WATKINS, Joe 1920-Oct-02
QUINN, Effie NOWELL, E H 1913-Mar-14
QUINN, Sarah M WEBB, W L 1913-Nov-03



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