Newton County Brides


MABREE, L E Miss KEEN, J T 1918-May-14
MACKELDOVE, Mary STOKES, R P 1918-Jul-11
MADISON, Bessie WILLIAMS, R F 1918-Mar-24
MADISON, Edna LOWRY, Henry 1915-Nov-28
MADISON, Nannie DONALD, J C 1917-Sep-29
MADISON, Sudie ALDERMAN, Henry 1919-Oct-25
MAIN, Ruth LAWRENCE, W J 1920-Jan-11
MAJURE, Annie CHISOLM, T B 1914-Dec-27
MAJURE, Cornelia STRIBLING, R C 1920-Mar-18
MALONE, Bertha MOTT, Willie 1917-Nov-03
MALONE, Carrie SMITH, Wiley E 1916-May-13
MANNING, Alma WELLS, Mitchell 1919-Aug-17
MANNING, Anna MASSEY, L S 1917-Aug-19
MANNING, Effie TUCKER, Earl 1917-Jul-15
MARS, Lucille BRIDGES, D W 1920-Dec-28
MARSHALL, Dixie Miss AGENT, J M 1896-Dec-17
MARSHALL, Julieth WADE, F D 1917-May-02
MARSHALL, Margaret HARRELL, E C 1917-Aug-11
MARSHALL, Velma GRAY, Carl 1916-Feb-26
MARTIN, Nora CUMBERLAND, J E 1913-Feb-02
MARTIN, Vena POSEY, F R 1916-Feb-18
MARTIN, Virgie BANKS, L W 1916-Oct-15
MASON, W P AVERY, Florence 1915-Dec-27
MASON, W S NICHOLSON, Bertha 1919-Oct-01
MASON, William P WIMBISH, Lottie 1913-Oct-18
MASSEY, C D FERGUSON, Hattie 1920-Jan-11
MASON, Alice BALLENGER, T M 1912-Sep-15
MASON, Avah GOLDEN, Eggar 1916-Aug-16
MASON, Bessie LADD, Grover 1916-Aug-31
MASON, Odell HOFMISTER, C H 1920-Aug-01
MASON, Ruby Bell RICKS, G W 1919-Jun-06
MASSEY, Jennie FELMING, Rettie 1912-Oct-13
MASSEY, Plaine GRIFFIN, E D 1912-Sep-15
MATHEWS, Mavous GOMILLION, Jim 1917-Jun-10
MATHIS, Pearl IVY, Charles C 1913-Sep-
MATHIS, Pearl MATHIS, Charles C 1913-Oct-29
MAY, Virgie STEWART, Frank 1915-May-20
MAYO, Ava Aleane RIGLER, Charles Peyton 1916-Jul-05
MAYO, Clairo HINDON, W T 1915-Feb-01
MAYO, Lena HARRISON, J C 1914-Aug-29
MAYO, Ora WILKERSON, Onie 1918-Apr-21
MAYO, Verbia JOINER, V E 1917-Dec-12
MCADORY, Augustie RICHARDSON, G T 1915-Feb-06
MCADORY, Ponly DEWEESE, Eugene 1913-Dec-07
MCADORY, Winnie PARKER, J B 1918-Aug-28
MCBEATH, Ellen KING, L W 1915-Mar-21
MCBEATH, Sula MAJURE, Carlton C 1914-Jan-22
MCCARTHY, Olea HOWLE, R P 1913-Oct-19
MCCLAIN, Myrtle EAKES, W R 1919-Apr-12
MCCLENDON, Maude C BANKS, E P 1914-Mar-01
MCCORKLE, Cleo MILLER, M M 1917-Jan-03
MCCRAW, Irene RIGDON, Alvin 1918-Jul-19
MCCRAW, Sudie DUNCAN, D H 1919-Jun-29
MCCRORY, Bettie SMITH, W A 1912-Jul-28
MCCRORY, Fannie NEESE, H S 1919-May-13
MCCRORY, Lillie HARDAGE, J J 1917-Jan-20
MCCRORY, Mary MCCRORY, Joe 1919-Oct-12
MCDONALD, Allirene STRIBLING, J H 1913-Aug-20
MCDONALD, Mamie BOSWELL, K C 1913-Mar-01
MCDONALD, Mary BLACKWELL, Tom B 1913-Oct-02
MCDONALD, Mollie HARDY, J A 1913-Jun-29
MCDONALD, Mollie WOLVERTON, Hamp 1916-Jun-25
MCDONALD, Rubie BRANTLEY, D O 1914-May-09
MCDONALD, Willie LUKE, Daniel 1913-Nov-27
MCDONALD, Willie MIMS, Curtis 1914-Jun-28
MCGEE, Lillian KENNEDY, Julius J 1913-Jul-22
MCGLATHAN, Bessie MCLEMORE, William 1920-Jun-06
MCGOVERN, Annie HOLLAND, John L 1920-Apr-18
MCGOVERN, Mary TABOR, C E 1912-Dec-19
MCGRIFF, Betty WARD, Ester E 1919-Jul-06
MCKAY, Emer Sue DANIEL, Osca 1918-Aug-18
MCKAY, Hazel FULTON, M M 1917-Jun-10
MCKEE, A L Miss BUCKLEY, E Vernon 1918-Apr-06
MCKEE, Eunice INGRAM, V C 1914-Mar-01
MCKEE, Nola Irene CALVERT, Austin Odell 1918-Nov-03
MCKENZIE, Laurel CRAMER, G 1919-May-15
MCKINION, Lula PHILLIPS, Frances 1912-Jan-07
MCKINZIE, Laurie WOOTEN, A J 1915-Sep-26
MCLAIN, C J Miss CHIPMAN, W E 1915-Jul-22
MCLAIN, Sadie EAKES, J W 1919-Jan-20
MCLAIN, Willie Leona WATSON, W J 1919-Aug-19
MCLEMORE, Bessie JENKINS, C A 1912-Mar-25
MCLEMORE, Fannie HOFMASTER, O M 1918-Feb-03
MCMILLAN, Emma WHITE, Willie 1915-Dec-25
MCMILLON, Lula WHITE, B M 1912-Feb-07
MCMURRAY, Ennie RUSHING, Alex 1913-Mar-25
MCNAIR, Eula LUBY, Andrew 1919-Dec-18
MCNAIR, Sallie JOHNSON, W J 1917-Feb-17
MCNEIL, Eunice CRAWFORD, A D 1917-Feb-24
MCNEIL, Julia HAMMONS, J W 1919-Dec-10
MCNEIL, Roxie WIGGINGTON, Joe 1916-Jan-29
MCNEIL, Zula STRINGER, C A 1917-Mar-04
MCNEILL, Esther HUGHES, J S 1915-May-29
MCPHAIL, Susie WIGGINS, W E 1914-Apr-08
MILLER, Addie JONES, T L 1920-Feb-17
MILLER, Annie ALLEN, W J 1912-Oct-28
MILLER, Frances CHRISTIAN, Joe 1917-Dec-18
MILLER, Linnie LEE, R A 1915-Jul-06
MILLER, Velma FULTON, Buford 1913-Apr-06
MILLING, Dena DOVE, H L 1917-Dec-23
MILLING, Hattie Belle GUNTER, F L 1919-Mar-17
MILLING, Ola DAVIDSON, Thomas 1917-Jan-02
MILLING, Zelma D GARDNER, Jerome M 1913-Dec-28
MILLS, Genie RODGERS, Alvah 1915-Nov-30
MING, Nancy BOATNER, Marion 1919-Mar-18
MITCHELL, Annie TURNIPSEED, Gaddis 1914-Apr-11
MITCHELL, Essie JOHNSON, Henry O 1919-May-18
MITCHELL, Rosa Lee JOLLY, C A 1913-Oct-14
MOLPUS, Annie Lois TURNER, H B 1920-Sep-08
MOODY, Geneva LAMPKIN, Glen G 1917-Jun-23
MOORE, Ada LAND, T L 1915-Mar-21
MOORE, Bessie GALLASPY, T Burley 1912-Dec-26
MOORE, Bettie MOORE, Odie 1920-Oct-13
MOORE, Eviline MITCHELL, Nelson 1918-May-27
MOORE, Lizzie Belle MOLPUS, G W 1915-Jul-25
MOORE, Mattie P RUCKER, A L 1918-Jan-23
MOORE, Sadie WARREN, Gordie 1915-Dec-19
MOORE, Sallie ADAMS, Will 1917-Apr-12
MOORE, Sallie WEATHERS, F M 1915-Oct-14
MOOREHEAD, Maudie KILLENS, J D 1916-May-13
MOOREHEAD, Sallie HARRISON, W E 1919-Mar-23
MOREHEAD, Callie BUNTYN, C L 1918-May-20
MORRIS, Caley May SNOW, H L 1919-Oct-21
MORRIS, Georgia CREEKMORE, Henry 1913-Mar-27
MORRIS, Gertrude ETHREDGE, G E 1913-Dec-23
MORRIS, Hattie SNOW, G P 1901-Sep-13
MORRIS, Lolla PILGRIM, Jerry B 1920-Feb-22
MORRIS, Louie CHANEY, Leroy M 1912-Jun-24
MORRIS, Velma INGRAM, Dave 1919-Dec-14
MORROW, Zelma KNOWLES, Columbus 1915-Mar-18
MOTT, Maggie L Mrs DAVIS, W H 1912-Feb-04
MOTT, Mamie EVANS, L M 1914-Jan-18
MOWDY, Geneva EUBANKS, Lafayette 1917-Dec-26
MOWDY, Liddie SKINNER, Joseph W 1917-Oct-28
MOWDY, May KILLEN, Roy 1917-Nov-11
MOWDY, Myrtle WILSON, Clark 1920-Mar-26
MULHOLLAND, Lilla LOWRY, E E 1920-Feb-22
MUNDY, Mary E HOOPER, Dewitt T 1912-Aug-11
MURPHEY, Lottie PARKER, C V 1917-Jan-25
MUSGROVE, Pearlie WINSTEAD, Lem 1912-Apr-13
MUSGROVE, Selma MCKINION, Thomas 1919-Mar-09
MYERS, Deliah Bell WELLS, Irvin A 1917-Dec-05
MYERS, Ethel AKINS, Willey 1923-Aug-12
MYERS, Ether AKINS, Willey 1923-Aug-12
MYERS, Etta SMITH, J B 1914-Feb-15
MYERS, Lula Bell PARTRIDGE, A M 1918-Mar-09
MYERS, Mattie BREAZEALE, E W 1915-Jun-20
MYERS, Pearl PARTRIDGE, W G B 1916-Jun-17
MYERS, Vera DALLAS, M C 1918-Jul-03



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