Newton County Brides


LADD, Eunice MIXON, H M 1916-Aug-19
LANE, Nola Lee SMITH, G E 1918-Jan-09
LANE, Vera CROSBY, F M 1920-Jan-21
LANG, C L M Miss MOWDY, J M 1914-Dec-20
LANG, Christine WIGGINS, George 1920-Jun-17
LAVENDER, Katie CULBERSON, W S 1915-Mar-14
LEE, Erma RYALS, Albert 1920-Aug-01
LEE, Jewell ELLIOT, A C 1917-Jun-30
LEOPARD, Rosie WARREN, L G 1912-Mar-31
LEWIS, Eva WHITE, M C 1918-Aug-31
LEWIS, Ina JAYROE, L C 1913-Aug-25
LEWIS, Louver HOWLE, J A 1913-Dec-28
LEWIS, May Pearl GILBERT, Martin J 1920-May-16
LEWIS, Ota SIKES, G J 1913-Oct-01
LILLIE, Almedia BARRETT, E B 1919-Jul-13
LIMRICK, Annie WEDGEWORTH, H J 1920-Sep-04
LINDLEY, Kitty Mae TAYLOR, Walton 1916-Oct-13
LINDSAY, Minnie EVANS, J H 1913-Dec-14
LITTLE, Mary Annie KIRKLAND, Larance M 1912-Nov-24
LOFTON, Addie SLAUGHTER, W A 1912-Sep-08
LOFTON, Ida M HOOPER, H M 1915-May-03
LOFTON, Mary Ella SIKES, John Thomas 1916-Dec-24
LOFTON, Virgie OGLETREE, R L 1915-Nov-14
LONG, Abbye FULTON, M A 1912-Jan-07
LONG, Alma MCDONALD, J G 1916-Sep-18
LONG, Fannie B WELLS, W T 1918-Jun-06
LONG, Gladys PACE, Mack 1916-Mar-10
LONG, Ima ALFORD, D F 1916-Mar-23
LOPER, A V Miss BROWN, R A 1919-Jun-23
LOPER, Callie CREEL, Joe 1915-Jan-02
LOVERN, J A Miss BENSON, W O 1917-Nov-26
LOVORN, Lena P MCGILVORY, Luther J 1912-Mar-31
LOWRY, Mary Elizabeth LUNDY, H E 1920-Jun-23
LUBY, Edna WATKINS, Ed 1912-Jan-04
LUKE, Jessie FULTON, W D 1913-Jun-01
LUKE, Lillian TOLBERT, Henry 1913-May-18
LUKE, Lonie JAYROE, T M 1918-Oct-27
LUKE, Viola THERRELL, A H 1917-Oct-15
LUNDY, Alma BRELAND, J F 1917-Dec-24
LUNDY, Fannie TUCKER, J T 1915-Jul-25
LYLE, Eva Kate TAYLOR, Nathan C 1917-Oct-23
LYNCH, Inese RUSHING, H I 1917-Sep-01
LYNCH, Inez WILLIAMSON, Dinkie Melton 1919-Jul-10
LYNCH, Sadie WILLIAMSON, N I 1913-Jan-08



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