Newton County Brides

J - K

JACKSON, Annie SPEARS, N M 1913-Aug-21
JACKSON, Bertha PILGRIM, Osker 1920-Jun-12
JACKSON, Dora ROBERTSON, I C 1913-Nov-02
JACKSON, Gertrude JOHNSON, Hughton R 1918-Dec-22
JACKSON, Junie Bell SULLIVAN, J R 1901-Jun-27
JACKSON, Lillian PILGRIM, Other 1920-Jun-20
JACKSON, Lucille WARD, J A 1920-Aug-24
JACKSON, Ona ANDERSON, J W 1916-Sep-06
JACKSON, Roxie MOTT, Willie 1916-Jun-21
JACKSON, Summer BELLE, Lena 1919-May-01
JACKSON, Vadie CLAY, James M 1916-May-11
JACKSON, Velma GOMILLION, J C 1916-May-31
JAMES, Eula KING, George 1915-Jul-10
JAMES, Fannie NEESE, H S 1912-Jan-29
JAMES, Lessie May ROBERTSON, L L 1917-Sep-28
JASPER, Bobbie JOHNSON, N A 1920-Aug-13
JAYROE, Ada HODGES, W D 1919-Jan-05
JAYROE, Della KING, S Q 1917-Dec-23
JAYROE, Estelle PHILLIPS, Grover 1919-Aug-03
JAYROE, Sadie TOLBERT, G C 1912-Aug-08
JENKINS, Bettie GRAY, William 1914-Oct-08
JENKINS, Lee Ona RASH, T J 1917-Aug-04
JENKINS, Nora MCCRAW, Sam 1916-Jul-15
JENNINGS, Lena Mae HAYS, J R 1919-Mar-10
JIM, Louisiana WILLIS, Dan 1918-Jun-05
JINKS, Lavida FAIN, Will 1915-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Agnes SMITH, P W 1919-Jun-09
JOHNSON, Alma SHACKELFORD, Roser L 1918-Apr-22
JOHNSON, Ethel May AUTMAN, George 1925-Feb-07
JOHNSON, Fla CANNON, Sylvester 1913-May-07
JOHNSON, Josephine GUTHRIE, W H 1913-Oct-05
JOHNSON, Juddie NOWELL, W B 1920-Jun-19
JOHNSON, Julia WOOTEN, Emit 1913-Feb-20
JOHNSON, Luna HILL, H H 1919-Jun-29
JOHNSON, Manda NOWELL, G P 1915-May-16
JOHNSON, Mary YATES, Clyde 1918-Aug-03
JOHNSON, Maudie WEATHERFORD, H H 1916-Dec-24
JOHNSON, May ADCOCK, J M 1919-Nov-16
JOHNSON, Nettie MOORE, J P 1912-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Perley MCDONALD, J D 1916-Dec-29
JOHNSON, Sallie MAJURE, Joe A 1915-Apr-04
JOHNSON, Velma LITTLEJOHN, A G 1916-Jul-15
JOINER, Carrie MAYO, H L 1913-Feb-03
JOINER, Mary PALMER, T J 1916-Mar-02
JOINER, Mattie KILLEN, John 1913-Dec-24
JOINER, Nettie COMANS, Joe 1919-Feb-02
JOLLEY, Olley JONES, J H 1913-Oct-30
JOLLY, Hattie HOLDER, W M 1914-Jul-19
JONES, Agnes MCDONALD, S E 1914-Apr-03
JONES, Bertha PRICE, Andrew 1920-Aug-17
JONES, C E Miss WILLIAMSON, B B 1917-Mar-11
JONES, Eloie Lee HAMILTON, J L 1919-Feb-12
JONES, Ida STEWART, Edgar 1912-Apr-28
JONES, Isabel INGRAM, Elbert M 1918-Mar-14
JONES, Josie GEORGE, T A 1916-Dec-24
JONES, Lillian GEROGE, Felton 1919-Jun-08
JONES, Luella FLINT, Lee 1919-Nov-05
JONES, Mary CLARK, H R 1916-May-17
JONES, O L Miss TULLOS, B C 1915-Jan-31
JONES, Roxie LONG, J E 1912-Dec-25
JONES, Ruby SPEARS, J L 1901-Jan-27
JONES, Susan SANDERSON, M 1914-Jan-04
JONES, Venie RICE, Irvin A 1912-Sep-01
JOYNER, Janie SMITH, John 1913-Jun-10
JOYNER, Mary HERRINGTON, E M 1920-Mar-19
JOYNER, Nora CHOSOLM, Frank Earnest 1920-Feb-19
JOYNER, Rhada COX, W M 1918-Nov-10
JOYNER, Sallie GRIFFITH, Joseph A 1918-Sep-17
KAY, Mamie DEES, J J 1920-Sep-26
KEA, Etta EUBANKS, George W 1918-Apr-16
KEA, Lillie CLAY, J E 1919-Dec-25
KEEN, Columbia THOMAS, J R H 1915-Jan-31
KELLEY, Luna SULLIVAN, W T 1915-Feb-10
KELLEY, Myrtle EVANS, Willis 1913-Feb-02
KELLEY, Sudie Mae SPEARS, J A 1901-Oct-16
KELLY, Icey GOLMAN, F P 1919-Dec-19
KELLY, Nannie ATWOOD, N L 1885-Oct-17
KENNEDY, Dixie MAY, H L 1916-May-14
KENNEDY, Mary SHEPHERD, B A 1916-Dec-28
KENNEDY, Miriam HAYS, J D 1914-Dec-23
KERR, Mollie HOLLIS, R L 1912-Dec-25
KILGORE, Catherine E JACKSON, J A 1919-Nov-07
KILGORE, Eviline THOMAS, F L 1917-Aug-27
KILGORE, Pearlie GARRARD, F M 1918-Aug-07
KILLEN, Annie WATKINS, Tebe 1918-Jan-18
KILLEN, Jewell WINSTEAD, R G 1913-Oct-09
KILLEN, Ola HARDY, Charley 1916-Feb-12
KILLENS, Mara LUCRAY, Lonnie 1912-Nov-17
KILPATRICK, Etta May MCKINION, W F 1920-Oct-03
KILPATRICK, Gertie WINSTEAD, J M 1920-Oct-19
KILPATRICK, I L Miss HARDY, A B 1918-Dec-22
KILPATRICK, Linnie GRAVES, Pearlie 1918-Aug-08
KILPATRICK, Maggie GARDNER, Odis 1917-Feb-20
KILPATRICK, Willie SMITH, Charlie O 1919-Mar-02
KING, Dollie Rea STRIBLING, R C 1916-Dec-30
KING, Ethel PETTIS, W L 1918-Feb-15
KING, Fannie HIGGINBOTTOM, J E 1913-Jul-06
KING, Mary Ether MYERS, Mitchel 1914-Apr-19
KINION, Cora M EAKES, W A 1917-Jan-25
KIRKLAND, Virgie TINGLE, J P 1914-Jan-06
KIRKSEY, Annie WATKINS, W G 1914-Dec-13
KNIGHT, Lillie NELSON, M C 1919-Apr-05
KNIGHT, Ophelia SKINNER, O R 1919-Nov-09
KNOWLES, Lavadie WATKINS, W B 1915-Jul-25



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