Newton County Brides

H - I

HADLEY, Sallie HICKS, P W 1920-Dec-01
HAGANS, Visa CHISOLM, C W 1912-Sep-01
HALL, Annie SPEARS, Henry 1919-May-26
HALL, Carrie P DYER, W L 1913-May-04
HALL, Gertie SMITH, J M 1917-Jan-18
HALL, Lillie TALBERT, J M 1914-Jul-29
HALL, Mary FROSHOUR, H W 1914-Jan-04
HAMILTON, Bessie BOUNDS, W A 1920-Feb-22
HAMILTON, D M Miss SMITH, R L 1914-Jul-26
HAMILTON, Effie BURKS, L R 1917-Nov-16
HAMILTON, I A Miss WORRELL, J W 1915-Aug-08
HAMILTON, Julia SPEARS, J M 1917-Jul-08
HAMILTON, Lillie BURKS, W G 1912-May-12
HAMILTON, Lora Etta POSEY, T M 1917-Jan-14
HAMILTON, Mattie J CHISOLM, Robert F 1912-Aug-04
HANEY, Apollonia CAMPBELL, Bernard 1912-Feb-17
HANEY, Hattie CHANCELLOR, G G 1920-Apr-24
HARBOUR, Anie MOORE, G L 1914-Dec-20
HARDAGE, Minnie WEBB, Thomas A 1916-Aug-09
HARDIN, Mary RICHIE, Dock 1913-Sep-07
HARDY, Annie PIERCE, E L 1915-Mar-14
HARDY, Lettie MILEY, E P 1916-Mar-25
HARDY, Lizzie CONN, Algie 1919-Dec-04
HARDY, Lokie KILPATRICK, Walter 1918-May-30
HARDY, Maud MAXEY, B F 1913-Sep-14
HARDY, Susie HITT, O T 1918-Sep-01
HARDY, Velma HICKS, William G 1919-Apr-11
HARDY, Verna SHARP, E L 1916-Dec-10
HARMON, Sarah B CLARK, J L 1918-Oct-02
HARRIS, Addie KING, T F 1920-Feb-26
HARRISON, Annie MEEKS, Earl 1920-Jan-18
HARRISON, Audie M YATES, Claude Dr 1913-Jun-29
HARRISON, Clara THERRELL, E D 1915-Oct-19
HARRISON, Fannie WEATHERS, Hammer 1919-Sep-21
HARRISON, Neva VANCE, W J 1919-May-25
HART, Annie Kate HART, W R 1917-Oct-07
HATCHER, Gertrude STOKES, Harvey 1919-Jul-21
HATCHER, Helen KILLEN, Homa 1913-Oct-03
HAYES, Cecile JONES, D L 1917-Sep-25
HAYS, Cornelia MAYO, Claude L 1914-Apr-12
HAYS, Lela Mrs WEATHERS, F M 1913-Dec-17
HEMBREE, Eva TINGLE, J B 1913-Dec-14
HENDERSON, Velma PARKER, G O 1912-Nov-03
HENDON, Zelma MAY, Will 1912-Nov-30
HENDRIS, Sallie STOREY, I L 1915-Sep-30
HENEY, Mary Ann BURROUGHS, C J 1916-Sep-19
HENLEY, Minnie LUNDY, R L 1918-Dec-12
HENRY, Josie TYNER, H L 1916-Dec-30
HENSON, Velma MOREHEAD, Wesley 1914-Jul-19
HERRING, Lessie WILSON, R S 1913-Sep-07
HERRINGTON, Edna SMITH, A J 1901-Jul-17
HERRINGTON, Grace CHANEY, T F 1915-Sep-22
HERRINGTON, Lettie LEWIS, J L 1912-Oct-29
HERRINGTON, Virginia JONES, Harris D 1912-Oct-17
HICKE, Ethel GOLDMAN, O M 1914-Nov-22
HICKS, Fannie WATKINS, R A 1920-Dec-07
HICKS, Frances SIMES, Seaby 1916-Dec-27
HICKS, Lena PORTER, W M 1914-Aug-10
HICKS, Lonie TUCKER, Vaden 1915-May-02
HICKS, Maggie LANDRUM, W S 1919-Jul-06
HICKS, Ola CROCKER, Orion 1914-Sep-12
HICKS, Zillie HARRISON, J H 1920-May-29
HILL, Minnie TUCKER, Newton 1916-Jan-02
HILL, Oza ROBINSON, J F 1918-May-27
HILL, Ruby BELL, H E 1920-Sep-13
HILL, Ruth GRIFFIN, Irvin L 1916-Dec-24
HILLMAN, C L Miss BOLER, R C 1915-Nov-18
HILLMAN, Fannie BROWN, L M 1916-Jan-09
HILLMAN, Kate SPIVEY, S H 1901-Dec-29
HILLMAN, Minnie Lee TINGLE, J M 1918-Feb-05
HISAW, Nettie STUART, A Clark 1913-Jul-24
HITT, Gertrude CLIBURN, Andrew 1916-Jun-25
HOBBY, Jesse POPE, Eddie 1915-Nov-27
HOFMASTER, Annie PEAIRCY, W W 1916-Aug-11
HOLDER, Laura HUNTER, J Q 1914-Oct-20
HOLIDAY, Sophia INGRAM, Dewitt 1920-Mar-19
HOLLADAY, Minnie SLAUGHTER, H C 1919-Apr-12
HOLLIS, Bessie TUCKER, E W 1916-Jul-15
HOPE, Lelar WARREN, Dave 1915-Aug-25
HOPPER, Elizabeth TOWNSEND, Lewis 1914-Oct-14
HOUSTON, Effie Mae NICHOLSON, C G 1919-Dec-24
HOUSTON, Gennie WILSON, W R 1915-Jan-10
HOUSTON, Lela MCCRAW, J E 1915-Nov-07
HOUSTON, Lennie JACKSON, Moody 1915-Feb-21
HOUSTON, Lucie ATKINER, Andrew 1924-Mar-01
HOUSTON, Ludie ATKINES, Andrew 1924-Mar-01
HOUSTON, Olla MCNEILL, Roy C 1920-Jan-31
HOWEL, Lena GILL, Oll 1915-Aug-05
HOWELL, Leler JACKSON, J D 1918-Feb-03
HOWELL, Ruthie STOKES, J C 1915-Dec-26
HUDNALL, Leona CROCKER, Henry 1919-Feb-21
HUDSON, Lissie BALLEY, Earl 1917-Feb-22
HUNTER, Nannie Gertrude PETTEY, Dewey 1920-Feb-04
HURST, Lola ELAM, H L 1917-Oct-10
HURST, Ola BLOUNT, H A 1920-Aug-23
HURT, Ester ALLDAY, William 1918-Apr-21
HURT, Esther ALLDAY, William 1918-Apr-21
HUSBAND, Clara Alice CROSBY, William Edward 1919-Jun-30
HUTTER, Francis TUCKER, A N 1920-Feb-24
HUTTON, Ettie LUKE, Willis 1914-Jul-10
INGRAM, Ethel STANTON, Newton G 1918-Sep-20
INGRAM, Leona MCNAIR, Archie 1912-Nov-10
INGRAM, Lizzie GRAHAM, Lester 1919-Aug-24
INGRAM, Mary COOKSEY, M D 1913-Oct-12
INGRAM, Myrtle CUMBERLAND, Harvey 1914-Dec-27
INGRAM, Nancy MASSEY, W J 1917-Dec-02
INGRAM, Sallie SAVELL, C G 1916-Jan-23
INGRAM, Velma HOBBY, Earl 1920-Nov-22
IRONS, Janie PHILLIPS, J T 1918-Sep-04
ISHEE, Bessie B SANFORD, W D 1913-Apr-20



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