Newton County Brides

F - G

FAIN, Minnie THOMAS, J Al 1913-Oct-09
FANCHER, Mable WILSON, Clyde 1914-Feb-22
FANCHER, Nannie SMITH, A W 1919-Sep-02
FARISH, Maye L ALEWINE, M W 1917-Apr-15
FARTHRIDGE, Mittie Lee BATES, Lee 1919-Nov-16
FAULKNER, Ella GILLOCK, C A 1913-Dec-21
FEDERICK, Caty ROBERSON, Wesley 1918-Oct-15
FERGUSON, Audie HOLMAN, John 1918-Jul-11
FERGUSON, Hattie MASSEY, C D 1920-Jan-11
FERGUSON, Hazel AGENT, H C 1825-Mar-07
FERGUSON, Hazel AGENT, H C 1925-Mar-07
FERGUSON, Jessie BARNETT, Lizzie 1919-Dec-28
FERGUSON, Lilla FERGUSON, J A 1912-Feb-01
FINKLEA, Maggie WELBORN, F E 1919-Dec-20
FLAKE, Nelia KENNEDY, A J 1918-Apr-28
FLINT, Lula DIVINE, J M 1912-Jan-11
FORD, Deliah DANIEL, Elmer 1914-Jan-01
FORD, Eula DEES, Jim 1915-Nov-26
FORD, Eula WELLS, Marven 1916-Mar-31
FORD, Eva Mae ALEXANDER, D B 1920-Dec-25
FORD, Nannie CANNON, J R 1920-Oct-28
FORD, Sue May ALEXANDER, D B 1920-Dec-25
FORD, Susie THAGGARD, D D 1916-Feb-05
FORTENBERRY, Ethel DUNN, Annel 1919-May-11
FORTENBERRY, Willie COATS, Johnnie 1915-Mar-22
FORTENBERRY, Willie JONES, Phillip 1918-Oct-19
FOSTER, Rubie Lee JACKSON, Elmer 1918-May-04
FOWLER, Rosa BURHAM, George 1912-Aug-04
FOX, Lucy CUMBERLAND, E L 1912-Jan-24
FOY, Hattie EVANS, D H 1912-Feb-07
FRAISER, Oder ALLIGOOD, Coy I 1923-May-27
FRANKLIN, Ada TATE, Thadis 1914-Aug-09
FRANKLIN, Annie DUNN, R D 1913-Sep-02
FRANKLIN, Cora EDWARDS, C F 1914-Sep-05
FRANKLIN, Dollie V CHEATHAM, Francis M 1913-May-13
FRANKLIN, Ollie CLARK, W M 1919-Dec-02
FREENY, Mary SHARP, J R 1913-Feb-07
FRYERY, Cora BARNES, E F 1917-May-12
FULTON, Annie Bell DANIEL, J E 1917-Feb-24
FULTON, Eula LUKE, Clifton 1917-Sep-30
FULTON, Fannie HARRISON, J C 1916-Sep-28
FULTON, Mae JACKSON, W J 1916-Nov-26
GAMBLIN, Beulah MILLER, Lynn 1912-Jan-11
GAMBLIN, Ethel FERGUSON, E S 1920-Jan-25
GAMBLIN, Sula ADCOCK, J T 1918-Sep-17
GANEY, Annie Mae MYERS, H C 1919-May-18
GANEY, Minnie REED, Roger 1919-Apr-27
GARDNER, Chassie BEALL, Charles Marvin 1920-May-08
GARDNER, Maggie ANDERSON, J B 1915-May-09
GARDNER, Maude THORNTON, A C 1915-Dec-22
GARTER, Nettie BATES, D M 1919-Aug-31
GENTRY, Hattie Lee WILLIAMSON, G R 1920-Feb-22
GENTRY, Lula HOBSON, Buddie 1917-Dec-21
GEORGE, Annie GRAY, R W 1915-Feb-01
GEORGE, Nona A GRANT, James M 1919-Nov-28
GERMANY, Grace MAJURE, L G 1919-Dec-06
GERMANY, Mattie WALLACE, E O 1912-Aug-10
GERMANY, Nettie TOWNSEND, Robert J 1918-Aug-25
GERMANY, Nevie OZBORN, Claude 1917-Dec-16
GILBERT, Lessie L RYALS, D D 1917-Aug-27
GILBERT, Nina SCOTT, J S 1913-Sep-24
GIPSON, Cassie BATES, D J 1916-Jan-08
GIPSON, Effie MYATT, Hunter 1915-Mar-11
GIPSON, Gertie MILLING, Lester 1914-Sep-20
GOFORTH, Ada MOODY, J A 1915-Aug-21
GOFORTH, Addie SNOWDEN, Dave J 1912-Dec-27
GOFORTH, Arnette TOLBERT, D A 1914-Oct-25
GOFORTH, M V Miss HUFMASTER, J E 1917-Feb-25
GOLDMAN, L A Miss DALLAS, W T 1919-Jan-26
GORDON, Agnes HARTLEY, Mike 1912-Sep-11
GORDON, Eulla DUNN, W R 1912-Jan-15
GORDON, Jessie WERKHEISER, E K 1916-May-06
GORDY, Velma MCKAY, T E 1920-Jun-15
GORE, Carrie JENKINS, Billie 1916-Nov-27
GRADY, May WATKINS, Gusie 1918-Jan-22
GRAFTON, Bettie V TURNER, W C 1917-Dec-09
GRAFTON, E V SMITH, Lune 1919-Dec-18
GRAFTON, Evelyn SHARP, S A 1918-Jun-02
GRAFTON, Fannie SMITH, W T 1915-Feb-06
GRAFTON, Georgia LOFTON, A E 1918-Sep-04
GRAHAM, Lillie SIKES, W T 1901-Oct-21
GRAHAM, Nellie BELK, A P 1913-Nov-18
GRAVES, Jewel E SEWARD, Otto 1913-Dec-14
GRAVES, Pearlie KILPATRICK, Linnie 1918-Aug-08
GRAY, Allie BRANTLEY, D W 1919-Jul-17
GRAY, Inez JACKSON, Frank 1919-Mar-24
GRAY, Moreen MAY, Jessie 1920-Aug-29
GREEN, Annie JOHNSON, A C 1918-Jan-20
GREEN, Catherine SANDERSON, W E 1901-Apr-03
GREEN, Lena PULLIN, C G 1920-Oct-31
GRICE, Minnie SPEARS, T F 1912-Sep-01
GRIFFIN, Alda HOBBY, Roger M 1919-Jan-22
GRIFFIN, Eva TOWNSEND, Myatt 1918-Mar-26
GRIFFIN, Ina PEDEN, Earl A 1915-Dec-10
GRIFFIN, Lespa FORD, W M 1918-Jan-19
GRIFFIN, Letha WHINERY, J E 1916-Apr-08
GRIFFIN, Mandy WHITE, Jasper 1917-Nov-28
GRIFFIN, Myrtle BARHAM, Dewey 1919-Mar-08
GRIFFIN, Velma WATKINS, B A 1920-Nov-01
GROSS, Annie MOTT, M 1913-Aug-17
GROSS, Lessie JONES, Lawrence L 1918-Aug-17
GROSS, Sallie GREEN, W A 1913-Aug-27
GUNTER, Colie M WILLIAMSON, O V 1914-Dec-31
GUTHRIE, Christina WHITE, William T 1912-Apr-14
GUTHRIE, Jocie MCNAIR, J D 1914-Aug-09



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