Newton County Brides

D - E

DALLAS, Bessie CROCKER, J H 1912-Nov-03
DALLAS, Elmira POPE, J L 1918-Nov-12
DALLIE, Mattie KRUGER, E M 1916-Dec-23
DANIELS, Ester PAGE, J T 1912-Jun-24
DANIELS, Sadie OTIS, William H 1913-Mar-03
DANSBY, Fannie BARNES, D J 1916-May-11
DANSBY, Lena TALBERT, George 1914-Aug-20
DARBY, Eunice GRUBBS, F L 1919-Nov-06
DARBY, Ruby FLINT, Frank 1916-Nov-30
DAVIDSON, Lena STOKES, W L 1912-Nov-07
DAVIDSON, Minnie HENLEY, W L 1917-Jun-10
DAVIDSON, Nellie SHAW, R W 1919-Jun-15
DAVIDSON, Nettie CREEKMORE, Grover 1913-Dec-25
DAVIDSON, Nora MOORE, S M 1914-Jun-22
DAVIDSON, Nora TUCKER, L L 1916-Apr-15
DAVIS, Lena ECHOLS, W A 1919-Mar-31
DAVIS, Ollie WILIAMSON, Frankie 1919-Oct-03
DAVIS, Sudie ALPHIN, J H 1919-Dec-04
DAVIS, Sudie ALPHIN, J H 1920-Dec-11
DAVIS, Sudie DAVIS, Hamp 1912-Jul-05
DAVISON, Flossie BROOKS, W M 1918-Oct-26
DAVISON, Lula TINGLE, B E 1919-Dec-23
DAWSON, Bessie WOOTEN, A J 1920-Oct-06
DEARING, Anna ARMSTRONG, J B 1919-Dec-24
DEARING, Clenie JONES, J B 1919-Jun-29
DEARING, Mary WADE, M W 1912-Nov-02
DEES, Irma THRASH, Monroe 1916-Dec-02
DENNIS, Alberta HARRISON, E D 1915-Jul-04
DENNIS, Jessie CANNON, Verner 1915-Jan-23
DEVINE, Revie BURNS, Davis 1917-Jul-15
DEWEESE, Bonnie MULHOLLAND, C W 1918-Aug-11
DEWEESE, Fannie SIMS, Elgie 1901-Oct-23
DEWEESE, Gladys KING, H G 1920-Sep-30
DEWEESE, Mary E MCCRORY, Robert 1917-Jul-01
DEWEESE, Nannie SMITH, J M 1914-Sep-06
DICKINSON, Effie HUDSON, Andrew 1916-Jul-15
DIVINE, M S Miss BLOUNT, H J 1920-Apr-22
DIVINE, Mary Lula SAVELL, R W 1912-Sep-22
DIXON, Jennie ALEXANDER, B F 1915-Aug-22
DOMAN, Lassie DORMAN, Albert 1920-Mar-07
DONALD, Lyda HAYS, J G 1912-Aug-13
DONALD, Willie DEES, Paul 1916-Sep-29
DOOLEY, Etta WOOTEN, Jim 1913-Jun-10
DOOLIE, Katie CHUNN, Fletcher 1919-Jun-02
DORMAN, Lola JOHNSON, George 1915-Jun-25
DOVE, Emma KIMBROUGH, Z H Jr 1913-Feb-07
DOVE, Katie Mae MILLING, F M 1919-Mar-06
DOWNEY, Mattie BRELAND, E T 1913-Jun-17
DOZIER, Bessie BARNETT, H C 1917-Sep-16
DREW, Mavis FANCHER, Tomie 1918-May-22
DREWERY, V D Miss WARE, C J 1913-May-03
DREWRY, Ada PARKER, E A 1916-Apr-16
DREWS, Mavice JOINER, C C 1912-Nov-23
DRURY, Victoria B ELLENBURG, Frank 1912-Apr-22
DUETT, Ada L ABEL, Karl 1912-Jun-09
DUETT, C I Miss DENTON, J E 1912-Aug-08
DUETT, Elvie GREGORY, Bob 1913-Oct-19
DUETT, M E Miss DENTON, J E 1913-Dec-28
DUNN, Alma RABB, George H 1914-Aug-23
DUNN, Amanda TOLBERT, W H 1919-Mar-23
DUNN, Fannie DUNN, Bennie 1920-Apr-18
DUNN, Lettie HARDY, J A 1914-Sep-08
DUNN, Melviney DUNN, A D 1920-Jan-07
EAKES, Lula MCKINION, Arthur 1917-Apr-21
EAKS, E M Miss BURKS, E D 1917-Apr-08
ECHOLS, Lillian COPELAND, S D 1920-Sep-08
EDNER, Cola HOUSTON, Charley 1916-Mar-09
EDWARDS, Maggie SMITH, O B 1919-Oct-29
EDWARDS, Pearl AKINS, E 1925-Aug-15
EDWARDS, Pearl AKINS, E C 1925-Aug-15
EDWARDS, Sarah Annie MYATT, W O 1916-Oct-17
ELLINBURG, E G Miss TULLOS, N C 1920-Jul-31
ELLINGTON, Lottie B JACKSON, Floss T 1914-May-02
ELLIS, Minnie WELLS, Arnold 1919-Sep-06
EPPERSON, Olivia RICKS, J A 1912-Dec-29
ETHRIDGE, Edna TURNER, J W 1912-Oct-03
EUBANKS, Effie FARISH, George R 1919-Aug-17
EUBANKS, Lafayette MOWDY, Geneva 1917-Dec-26
EUBANKS, Lula LUM, S E 1914-Mar-28
EUBANKS, Roma SMITH, George 1913-Oct-26
EVANS, E D Miss MCALISTER, E M 1913-Feb-03
EVANS, Floy WHITE, Ray 1920-Jul-29
EVANS, Jewel EDWARDS, Arthur 1920-Jul-08
EVENS, Mary RITCHIE, B B 1920-Aug-07



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