Newton County Brides


CAGLE, Vera JOHN, Jordan 1915-Jul-28
CALBERT, Bettie Lee ALFORD, W E 1921-Jul-16
CALLAHAN, Eunice MILLING, O L 1912-Apr-18
CALLIHAN, Mattie GERMANY, W W 1913-Jun-28
CALVERT, Essie Mae HARBOUR, T D 1917-Oct-21
CALVERT, Mamie MCKEE, A E 1918-Feb-09
CANN, Eva NICHOLSON, Beecher 1920-Jan-25
CANNON, Delia JONES, Milford 1916-May-27
CANNON, Ethel WARD, Earl 1915-Dec-02
CANNON, Jessie BURKES, Wiley 1914-Dec-23
CANNON, Jewel CONNER, Ross 1919-Jun-08
CANNON, Mattie STANDARD, J M 1915-Sep-16
CANNON, Ora HOLMAN, Paul 1912-Mar-22
CANNON, Stella SPIVEY, M S 1913-Apr-17
CANNON, Viola DRAKE, J N 1913-Jul-07
CARTER, Aliva ADCOCK, Robert 1925-Apr-18
CARTER, E A Mrs BOUNDS, W D 1916-Nov-15
CARTER, Fannie SPEARS, M N 1915-Sep-16
CARTER, Mattie MCGHEE, Wheeler 1915-Jun-14
CARTER, Nanie WARRER, W M 1918-Sep-15
CARTER, Virgie REA, J M 1919-Jan-12
CHANEY, Nora COGHLAN, Robert A 1918-Jul-16
CHAPMAN, Essie ROBERTSON, Walter 1914-Sep-05
CHAPMAN, Mamie WINSTEAD, R C 1920-Aug-07
CHATMAN, Budha ATKINS, Breaks 1920-Mar-12
CHEATHAM, Emley RUSH, Thomas H 1920-Jan-14
CHEATHAM, Willie Maude GIPSON, Roy 1916-May-23
CHESNEY, Annie WARREN, J E 1919-Jun-16
CHESNEY, Fannie WILKERSON, W T 1920-Jun-27
CHESNEY, Pearl FANCHER, Frank 1917-Mar-24
CHESNEY, Susie HERRINGTON, M M 1913-Feb-19
CHIRCH, Manilla BALLENDER, Claud 1914-Jul-19
CHISOLM, Annie THOMAS, William Thomas 1916-Sep-17
CHUNN, Loise BECKHAM, L P 1915-Nov-28
CLAIR, Drucilla WALTERS, A J 1917-Jan-03
CLAIRE, Isare ADKINS, O A 1923-Aug-22
CLARK, Bertha MOTT, Rufus 1919-Feb-05
CLARK, Hattie BELL, Louie 1914-Dec-26
CLARK, Hattie HARRIS, W H 1917-Feb-11
CLARK, Lemmie RAY, H M 1912-Dec-06
CLARK, Levader JOLLY, R B 1912-Dec-12
CLARK, Myrtle HIGGINBOTTOM, Brady 1919-Apr-12
CLARK, Osie JENKINS, A V 1917-May-06
CLARK, Verrie LANDON, Ike 1920-Oct-08
COATS, Jamie ROBERSON, Ben 1920-Jun-06
COATS, M E Miss JAMES, C J 1915-Aug-10
COATS, Nelva SHARP, Jim 1918-Nov-10
COATS, Ollie WOOTEN, Annie Ray 1919-Aug-31
COATS, Winnie WOOTEN, J M 1920-Oct-19
COATS, Zoda SMITH, R M 1901-Feb-08
COCKRELL, Ettie Mae NOWELL, C H 1918-Aug-10
CODE, Allie SNOW, J W 1916-Jan-16
COGHLAN, Nettie IRBY, Robert 1913-May-13
COKER, Hattie FARROW, H B 1916-Nov-10
COKER, Rubie May SHARP, I D 1917-Jul-29
COLE, Ercel COMMANS, Bud 1913-Sep-21
COLE, Eula LEWIS, Charles D 1919-Sep-17
COLE, Lillie LIVINGSTON, J P C 1917-Apr-29
COLE, Minnie Spinks LUKE, Eddie M 1913-Jun-28
COLE, Nancie THOMAS, C C 1916-Dec-24
COLE, Vernie RICHARDSON, Lee 1913-Apr-06
COLEY, Elizabeth MOORE, John David 1917-Jul-18
COLLINS, Lela ROY, Edgar 1913-Apr-02
COLLINS, Lena SIMS, D S 1916-Nov-19
COLLINS, Lillie MOORE, W G 1919-Nov-23
COLLINS, Melva SIMS, J M 1914-Feb-01
COLSON, Vida STOKES, G O 1919-Jul-28
COMANS, Alma PILGRIM, N M 1913-Mar-02
COMANS, Nellie BASSETT, Irvin Oscar 1920-Dec-25
COMANS, Quille BASSETT, H R 1914-Feb-03
COMEANS, Excie BREEDLOVE, Leon 1920-Dec-22
COOK, Ida ADAMS, J H 1917-Jan-21
COOK, Minnie WHITE, M J 1914-Jan-28
COOPER, Eula BROOKSHIRE, Newton D 1914-Oct-04
COPELAND, Agnes POE, E B 1919-Sep-16
COPELAND, Bidie CUMBERLAND, Gene 1912-Sep-29
COPELAND, Francis CUMBERLAND, W L 1920-Feb-24
COPELAND, Killie LACKEY, C L 1912-Jan-11
COPELAND, Laura ALEXANDER, W M 1919-Feb-13
COPELAND, Lavada ALEXANDER, W M 1919-Feb-13
COPELAND, Lenard CUMBERLAND, Effie 1920-Mar-14
COPELAND, Sallie FULTON, L L 1918-May-11
COUGHLAND, Alma WILLIS, Floyd 1912-Feb-14
COX, Eula GIPSON, K F 1920-Jun-24
COX, Zelma Lee JOHNSON, C R 1919-Aug-23
CREAMEN, Annie POPE, Stevie 1913-May-24
CRENSHAW, Stella JENKINS, J W 1916-Feb-06
CREWS, Alice JOHNSON, A L 1913-Jul-31
CREWS, Mattie JOHNSON, C T 1914-Nov-28
CREWS, Virgie PHILLIPS, Walter 1914-Nov-15
CROCKER, Mary STEPHENS, P D 1919-Dec-19
CROCKER, Nelly KIRKLAND, Allen 1920-Jan-21
CROCKER, Velina SALLEY, G H 1913-Feb-09
CROSBY, Queenie LIVINGSTON, J W 1917-Jul-07
CROSBY, Stella OZBORN, Kline 1920-Dec-26
CROSWELL, Myrtle HARDY, J L 1915-May-01
CROSWELL, Pearl SHARP, H C 1915-May-02
CROW, Claudie Lee BOGAN, L D 1912-Oct-24
CUMANS, Ida WILSON, C A 1915-Sep-18
CUMBERLAND, Effie COPELAND, Lenard 1920-Mar-14
CUMBERLAND, Iva LONG, Jesse 1915-Oct-10
CUMBERLAND, Lether BRYAN, M C 1920-Jan-18
CUMBERLAND, Nannie STEWART, B F 1912-Apr-14
CUMMINGS, Jessie Mae JOHNSON, Matt 1915-Dec-27



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