Montgomery County Grooms

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YARBROUGH, Roy MOSBY, Mattie 1906-Sep-16
YATES, Alvin KEY, Annie 1915-May-20
YATES, Caesar POWELL, Mandy 1915-Mar-16
YATES, Dan SIMPSON, Annie 1899-Jun-10
YATES, J D DUNN, Isabella 1900-Jan-15
YEAGER, C L HANNAH, Rosa 1901-Nov-05
YEAGER, J M WHITE, Ora 1902-Dec-18
YOUNG, A G KENNEDA, Lyda 1903-Dec-23
YOUNG, Charlie HERRING, Lizzie 1898-Jan-05
YOUNG, Doxie DONALD, Rosa 1913-Feb-22
YOUNG, Doxie MATTHEWS, Ida 1908-Nov-25
YOUNG, Edmond JONES, Charity 1910-Mar-19
YOUNG, Hosie EDWARDS, Melzena 1915-Jan-16
YOUNG, Jim SULLIVAN, Lillie 1910-Jan-22
YOUNG, John ROGUE, Carrie 1908-Apr-29
YOUNG, Lernon TOWNSEND, Janie 1912-Jan-26
YOUNG, Milus DANIELS, Gussie 1913-Feb-13
YOUNG, Robert DYRE, Hettie 1907-Sep-23
YOUNG, S A WADLINGTON, Emma 1912-Nov-14
YOUNG, Wesley SAWYER, Mary 1901-Feb-11
YOUNGS, James SEYMORE, Mattie 1908-Feb-06



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