Montgomery County Grooms


TALLEY, C M HARPOLE, Ada 1910-May-21
TALLEY, Charles HARRIS, Emma 1903-Jun-27
TALLEY, W M HARRIS, Vivian 1902-Apr-30
TAMBERSON, Ward HOLMAN, Emma 1904-May-02
TATE, Allen PURNELL, Mattie 1905-Jan-28
TATE, John CROWDER, Fannie 1907-Oct-02
TATUM, Houston CAMPBELL, Lena 1895-Jul-02
TAYLER, Isom CHAMBLE, Rosa 1903-Jul-04
TAYLOR, Allen BARNES, Essie 1908-Nov-18
TAYLOR, Austin MOORE, Lizzie 1908-May-02
TAYLOR, Dentis FORREST, Mollie 1902-Oct-11
TAYLOR, Donnie TAYLOR, G E 1904-Nov-19
TAYLOR, Erline PALMER, Nettie 1895-Dec-12
TAYLOR, G E TAYLOR, Donnie 1904-Nov-19
TAYLOR, Gone MCCALL, Dora 1905-Sep-16
TAYLOR, Guss BEAN, Lenard 1899-Jul-27
TAYLOR, H E HERMAN, Sallie 1909-Oct-30
TAYLOR, Hosea REYNOLDS, Anna 1911-Oct-14
TAYLOR, J J BENNETT, Sallie 1907-Mar-08
TAYLOR, J L DRANE, Mary 1907-Oct-15
TAYLOR, James FORD, Vivian 1906-Oct-06
TAYLOR, Jinnie LAMB, Dave 1907-Jul-18
TAYLOR, Mort HERMAN, Josie 1911-Dec-23
TAYLOR, P L SPRUILL, Nellie 1903-Apr-01
TAYLOR, R H SIMMS, Minnie 1915-Nov-21
TAYLOR, S G ALDRIDGE, S E Miss 1910-Dec-01
TAYLOR, T E DAVIS, Winnie 1911-Aug-04
TAYLOR, Thomas TROTTER, Willie 1902-Jan-29
TAYLOR, Tom HENRY, Lillie 1896-Mar-14
TAYLOR, Tom MILLER, Lora 1899-Dec-02
TAYLOR, Wiley CAMPBELL, Emma 1899-Jul-01
TAYLOR, Will WINFREY, Mattie 1912-Feb-01
TEAL, Herman GIBSON, Bettie 1911-Dec-30
TEDDER, J B NEAL, Alice 1911-Jun-28
TEMPLE, T M HOLMES, Alma 1910-Mar-26
TEMPLES, Edward HOLMES, Pearl 1904-Dec-29
TERRY, Ben WILKINS, Lona 1907-Nov-14
TERRY, Bob TOBER, Melzena 1900-Aug-11
TERRY, R S BROWN, Lizzie 1907-Mar-18
TERRY, Robert TABOR, Rachael 1901-Feb-09
TETTER, George WILSON, Jennie 1906-Jan-12
THARP, J H SEARCY, Annie 1912-Oct-21
THOMAS, B E WILLIAMS, Lou 1912-Jun-14
THOMAS, C H HARRIS, Sallie 1910-Dec-26
THOMAS, C H NASH, Gertrude 1906-Aug-28
THOMAS, Cain SCOTT, Mattie 1905-Dec-30
THOMAS, Fed HALEY, Mollie 1904-Dec-31
THOMAS, Foyette FORREST, May 1914-Oct-23
THOMAS, Frank HAMBY, Mary 1908-Jun-14
THOMAS, Fred HARRISON, Mary 1905-Oct-25
THOMAS, Hale CAMPBELL, Fannie 1908-Aug-18
THOMAS, J M TAYLOR, Abigail 1904-May-21
THOMAS, J P WALKER, Ethel 1903-Jan-14
THOMAS, T T WHITTLE, Hattie 1905-Jan-25
THOMASON, J M BURKS, M D Miss 1910-Mar-10
THOMPSON, Anderson WATKINS, Daisy 1905-Oct-14
THOMPSON, Augustus NICKELS, Mary 1907-Mar-04
THOMPSON, Claud SANDERS, Carrie 1905-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Edgar LOTT, Anna 1902-Dec-19
THOMPSON, Everett LOVE, Lizzie 1898-Dec-08
THOMPSON, Everett WILLIAMS, Lena 1907-Jun-14
THOMPSON, Felix JONES, Alma 1906-Apr-07
THOMPSON, Hugh BALL, Addie 1901-Feb-13
THOMPSON, Hugh POWELL, Barner 1903-Dec-24
THOMPSON, J H SANDERS, Sammie Miss 1910-May-13
THOMPSON, James DRANE, Lizzie 1908-May-16
THOMPSON, Jesse BUTTS, Lillian 1899-Sep-20
THOMPSON, Jim WATKINS, Daisy 1901-Oct-07
THOMPSON, Jim Miss GEE, Cas 1908-Dec-23
THOMPSON, Joe GOLDEN, Lallie 1906-Jul-18
THOMPSON, L B BAINS, Annie 1907-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Lee HUDSON, Bet 1904-Aug-06
THOMPSON, Loyd ADAIR, Carrie 1913-Jan-18
THOMPSON, Luther CRAIG, Annie 1900-Dec-22
THOMPSON, M P DOBBINS, M L Miss 1907-Jul-02
THOMPSON, Major FLEMINGS, Pattie 1896-Apr-07
THOMPSON, Martin MILLER, Ella 1912-Dec-26
THOMPSON, Sam PARKER, Julia 1895-Jul-06
THOMPSON, T M WEBB, Alice 1901-Nov-26
THOMPSON, Thomas HARVEY, Lena 1910-Aug-13
THOMPSON, Thomas WILLIAMS, Effie 1907-Oct-01
THOMPSON, Tobe RUFFIN, Ella 1911-Jan-05
THOMPSON, W Scott HARPOLE, Lona 1908-Nov-21
THOMPSON, William GUNN, Jennie 1913-May-12
THREADGILL, J L BLAYLOCK, Lallie 1915-Jul-08
THREADGILL, W W LOCKE, Mary 1910-Feb-19
THURMOND, Hunter BIBB, Kate 1901-Feb-14
THURMOND, James HALBERT, Myrtle 1912-Oct-01
THURMOND, Marshall COOPER, Fannie 1906-Jan-11
TIDWELL, R M KEY, Rosa 1902-Jan-23
TILLMAN, Dave ANDERSON, Sue 1896-May-30
TILLMON, Edgar MCCRINSTON, Ida 1911-Apr-01
TILMON, Andrew MCMATH, Lola 1909-Jan-16
TISHMAN, Fernando COX, Maggie 1915-Aug-04
TODD, L O VAUGHAN, Tuannie 1905-Jun-26
TOLAN, J L MORGAN, Bessie 1902-Jan-27
TOLBERT, Jerry WITTY, Bessie 1908-Oct-18
TOLIVER, Felix LEPSIE, Elizabeth 1902-Jun-19
TOLIVER, G A CREATH, Eliza 1901-Feb-28
TOLIVER, Henry DAVIS, Pearl 1906-Mar-10
TOLIVER, Perry HUGGINS, Nannie 1899-Dec-27
TOLLERSON, G W ANDREWS, Eula 1908-Dec-26
TOLLERSON, L C CAMPBELL, Cammie 1910-Apr-20
TOLLISON, B A WILOBY, L E Miss 1903-Aug-05
TOMAS, Simon HUMES, Emma 1897-Sep-01
TOPLEY, Jessie SHELTON, Nora 1909-Jan-11
TOPP, George CAMPBELL, Linnie 1907-Jan-29
TOPP, Jennings MCNEILL, Sarah 1898-Nov-06
TOPP, Richard PEEPLES, Elnora 1914-Dec-22
TOWNSEND, B F WATSON, Lelia 1904-Dec-03
TOWNSEND, Carey CAFFEY, Bettie 1914-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Carey CAMPBELL, Cely 1907-Jul-15
TOWNSEND, Eli TOWNSEND, Lucinda 1902-Dec-26
TOWNSEND, Evander BELL, Mebzena 1907-Apr-27
TOWNSEND, Frank ROBINSON, Sofie 1907-Dec-31
TOWNSEND, Frank TOWNSEND, Sallie 1908-Jul-11
TOWNSEND, G R BOYLESS, Roxsie 1902-Dec-17
TOWNSEND, Henry CRENSHAW, Cinda 1905-Dec-23
TOWNSEND, Henry WADLINGTON, Blanche 1900-Feb-15
TOWNSEND, Howard PEGUER, Hattie 1908-Jun-10
TOWNSEND, Howard TROTTER, Eula 1908-Jan-08
TOWNSEND, J F GRIFFIN, Dollie 1905-Jun-28
TOWNSEND, J H NEAL, Mary 1897-Jul-01
TOWNSEND, Jake APPLEWHITE, Emma 1915-Dec-24
TOWNSEND, Jake PITTMAN, Annie 1898-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Jesse EUBANKS, Mamie 1911-Dec-16
TOWNSEND, Joe STAPLES, Ella 1913-Dec-06
TOWNSEND, John CAMPBELL, Mary 1901-Feb-18
TOWNSEND, John VANCE, Carrie 1914-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Johnson SIMPSON, Minie 1912-Dec-16
TOWNSEND, Luther APPLEWHITE, Lillian 1907-Jan-05
TOWNSEND, Mack HEMPHILL, Julia 1908-Dec-26
TOWNSEND, Mack JAMES, Lillie 1900-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Monroe PARKER, Clarasy 1898-Jan-15
TOWNSEND, N L MCNEILL, Lyle 1902-Mar-06
TOWNSEND, Nathan FARROR, Mary 1898-Dec-22
TOWNSEND, Nelson HARVEY, Julia 1899-Mar-04
TOWNSEND, Percy HIGHTOWER, Mary 1908-Jan-30
TOWNSEND, Robert PEEPLES, Laura 1901-Jul-16
TOWNSEND, W E EDWARDS, Lula 1899-Oct-30
TOWNSEND, W M HEARON, J B Miss 1904-Dec-12
TOWNSEND, Walter BOATMAN, Virginia 1914-Dec-16
TOWNSEND, Walter OLIVER, Margie 1897-May-04
TOWNSEND, Warren CURTIS, Rachel 1899-Dec-06
TOWNSEND, Warren SEALS, Julia 1896-Jan-08
TOWNSEND, Wash SMITH, Pearl 1903-Aug-17
TOWNSEND, Will HINSON, Minnie 1903-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Willie PURNELL, George 1900-Jan-16
TOWNSEND, Willie WRIGHT, Willie 1906-Aug-25
TOWNSEND, Wilson ROBERTS, Joella 1900-Aug-04
TREADWAY, Henry STEWART, Lula 1901-Jan-20
TRIBBLEE, A K WILLIAMS, Leona 1907-Mar-18
TROTLER, Lee MARTIN, Evaline 1909-Nov-30
TROTLER, Will MOSELEY, Martha 1910-May-14
TROTTER, Alex SIMMS, Maggie 1909-Nov-17
TROTTER, Alga BRONTE, Eliza 1901-Sep-28
TROTTER, Ben WILLIAMS, Jennie 1902-Feb-19
TROTTER, Benjamin POLSON, Carrie 1896-Nov-24
TROTTER, C H BURDAN, Alberta 1901-Jul-08
TROTTER, Ernie PITTMAN, Cherry 1910-Oct-08
TROTTER, Horner LOGGINS, Alma 1911-Jan-06
TROTTER, James DENNIS, Ollie 1909-Jan-21
TROTTER, Jennie MCNUTT, Moses 1913-Jan-16
TROTTER, Joe TOWNSEND, Fannie 1896-Nov-12
TROTTER, John WITLY, Eliza 1901-Jul-14
TROTTER, Lee DENNIS, India 1902-Mar-03
TROTTER, Link HARGONE, Jennie 1900-Oct-27
TROTTER, Pleas ADAIR, Elizabeth 1905-Feb-16
TROTTER, Pleas BUTT, Hattie 1903-Jan-20
TROTTER, Pleas CROWDER, Melba 1897-Dec-08
TROTTER, Pleasant SAWYER, Retta 1897-Dec-30
TROTTER, Pleasant SMALL, Ella 1897-Jan-18
TROTTER, Pleasant TROTTER, Annie 1907-Jul-15
TROTTER, Will EDWARDS, Octavia 1913-Apr-21
TUPMAN, Mercer LANE, Mattie 1912-Dec-17
TURNER, Elic ROBERSON, Annie 1895-Dec-23
TURNER, Horace MCMATH, Alice 1906-Mar-08
TURNER, Irah LANDRUM, W C 1901-Mar-02
TURNER, Jerry GORDEN, Gabriel 1901-May-11
TURNER, Joe MCLEAN, Alma 1910-Oct-08
TURNER, Nortie CARTIE, Sarah 1904-Dec-28
TURNER, Simon COVINGTON, Mary 1912-Jan-13
TURNER, Willie RATLIFF, Charlie 1901-Mar-08
TURNER, Wm WITTY, Lillie 1906-Nov-14
TURNER, Wyatt CRAIN, Hester 1910-May-10
TURRELL, Charles GAYDEN, Nornie 1905-Aug-31
TYLER, A B STEVENS, Olivia 1906-Sep-11
TYLER, Claude KINDLE, Tillman 1904-Dec-22
TYLER, Frank CURTIS, Rosa 1907-Dec-24
TYLER, G W BLAYLOCK, M M Miss 1908-Jan-10
TYLER, Henry LANG, Rebecca 1895-Nov-08
TYLER, Joe CURTIS, Taying 1907-Dec-24
TYLER, Joe HARVEY, Rosa 1908-Dec-24
TYLER, Joe WARE, Ada 1898-Feb-03
TYLER, John MAXWELL, Mary 1906-Jan-26
TYLER, Pink BECK, Rosetta 1897-Feb-02
TYLER, Pink SALLEY, Alice 1911-Apr-07
TYLER, W C NEAL, Nellie 1908-Mar-07
TYSON, Jim CAMPBELL, Celia 1904-May-28
TYSON, Jim RATLIFF, Minnie 1908-Dec-21
TYSON, Tranyer NEAL, Jane 1899-Jan-18



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