Montgomery County Grooms


RAGLING, Henry HARVEY, Alice 1898-Jan-06
RAMSEY, J W MITCHELL, Sabry 1903-Jun-11
RAMSEY, W L DORRIS, Lena 1909-Aug-04
RAMSEY, W L MELTON, Hattie 1905-Jan-21
RANDLE, Emmette YELVINGTON, Mary 1904-Oct-04
RANDLE, Fred ELY, Mabry 1912-Dec-25
RANDOLPH, Grant JACKSON, Carrie 1904-Jul-28
RANDOLPH, John ARMSTEAD, Bessie 1911-Dec-24
RANDOLPH, John BEAN, Fannie 1900-Mar-22
RANSOM, A E ALDRED, Etta 1901-Dec-20
RANSOM, Dick BENNETT, Lillian 1911-Apr-03
RANSOME, Gillespie BENNETT, Ethel 1910-Dec-21
RANSOME, Mickle TYLER, Zoetta 1911-Dec-30
RATLIFF, Andrew LOGAN, Fannie 1914-Sep-27
RATLIFF, Aron JOHNSON, Francis 1908-Oct-09
RATLIFF, Charlie CROWDER, Mealie 1909-May-27
RATLIFF, Charlie INGRAM, Lucy 1900-Feb-27
RATLIFF, Charlie TURNER, Willie 1901-Mar-08
RATLIFF, Edd SYKES, Carrie 1907-Feb-23
RATLIFF, Edgar SYKES, Carry 1905-Dec-24
RATLIFF, F R RAMBO, Alma 1908-Aug-14
RATLIFF, Glenn MCLEAN, Lila 1904-Dec-22
RATLIFF, Isarel BAILEY, Willie 1901-Dec-18
RATLIFF, James MCCRINSTON, Ellen 1903-Jan-07
RATLIFF, Jim HICKS, Willie 1899-Feb-17
RATLIFF, Jim HUDGINS, Mary 1915-Mar-30
RATLIFF, John LAWRANCE, Nettie 1900-Dec-20
RATLIFF, John PURNELL, Victoria 1908-Dec-24
RATLIFF, Lee HOMER, Sallie 1896-Jul-09
RATLIFF, Monroe ANTHONY, Mary 1913-Sep-27
RATLIFF, Mose OLIVER, Liddie 1907-Dec-02
RATLIFF, Moses TAYLOR, Mary 1896-Mar-20
RATLIFF, Sam HUGHES, Sidney 1902-Sep-27
RATLIFF, Will KENNEDY, Neiley 1911-Mar-04
RAY, Archie PEEPLES, Mollie 1896-Dec-24
RAY, Henry RANSOM, Belle 1899-Apr-03
RAY, J H CHANDLER, Minnie 1911-May-06
RAY, John MCCRINSTON, Emma 1904-Dec-13
RAY, John RAY, Hope 1900-Jan-29
RAY, Lee RAY, Eliza 1908-Jul-11
RAYBON, T C BENSON, Mattie 1911-Apr-19
REDMAN, Lucius DAVIS, Mary 1898-Aug-25
REDMOND, Wm INGRAM, Malinda 1896-Feb-08
REED, J M NUNN, Tonie 1909-Dec-12
REEL, George BAILEY, Clara 1911-Sep-18
REEVES, B F REEVES, Eula 1910-Oct-01
REEVES, C R CASSIDAY, Eula 1904-Sep-27
REEVES, J J HOLMES, Pinkie 1907-Sep-06
REEVES, Pink BENNETT, Mittie 1908-Sep-19
REVIERE, J F MILLER, Pennie 1903-Sep-10
REYNOLDS, G A CHANDLER, Maude 1906-Apr-26
RHEA, Kenneth WILLIAMS, Oney 1911-Nov-08
RICHARDSON, Elbert TOWNSEND, Saddie 1902-Sep-27
RICHARDSON, N V BROWN, Alice 1908-Sep-30
RICHMOND, C M VAUGHT, Rosa 1910-Oct-26
RICK, David SYKES, Lula 1905-Mar-14
RICKETS, Robert SHIP, Maggie 1900-Apr-14
RILEY, Robert BUSH, Annie 1914-Jun-20
RILEY, Tom ALLEN, Minerva 1907-Oct-31
RIMPSEY, Sam BLEDSOE, Martha 1912-Apr-20
RINE, J C BRANTLEY, Lovie 1902-Dec-22
RINGOLD, Adam NEAL, Katie 1901-Jul-21
RINGOLD, James DAVIS, Alva 1901-Feb-27
RIST, James BINDFORD, Lillie 1900-Nov-06
ROBERSON, Ed BLAYLOCK, Lizzie 1902-May-31
ROBERSON, Tom MCCRINSTON, Lee Miss 1911-Mar-18
ROBERTS, A Y PEARSON, M A Miss 1909-Nov-17
ROBERTS, Ed MARSHALL, Clola 1915-Dec-10
ROBERTS, Everette MOREHEAD, Olive 1907-Aug-21
ROBERTS, Houston GRANTHAM, Sallie 1907-Jan-28
ROBERTS, J Walter COLEMAN, Lucy 1905-Jun-20
ROBERTS, John PARKER, Hattie 1903-Jun-19
ROBERTSON, E P ELLIS, Lena 1901-Dec-19
ROBERTSON, Levi DUNN, Velma 1913-Dec-23
ROBINSON, Albert TROTTER, Rosa 1911-Dec-09
ROBINSON, Alex BOX, Villa 1911-Jan-11
ROBINSON, Andrew HILL, Sarah 1908-Jan-18
ROBINSON, Ben DAVIS, Ethel 1903-Aug-07
ROBINSON, Bob HEMPHILL, Clara 1911-Sep-16
ROBINSON, Bob TAYLOR, Luvera 1910-Dec-28
ROBINSON, Charlie GOHBSTON, Virginia 1908-Dec-24
ROBINSON, Eddie NORSWORTHY, Bessie 1915-Mar-17
ROBINSON, Elbert KIMBROUGH, Ella 1901-Feb-16
ROBINSON, Eli SIMS, Lougine 1903-Jun-27
ROBINSON, Frank NORSWORTHY, Dora 1899-Dec-23
ROBINSON, George CRENSHAW, Annie 1913-Dec-24
ROBINSON, George FLOWERS, Henrietta 1898-Mar-03
ROBINSON, Henry AMANS, Mary 1903-Nov-12
ROBINSON, J L HILL, Celeste 1909-Oct-23
ROBINSON, John COVINGTON, Amy 1909-Mar-10
ROBINSON, John HINSON, Mariah 1895-Aug-20
ROBINSON, John TOWNSEND, Lucinda 1903-Jul-14
ROBINSON, Jordan HARVEY, Della 1898-Jan-15
ROBINSON, Money HAMMOND, Lizzie 1899-Nov-25
ROBINSON, Mose LINDSEY, Lilly 1901-Aug-20
ROBINSON, Thomas BUTT, Ida 1902-Mar-03
ROBINSON, Vander BENNETT, Louisa 1910-Aug-13
ROBINSON, Wesley MCERAN, Mattie 1906-Mar-15
ROBINSON, Zander GARY, Lurina 1904-Dec-14
RODGERS, Charles WHISENANT, Mary 1903-May-26
RODGERS, E J GRANTHAM, Fannie 1903-Feb-04
RODGERS, Eugene KIMBROUGH, Sarah 1900-Mar-06
RODGERS, W Leslie WRIGHT, Etta 1906-Dec-08
ROE, Recy POE, Belle 1912-Sep-26
ROGERS, Earnest HARVEY, Georgia 1902-Dec-23
ROGERS, L R DUNN, Josephine 1905-Apr-27
ROLAND, Freeman BUTLER, Francis 1911-Feb-03
ROME, S Johnson STAPLES, Ella 1912-Jul-15
ROSAMOND, J H TROTTER, Anna 1905-Mar-01
ROSE, G L JOHNSON, Lelia 1904-Dec-23
ROSE, John KENT, Maud 1911-May-10
ROSE, Tilmon SHAW, Lottie 1912-Jul-19
ROSS, Eddy ESKRIDGE, Margaret 1898-Dec-22
ROSS, Orman MCGAW, Estell 1915-Jul-30
ROSS, Will MOORE, Gertrude 1913-Jul-25
ROWE, J T ROBINSON, J O Miss 1907-Oct-29
ROWE, R H POE, Mabelle 1909-Jan-02
ROWE, Vernon BRISTER, May 1909-Mar-16
ROWEL, Sue ROSE, Eliza 1909-Oct-30
ROWELL, Lindsay BUTTS, Carrie 1913-Jan-22
ROWLAND, Freeman MCNUTT, Cherry 1904-Jan-09
ROWLAND, Henry YOUNG, Velma 1910-Dec-17
ROWLAND, J R BENNETT, Susie 1912-Nov-25
ROWLAND, John WILLIAMS, Louisa 1908-Jul-01
ROWLAND, Y H CAMPBELL, Cora 1912-Oct-04
ROY, Jim BINGHAM, Alice 1913-Dec-02
RUEGAMER, E BURR, Aubrey 1911-Dec-18
RUSHING, A B FOX, Leomie 1913-Feb-15
RUSSEL, George SANFORD, Lillie 1909-Mar-17
RUSSEL, R C TRAINER, Alma 1902-Aug-30
RUSSELL, Arthur SULLIVAN, Lucille 1911-Apr-10
RUSSELL, J R WILLIAMS, Minnie 1902-Apr-12
RUSSELL, R R BARFIELD, Virgie 1905-Nov-04
RUTLEDGE, Tom SHELTON, Lola 1912-Apr-08



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