Montgomery County Grooms

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NABORS, Henry OUTLAW, Willie 1907-Nov-13
NABORS, Will QUINN, Connie 1905-Nov-28
NAIL, Joe NAIL, Maude 1915-Mar-22
NARON, Ellard SHELTON, Mary 1906-Mar-17
NASH, Arthur PARKER, Leona 1908-Jan-17
NASH, Joe BROWN, Mary 1899-Dec-07
NASH, Stanley STEEN, Willie 1902-Nov-22
NASH, Will CAMPBELL, Lallie 1908-Apr-17
NEAL, A D HOLMES, Sue 1911-Apr-12
NEAL, Benjamin BARFIELD, J D Miss 1904-Apr-26
NEAL, C A MCPHERSON, Effie 1911-May-23
NEAL, J A MORTIMER, L A Miss 1901-May-01
NEAL, J H DOWNS, Ester 1908-Sep-23
NEAL, Jim ESKRIDGE, Francis 1904-Mar-09
NEAL, Josiah WHITE, Minta 1906-Nov-10
NEAL, Monroe MCNEILL, Alice 1914-Dec-23
NEAL, Robert JONES, Emma 1904-Jan-19
NEEL, Bob CARPENTER, Luvenia 1912-Jan-23
NEELY, Eugene VERNON, Effie 1912-Dec-23
NELMS, Jessie ALLEN, Virgie 1902-Feb-18
NELSON, Arthur HOWARD, Ruth 1905-Feb-06
NELSON, Arthur KIMBROUGH, Melzonia 1909-Jul-03
NELSON, C T JOHNSON, Ola 1901-Dec-23
NELSON, James MITCHELL, Jennie 1907-Dec-20
NELSON, Lee BEAN, Beatrice 1911-Mar-16
NEWBON, Peter WADLINGTON, Lizzie 1903-Dec-28
NEWCOMB, Fred BRANNER, Maggie 1903-Jan-19
NEWELL, Alex FORD, Pattie 1909-Sep-25
NEWMAN, Ben BASKINS, Maggie 1897-Mar-06
NEWMAN, Ben COPELAND, Caroline 1898-Feb-07
NEWRAL, Bob WARTS, Edna 1914-Mar-19
NICHOLS, Isaac WEBB, Pearly 1902-Dec-28
NICKLES, Henry HARRIS, Connie 1905-Jan-16
NOLEN, Tom HOUSTON, Susie 1913-Nov-22
NOLEN, Willie STOWERS, Wm 1900-Apr-21
NORMANDIN, F H FLAKE, Birdie 1903-Apr-25
NORRIS, Robert MCILWAIN, Meldie 1912-Nov-05
NORSWORTHY, Offie JOHNSON, Minda 1908-Jan-11
NORSWORTHY, Tom SMITH, Alma 1901-Sep-02
NORSWORTHY, Wash HAMER, Jennie 1900-Jan-23
NORTHSWORTHY, Offie NEAL, Mabel 1909-Nov-22
NORWOOD, Charly BIBB, Bettie 1895-May-29
NORWOOD, Houston MCMATH, Linnie 1909-Dec-15
NORWOOD, Jessie DRANE, Rosa 1913-Nov-29
NORWOOD, Jimmie JONES, Eliza 1902-Jul-02
NORWOOD, Jimmie MACK, Nancy 1904-Dec-15
NORWOOD, Loys HOLMES, G L 1910-Nov-25
NORWOOD, Moses GARY, Candis 1904-Feb-04
NORWOOD, Moses WOOD, Mattie 1911-Jan-09
NUGGINS, Charlie MARSHALL, Lottie 1904-Jun-07
NUNN, J C MCELROY, Sallie 1910-Dec-19
NUNN, J E KEMP, Lillie 1908-Jul-16
NYE, Wm REID, Nanny 1905-Jan-07
ODD, Albert FORREST, Mary 1898-Jun-23
OGLESBY, J C INGRAM, Docia 1902-Mar-15
OHARA, Will HARDING, O M 1910-Aug-04
OKEEFE, E J SANDIDGE, Carrie 1906-Mar-31
OKEEFE, R A DUNN, Harriett 1901-Dec-03
OLDHAM, J W STAFFORD, Hattie 1908-Mar-28
OLIVER, Alvin INGRAM, Laura 1901-Dec-19
OLIVER, Andrew JONES, Estella 1908-Jan-21
OLIVER, Clent RATLIFF, Lora 1907-Mar-20
OLIVER, Clint CAMPBELL, Pearl 1897-Feb-04
OLIVER, George NEAL, Maggie 1900-Jan-16
OLIVER, Leon FERGUSON, Mary 1904-Dec-16
OLIVER, R B GREENLEE, Angie 1908-Feb-24
OLIVER, Randolph EVANS, Addie 1906-Aug-21
OLIVER, Randolph THOMPSON, Flora 1902-Jan-28
OLIVER, Robbie WALKER, J D 1906-May-23
OLIVER, S M HIGHTOWER, Lyda 1911-Jul-31
OLIVER, Will JONES, Annie 1913-Feb-13
OLIVER, William PEEPLES, Addie 1903-Nov-10
ONEAL, J C WILLIAMS, Lucy 1905-Jan-01
ONEAL, J Y WEST, Mamie 1907-Mar-14
ONEAL, James DAVIS, Emma 1898-Mar-17
ONEAL, R H KENT, Pinkey 1906-Jan-04
ONEAL, T B KENT, Claudie 1912-Nov-12
ONEAL, W B GORDON, Lula 1905-Sep-13
ONEAL, W E KINNEY, Julia 1907-Dec-04
ONEAL, Wiley BARRON, Ella 1906-Mar-14
ONEAL, William ESKRIDGE, Lizzie 1911-Sep-02
ONEAL, William WATKINS, Amanda 1908-Aug-15
ORLINPLY, H LEVY, Allie 1901-Nov-11
ORVIN, Will MITCHELL, Minda 1900-Jan-25
OSCAR, C T OVERSTREET, Eliza 1895-Sep-09
OUTLAW, John YOUNG, Willie Miss 1899-Sep-26
OUTLAW, Willie NABORS, Henry 1907-Nov-13
OVERSTREET, David EVANS, Ida 1908-Dec-29
OVERSTREET, Johnie DOWNS, Rosa 1908-Nov-20
OVERSTREET, Thomas PARKINSON, Maggie 1911-Aug-08
OVY, George ALDRIDGE, Fannie 1914-Dec-19
OWEN, R M BIBB, Emma 1910-Jun-15
OWENS, Jim PARKER, Mary 1899-Dec-09



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