Montgomery County Grooms

K - L

KASTORFF, Ernest LEWIS, Gladys 1913-Mar-22
KEALHOFER, W H HAYS, Nolie 1902-Jul-28
KEITH, J D CRUISE, Mattie 1902-Jul-30
KEITH, J O HARDIN, Jane 1909-Jan-02
KELLER, Mack PITTMAN, Alice 1907-Jan-22
KELLEY, John HIRARD, Maude 1903-Apr-14
KELLY, J F MCGARRH, Lee 1902-Jun-21
KELLY, John COLEMAN, Lilly 1900-Mar-30
KELLY, Manuel SYKES, Annie 1899-Mar-22
KELLY, Thornton FOREST, Mary 1902-Aug-25
KELSO, Miles GOOCH, Jane 1897-Oct-16
KEMP, Johnie BLAYLOCK, Hester 1907-Mar-16
KEMP, L E MOORE, Willie 1909-Jan-20
KENNEDA, C C LOGGINS, Mattie 1902-Jan-28
KENNEDY, Hammond FOX, Viola 1915-May-26
KENNEDY, J P INGRAM, Emma 1904-Aug-17
KENNEDY, John FOREST, Ben Rubie 1912-Dec-28
KENNEDY, Morris ADAMS, Lemie 1897-Jan-23
KENNEDY, Morris JONES, Eloise 1901-Oct-07
KENT, Bertran SMITH, Willie 1908-Aug-27
KENT, Clerk WITTY, Elizabeth 1907-Jan-12
KENT, E J BIBB, Minnie 1908-Feb-18
KENT, F S CALDWELL, Rena 1909-Jan-02
KENT, T L COX, Ida 1906-Jan-30
KETTLE, Will CHILDRESS, Susie 1904-Dec-05
KEY, Abe YATES, Mary 1897-Sep-16
KEY, Earl GRICE, Annie 1915-Jan-14
KEY, W R GIBSON, Lillie 1903-Jul-21
KIDD, Harvey WEBSTER, Mary 1903-Apr-28
KILGOR, Clyde STINSON, Floy 1910-Jul-26
KILGORE, Clyde STINSON, Floy 1910-Dec-27
KIMBLE, Van JACKSON, Lucinda 1899-Mar-15
KIMBROUGH, Amos ARNOLD, Myrtle 1906-Apr-05
KIMBROUGH, Robert DAVENPORT, Marion 1907-May-27
KINDLE, John WATSON, Sarah 1897-Feb-25
KINDLE, Tillman TYLER, Claude 1904-Dec-22
KINDRED, Ben WARD, Ruby 1915-Apr-24
KINDRED, Clem BAKER, B Miss 1911-Nov-23
KINDRED, Earnest ERWIN, Alcora 1910-Dec-29
KINDRED, George SYKES, Mandy 1907-Dec-13
KINDRED, Lem WILLIAMS, Cornelia 1904-Dec-21
KING, B Y PARKER, Daisy 1904-Oct-17
KING, Burt CALLIA, Bell 1910-Feb-26
KING, Dan WILLIAMS, Missouri 1907-Feb-28
KING, George HARRIS, Mary 1908-Oct-21
KING, H B BRASWELL, Emma 1904-Oct-31
KING, Jim CANEDY, Mary 1912-Apr-24
KING, Marion MILES, Georgia 1910-Jan-20
KING, Percy BELL, Minnie 1911-Dec-22
KING, Perry MCKING, Lizzie 1902-Jan-21
KING, S C WATTS, Alma 1906-Dec-27
KING, W E WARE, Sue 1902-Aug-21
KING, Wilford LANGLEY, Lizzie 1906-Dec-22
KINNEY, Albert SMOOTS, Erline 1912-Jun-10
KINNEY, Austin MOORE, Columbus 1910-Dec-24
KINNEY, Frank TROTTER, Ella 1914-Jun-18
KIRK, J A PYRON, Tallon 1910-Nov-30
KIRK, J R STONE, Ruth 1907-Dec-19
KIRK, J W WYATT, May 1909-Dec-31
KIRK, W L MITCHELL, Mittie 1910-Feb-10
KIRKMAN, Hudson SILAS, Henrietta 1911-Jul-08
KIRKWOOD, Miles HAMER, Alice 1914-May-23
KNIGHT, Andrew FORD, Bettie 1911-Jan-28
KNIGHT, George BIBB, Roxie 1902-Aug-13
KNIGHT, Robert CARPENTER, Alvia 1907-Dec-20
KNIGHT, Willie POWELL, Mort 1911-Sep-22
KNOERR, H M WOOD, Jennie 1911-Jun-24
KNOTT, W J MCLEAN, Ada 1904-Nov-16
KNOX, Armistead TROTTER, Georgia 1905-Dec-23
KNOX, Armstead HUDSON, Mary 1897-Feb-03
KNOX, Ed HUDSON, Roxie 1900-Dec-24
KNOX, Johnnie MCMATH, Martha 1909-Aug-10
KNOX, Link INGRAM, Liza 1896-Feb-19
KNOX, Reece FORST, Mollie 1902-Apr-19
KRICKER, John MOON, Mary 1905-Jan-18
LAGRONE, A L STOVALL, Dollye 1909-Dec-27
LAKE, Dennis TOLIVER, Callie 1895-Jul-18
LAMB, Benford HOLMES, Esther 1908-Jan-10
LAMB, Dave TAYLOR, Jinnie 1907-Jul-18
LAMB, H W HUFFMAN, Lura 1901-Nov-04
LAMB, S G MITCHELL, Sabra 1908-Dec-07
LAMBERT, B L HARRELL, Josie 1913-Jan-18
LAMPKIN, Marion SANDERS, Luizer 1899-Dec-28
LANE, Ernest PYRON, Eula 1911-Sep-09
LANE, J W BAILEY, Lucy 1903-Feb-20
LANEY, E F DURHAM, Lucy 1909-Feb-08
LANEY, W M MONTGOMERY, Fannie 1909-Sep-24
LATHAM, Henry BENNETT, Clennon 1914-Dec-24
LATHAN, W J TOGGINS, L Miss 1899-Jun-19
LATTIMER, C C HERRING, Anna 1906-Jun-11
LAUDERSON, Wm HARVEY, Eula 1909-Nov-08
LAWSON, George STEWART, Mabel 1912-Jul-06
LAY, Milton TOWNSEND, Ada 1906-Jul-04
LEE, Arthur HOOD, Daisy 1913-Feb-15
LEE, John DABNEY, Nannie 1901-Apr-22
LEIS, Lee GOWINS, Silvie 1906-Dec-24
LENARD, J S GREENLEE, M J Miss 1901-Aug-12
LENARD, J W NAIL, Sallie 1906-Nov-30
LENARD, Lee HOLMES, Mariah 1911-Jan-28
LESTER, Amos LANTREE, Corinda 1900-Dec-21
LESTER, James BILLINGSLY, Daizie 1902-Aug-20
LETT, Lucien COLLUM, Frankie 1909-Apr-08
LEWIS, Ben ADAMS, Jennie 1907-Apr-06
LEWIS, Ike WEST, Mary 1907-Dec-12
LEWIS, Isaah BANKSTON, Mary 1915-Feb-20
LEWIS, John COVINGTON, Lela 1914-Sep-09
LEWIS, John HAWKINS, Cilla 1902-Jul-22
LEWIS, Robert CHISOM, Eliza 1909-Jun-26
LEWIS, Robert SEALS, Retanna 1914-Sep-19
LEWIS, Robert WILLIAMS, Susie 1903-Dec-21
LEWIS, Simpson WIGGINS, S T Miss 1913-Dec-20
LEWIS, Will JONES, Hattie 1904-Jan-05
LEWIS, Will WOOD, Mary 1900-Jan-13
LINDSEY, Charlie CHAMBLISS, Kittie 1903-Oct-14
LINDSEY, Holbert MORGAN, Willie 1914-Aug-07
LINDSEY, Robert GARY, Mary 1908-Dec-24
LINDSY, Wm FORD, Anna 1896-Mar-23
LIPSCOM, Henry GILMORE, Classie 1910-May-26
LIPSEY, Onis MCMATH, Lee 1915-Sep-25
LIPSIE, Robert DAVIS, Laura 1897-Mar-16
LISENBA, J C POOL, Florence 1905-May-31
LISTER, Lat CRAWFORD, Mary 1915-Jan-14
LISTON, Ernest DRAKE, Lillie 1911-Jan-20
LITTLE, C E BAILY, M L Miss 1901-Dec-18
LITTLE, E W BAILEY, Mattie 1910-Aug-22
LITTLETON, Jim NASH, Roxie 1895-Oct-23
LOBBY, Frank WOOD, Maria 1896-Nov-07
LOCKE, C V LEE, Maude 1901-Feb-27
LOCKE, G C BLAYLOCK, Lilla 1914-Dec-24
LOCKHART, Peter MOORE, Ella 1904-Jul-21
LOCKHART, Peter SMITH, Evee 1915-Aug-07
LOCKHART, Walter PEACOCK, Sallie 1903-Nov-25
LOFTON, Fad EDMONDS, Alice 1909-May-08
LOGGINS, Alex LOGGINS, Belle 1900-Apr-11
LOGGINS, C P ROBERTS, Lula 1910-May-12
LOGGINS, Dutch BUTTS, Rachael 1906-Dec-01
LOGGINS, Ed BROWN, Bula 1910-Nov-07
LOGGINS, Ed WARREN, Laura 1914-Jan-07
LOGGINS, Eugene SYKES, Lutie 1911-Jul-08
LOGGINS, Folley FORD, Nettie 1912-Aug-24
LOGGINS, Henry BERRYHILL, Irena 1907-Dec-14
LOGGINS, Henry HUBBARD, Leona 1913-Jun-02
LOGGINS, Joe FORREST, Hattie 1895-Dec-12
LOGGINS, Joe WITTY, Mary 1907-Dec-10
LOGGINS, Monroe POWELL, Dora 1898-Dec-14
LOGGINS, Pink BILLINGSLEY, Lilla 1907-Dec-10
LOGGINS, Pleas POWELL, Lola 1907-Nov-27
LOGGINS, Sid WADLINGTON, Annette 1913-Oct-18
LOGGINS, Wiley MOORE, Nettie 1903-Jan-21
LOGGINS, Wm MAY, Mary 1898-Jul-07
LONG, R D BENNETT, Rena 1902-Aug-09
LONG, Willis BENNETT, Ella 1911-Dec-09
LONGS, Reed SHELTON, Cammie 1910-Dec-16
LOTT, Cleveland HAMER, Ella 1910-Oct-14
LOTT, D V PITTMAN, Ada 1895-Dec-07
LOTT, Dock MCLEAN, America 1899-Jul-28
LOTT, Joe AMBERS, Millie 1896-Aug-19
LOTT, John BRONTE, Joanah 1900-Dec-18
LOTT, John DUNLAP, Connie 1897-Apr-01
LOTT, Levi BRADY, Emma 1907-Dec-23
LOTT, Levi HARVEY, Willie 1909-Jan-05
LOTT, Owens SYKES, Arthur 1909-Jan-09
LOTT, Robert TYLER, Alma 1908-Dec-24
LOTT, Warren PALMER, Liza 1900-Apr-14
LOTT, Willie WOOTEN, Stella 1913-Jul-19
LOUIS, Cornelius AKINS, Claricy 1902-May-16
LOUNIMORE, C D SMITH, Emma 1901-Nov-29
LOVE, Calvin HUNT, Jennie 1900-Jun-20
LOVE, Dave PARKS, Sarah 1896-Dec-28
LOVE, Dewitt BLAYLOCK, Maude 1907-Jun-14
LOVE, Edgar BURT, Elnora 1910-Aug-17
LOVE, George BRADBERRY, Nora 1912-Jan-10
LOVE, George HEMPHILL, Francis 1900-Dec-12
LOVE, George SYKES, Lula 1915-Dec-04
LOVE, George TOWNSEND, Ella 1910-Dec-20
LOVE, James WARTS, Mildred 1915-Apr-25
LOVE, Jim GARRETT, Gertrude 1913-Jan-31
LOVE, Lee FEDRICK, Lula 1897-Dec-30
LOVE, Lee SOMERLIE, Sue 1901-Jan-03
LOVE, Louvenner KING, Lora 1905-Sep-23
LOVE, Newt TOWNSEND, Elizabeth 1902-Jan-08
LOVE, Otis SISSON, Ida 1908-Dec-08
LOVE, Rema SLOAN, W W 1915-Nov-17
LOVE, Robert JOHNSON, Connie 1902-Dec-18
LOVE, Robert PURNELL, Nora 1914-Dec-24
LOVE, Tilmon SEALS, Cora 1911-Oct-14
LOVE, Virginia WEEKS, Harvey 1906-Aug-14
LOVE, Wesley KENDRIEL, Ella 1906-Jan-25
LOVE, Wesley MCLEAN, Anica 1901-Dec-14
LOVE, Wright THOMPSON, Mary 1905-Sep-30
LOVE, Zebb LANE, Lanie 1907-Jan-29
LOWERY, James VINCENT, A L Miss 1907-Dec-09
LUCAS, William SMILE, Alice 1905-Dec-21
LUPKIN, Julius ROACH, Lucille 1911-Dec-09
LUSK, Clyde HIGHTOWER, H H 1908-Feb-22
LUSK, M P CAVER, Flora 1911-Jan-31
LUSK, S W HOLMES, Beatrice 1905-Aug-24
LUSK, William DORRIS, Lois 1912-Nov-12
LUTHER, Albert LANE, Ola 1900-Mar-05
LYON, W N HUNGER, Amelia 1904-Nov-30



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