Montgomery County Grooms


EARNHARDT, George WADLINGTON, Ella 1901-Dec-26
EASLEY, Newton AYERS, Fannie 1911-Nov-20
EASTERLING, J L EADES, Bessie 1901-Dec-08
EATON, Aleck WILLIAMS, Mary 1902-Jan-11
EATON, Donald JONINGHAM, Irene 1905-Mar-18
EATON, Jim SYKES, Joe 1910-Feb-05
EATON, Nathaniel HINSON, Hannah 1901-Feb-06
ECHOLS, James HOLLINS, Willie 1899-Oct-28
EDMONDS, Rufus POWELL, Nora 1902-Dec-20
EDWARD, John NEAL, Angelina 1912-Feb-12
EDWARDS, Dan WILLIAMS, Ida 1913-Dec-28
EDWARDS, Ed MAXWELL, Selma 1905-Sep-26
EDWARDS, Evy BLANCHE, Effie 1912-Jan-19
EDWARDS, Green KILLOUGH, Ella 1903-Mar-21
EDWARDS, Hughie DANIELS, Manda 1896-Dec-26
EDWARDS, J W RATLIFF, Elvie 1909-Nov-08
EDWARDS, James JOHNSON, Ollie 1911-Mar-10
EDWARDS, James PARKER, Clevie 1908-Oct-31
EDWARDS, Mitchell THOMPSON, Nannie 1913-May-31
EDWARDS, Pete MCLEAN, Cora 1904-Dec-23
EDWARDS, Robert MCMATH, Maddie 1900-Aug-22
EDWARDS, Spencer GOLDEN, Adaline 1904-Mar-25
EDWARDS, Tobe SEALE, Bettie 1905-Jul-15
EILAND, Alex PEERY, Julia 1911-Aug-28
EILAND, J A PHELPS, Lizzie 1903-Dec-28
EILAND, L A BOX, Sallie 1904-Feb-04
EILAND, W N PERVIS, Rena 1907-Aug-29
ELGIN, Lester YOUNG, Nannie 1913-Jul-26
ELLETT, W T SUTTLE, Florence 1908-Feb-18
ELLIOT, George SAWYER, Pearl 1907-May-09
ELLIOTT, Arthur BINFORD, Minnie 1915-Feb-13
ELLIOTT, Isom SCOTT, Annie 1902-Jan-11
ELLIOTT, J L BOOTHE, Beulah 1910-Dec-24
ELLIOTT, John STEWART, Lula 1904-Dec-25
ELLIOTT, Williard BIBB, Henry 1905-Dec-23
ELLIS, Ed TAYLOR, Bertha 1915-Oct-21
ELLIS, H A JONES, Katie 1901-Mar-05
ELLIS, Virgil BAILEY, Emma 1909-Nov-09
ELMORE, Allen BISHOP, Daisy 1912-May-26
ELMORE, Joe SULLIVAN, R E Miss 1910-Mar-22
ELMORE, Ped HOLMES, Maggie 1907-Feb-02
ELMORE, V D JACKS, Lelia 1903-Apr-24
ELMORE, W M SHAW, Connie 1915-Feb-24
ELY, James BLACKSTONE, Emma 1915-Mar-24
EPPERSON, J H THOMPSON, Lillie 1912-Oct-16
ESKRIDGE, Arthur JOHNSON, Fannie 1908-Jun-06
ESKRIDGE, Booker MAYS, Elberta 1915-Jan-23
ESKRIDGE, Buster MILLER, Lillie 1908-Mar-31
ESKRIDGE, Cleveland SALLEY, Isabanna 1910-Dec-19
ESKRIDGE, Clinton SYKES, Hattie 1908-Dec-26
ESKRIDGE, Dolphus ESKRIDGE, Lizzie 1899-Dec-21
ESKRIDGE, Ed JOHNSON, Mary 1906-Feb-16
ESKRIDGE, Eugene BLISSITT, Lottie 1897-Jan-06
ESKRIDGE, Eugene WEST, Rosa 1902-Dec-23
ESKRIDGE, Hardy HARDIMAN, Nannie 1904-Dec-23
ESKRIDGE, Harrison SYKES, Mary 1898-Jul-29
ESKRIDGE, Jack PEALOR, Henrietta 1899-Apr-15
ESKRIDGE, Jarrison SYKES, Eliza 1905-Jan-14
ESKRIDGE, Joe NORWOOD, Annie 1909-Apr-06
ESKRIDGE, Lee BROWN, Ella 1897-Jan-13
ESKRIDGE, Lewis DOWTHET, Alice 1896-Oct-09
ESKRIDGE, Mack TAYLOR, Molly 1911-Aug-09
ESKRIDGE, Mack THOMPSON, Celia 1912-Jan-13
ESKRIDGE, Marshall SYKES, Odly 1902-Jun-20
ESKRIDGE, Milton JONES, Miley 1899-Nov-01
ESKRIDGE, W S BRAY, Gertrude 1906-Jun-16
ESKRIDGE, Will SAWYER, Mattie 1905-Jun-24
ESKRIDGE, Willis MARTIN, Louvenia 1903-Nov-26
ESTERWOOD, Orven SISSONS, Hattie 1907-May-06
EUBANKS, Fred NELSON, Josie 1909-Sep-11
EVANS, E COX, Linnie 1914-Mar-08
EVANS, Eston BOX, Lee 1908-Feb-07
EVANS, Eugene BATEMAN, Bessie 1908-Dec-23
EVANS, Fred KELLY, Emma 1910-Apr-16
EVANS, Jeffie MOHEAD, Luella 1912-Jan-23
EVANS, Jim THOMPSON, Maggie 1896-Feb-06
EVANS, Thomas WITTY, Julia 1906-Jan-30
EVANS, Wm TIDWELL, Eula 1905-Jan-07
EVINS, Steve MCNUTT, Nelia 1905-Jan-12
EWING, Andrew JACKSON, Geneva 1910-Oct-15
EWING, Ned FORMAN, Callie 1915-Feb-12
EWING, William GOBET, Eliza 1907-Jun-11
EZELL, J P WEST, Lula 1904-Dec-24



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