Montgomery County Grooms


DACUS, A P WATSON, Eulalee 1907-Jan-08
DACUS, B P HUNT, Sarah 1901-Sep-10
DACUS, E C GREENLEE, Mattie 1903-Feb-21
DACUS, J H READ, Lois 1915-Aug-14
DACUS, W A MORTIMET, Sallie 1901-Oct-30
DANICK, Jim BRAXTON, Martha 1898-Jan-18
DANIEL, Henry WOODS, Mollie 1899-Mar-23
DANIEL, James COLTER, Pearl 1902-Apr-20
DANIEL, Willie MATTHEWS, Florence 1908-Mar-21
DANIELS, Anderson RATLIFF, Nora 1903-Mar-18
DANIELS, Clyde WAETS, Willie Miss 1909-Dec-14
DANIELS, John SIMS, Frankie 1903-Jan-27
DANIELS, Solomon LOVE, Addilla 1902-Jul-25
DANIELS, Solomon MARTIN, Sarah 1911-Jun-14
DANIELS, Wesley INGRAM, Martha 1910-Dec-21
DANSELL, Willis KILPATRICK, Mary 1904-Jul-28
DATE, C N GAYDEN, Ione 1909-May-05
DAVE, Henry EPPE, Mollie 1897-Feb-26
DAVENPORT, John DOYLE, Marion 1905-Feb-16
DAVIDSON, J H DEESE, Viola 1910-Dec-22
DAVIDSON, Julius DEES, Sudie 1910-Nov-15
DAVIDSON, W D DEES, Zilla 1913-Aug-04
DAVIS, Andrew FRANKLIN, Minnie 1901-Jul-27
DAVIS, Andrew HARVEY, Fannie 1909-Dec-31
DAVIS, Andrew PEEPLES, Annie 1907-Jun-11
DAVIS, Andrew SMOOT, Annie 1910-Aug-03
DAVIS, Dan HILL, Amelia 1900-May-17
DAVIS, Dan KING, Liza 1895-Dec-23
DAVIS, Ed HUDSON, Cornelia 1909-Feb-13
DAVIS, Ed MCNUTT, Hurtie 1910-Dec-19
DAVIS, Ed WILLIAMS, Tennessee 1905-Feb-15
DAVIS, George GOLSON, Maggie 1915-Jun-26
DAVIS, H C CANON, Ella 1905-May-19
DAVIS, Henry CLARK, Paralee 1900-Oct-24
DAVIS, Henry CRENSHAW, Mattie 1915-Mar-25
DAVIS, Henry PURNELL, Annie 1907-Sep-07
DAVIS, Jim MCKENZIE, Ada 1913-Dec-27
DAVIS, Joe ESKRIDGE, Rosa 1914-Feb-23
DAVIS, Joe JOHNSON, Katie 1895-Dec-28
DAVIS, John GERON, Lena 1897-Jan-14
DAVIS, John LUCUS, Kate 1899-Aug-23
DAVIS, Morris WEATHERLY, Julia 1914-Oct-06
DAVIS, Peter MAY, Eula 1915-Oct-03
DAVIS, Randle DAVIS, Emma 1898-Jan-15
DAVIS, Vassar SIMPSON, Hannah 1912-Jan-06
DAVIS, W M BEATRAS, Laura 1905-Dec-21
DAVIS, W T CROWDER, Visa 1914-Dec-24
DAVIS, Wesley GEREN, Mattie 1903-Dec-23
DAVIS, Will REAGAN, Helen 1904-Jun-23
DAVIS, Willie CROOM, Neal 1907-Jun-13
DAVIS, Willie HARBIN, Lettie 1909-Jan-21
DAY, Icey TAYLOR, Hugh Annie 1911-Sep-13
DEAN, Richard PURNELL, Lucy 1900-Jan-11
DEAN, W T REEVES, Velma 1909-Oct-20
DEANES, Aron FLOWERS, Mary 1907-Apr-13
DEMON, J O WILLIAMS, Maggie 1901-Sep-02
DENMAN, Enos SANDERS, Alzie 1905-Nov-17
DENNIS, Alex POWELL, Virginia 1896-Dec-23
DENTON, Charles MITCHELL, Veronica 1908-Sep-16
DENTON, I W ERES, Carrie 1903-Mar-30
DICKENS, J W ROWE, Francis 1909-May-11
DICKSON, George CHAPMAN, Lula 1897-Jul-24
DILWORTH, B A PITTMAN, Beulah 1908-Jan-13
DINKINS, Charlie WHITEHEAD, Alice 1900-Nov-21
DIXON, J D COLEMAN, Lizzie 1903-Oct-11
DOBBINS, J T CHANDLER, Alma 1915-Jan-09
DOBBINS, J W COLEMAN, Daisey 1906-Feb-25
DIXON, Rossie STOWERS, J L 1901-Oct-23
DODD, Claud SHINE, Pearl 1914-Jan-05
DODD, Enol SHELTON, Cleora 1911-Apr-08
DODD, Marion GRANTHAM, Cinda 1896-Aug-15
DOKE, W W HESTER, Myrtle 1904-Oct-30
DOLLAHITE, Korn HIGDON, Nettie 1909-Apr-28
DONALDSON, Will CAMPBELL, Hattie 1913-Aug-05
DONALSON, Will WARREN, Susan 1898-Dec-24
DONNES, Turner THOMPSON, Jessie 1915-Jul-31
DOOLEY, James BENNETT, Martha 1909-Dec-23
DORMAN, A B BURT, Ruby 1912-Sep-09
DORMAN, Ellis PALMERTREE, Nancy 1909-Aug-11
DORRIS, A C BASKINS, Anna 1904-Dec-07
DORRIS, Edward ARRINGTON, Francis 1905-May-27
DORRIS, Green POE, Tinnie 1904-Dec-29
DORRIS, James DRANE, Victoria 1899-Jan-28
DORRIS, John WILLIAMS, Judie 1895-Dec-24
DORRIS, Reggie KIRKWOOD, Hattie 1909-Dec-20
DORRIS, Tom EATON, Viney 1903-Apr-22
DORRIS, Walter HENSON, Ninie 1907-Dec-23
DORRIS, Wesley STAPLES, Pearlie 1914-Dec-19
DORRIS, William MCNUTT, Eula 1903-Sep-11
DOTSON, Charly DENLIN, Anna 1896-Sep-21
DOTSON, J T STAPLES, Georgia 1898-Dec-18
DOUGLASS, J R WEBB, Alma 1903-Feb-06
DOWDLE, S R REED, Carrie 1904-Jun-17
DOWDY, George BLACKSTON, Ethel 1908-Oct-13
DOWNING, R L HOLMES, Luella 1907-Oct-27
DOWNING, W W WILSON, Ethel 1904-Jan-11
DOYLE, Dock HAMER, Laura 1907-Dec-11
DOYLE, Henry CRENSHAW, Mary 1908-Jan-03
DOYLE, Henry SHAW, Bell 1907-May-18
DOYLE, Henry THOMPSON, Sarah 1901-Sep-14
DOYLE, James COLTON, Emma 1908-Mar-04
DOYLE, Ollie ADAIR, Pearly 1913-Dec-27
DOYLE, Tom JACKSON, Claricy 1911-Jan-13
DRAIN, Pearl HOSKINS, Lulelia 1913-Mar-05
DRAKE, Clarence BERRYHILL, Arrene 1911-Feb-09
DRAKE, Clarence YOUNG, Beldora 1911-Jan-28
DRAKE, Ed HEASON, Mary 1897-Jul-28
DRAKE, George HOSKINS, Mary 1896-Jan-25
DRAKE, Wm CAMPBELL, Mariah 1896-Apr-10
DRANE, Carroll PHILLIPS, Zirles 1913-Oct-08
DRANE, Earven HEMPHILL, Mary 1908-Jul-02
DRANE, J B SULLIVAN, Susanna 1903-Dec-24
DRANE, Johnie HARPOLE, M V 1907-Sep-07
DRANE, Nubin HAMER, Jenette 1907-Feb-09
DRANE, Richmond HEMPHILL, Basha 1908-Feb-27
DRANE, Robert HUNT, Ella 1900-Dec-05
DRANE, Wiliam SMOOT, Lilla 1914-Dec-26
DRAW, Willie HUBBARD, Mattie 1911-Jul-04
DUBORD, F S PRICE, Emma 1900-Dec-27
DUGGER, Isaac JAMES, Mollie 1897-Feb-07
DUKE, Grover BURT, Ruth 1912-Jun-13
DUMAS, Jeff CAMPBELL, Malissa 1901-Jul-04
DUNLAP, Clyde WILLIAMS, E G 1915-Oct-28
DUNLAP, Esker PEEPLES, Jennie 1901-Feb-27
DUNLAP, Georgie HUDSON, George 1902-Nov-17
DUNLAP, Joe MITCHELL, Mattie 1904-Jul-22
DUNLAP, R E PYRON, Mattie 1902-Sep-30
DUNN, Allen PURNELL, Ida 1897-Feb-27
DUNN, Carl REAGAN, Johnnie 1910-Dec-24
DUNN, Charlton BAILEY, Mabel 1908-Oct-06
DUNN, E H REAGAN, Myrtle 1905-Jan-28
DUNN, Eldridge GOLDING, Asilen 1914-Jan-06
DUNN, G R WOOD, Dora 1914-Dec-14
DUNN, Henry YATES, Lyda 1898-Dec-20
DUNN, J Taylor TAYLOR, Sallie 1902-Jan-29
DUNN, Joe HARRISON, Ella 1909-Dec-14
DUNN, L A TYSON, Anna 1910-Nov-23
DUNN, Lee MCCAIN, Carrie 1910-Nov-05
DUNN, Lee RATLIFF, Annie 1911-Feb-23
DUNN, Medea TROTTER, Emma 1910-Dec-19
DUNN, S A DOYLE, Ola 1908-Mar-21
DUNN, Thomas BLAYLOCK, Myrtle 1912-May-04
DUNNING, Fred INGRAM, Eva 1915-Jun-08
DUREN, J L BENNETT, Dora 1905-Jul-05
DURHAM, Bolden HICKS, Lula 1901-Dec-31
DURHAM, W F COLLINS, Willie 1905-Apr-22
DYRE, W L MOORE, Evie 1910-Nov-30
DYSE, George STAPPLES, Alice 1904-Mar-17



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