Montgomery County Grooms


ACUFF, W M ROLLISON, Estelle 1914-Nov-24
ADAIR, Coak HERRING, Ella 1906-Dec-18
ADAIR, Dub TROTTER, Maude 1908-Feb-15
ADAIR, Ed WATKINS, Florence 1906-Dec-22
ADAIR, Pearly DOYLE, Ollie 1913-Dec-27
ADAIR, Quince ROBINSON, Ida 1907-Dec-24
ADAIR, Uther DOYLE, Ellen 1913-Jan-22
ADAMS, Andrew BENNETT, Mary 1911-May-27
ADAMS, Jeff MCNUTT, Adner 1895-Dec-19
ADAMS, Jeff MCNUTT, Raner 1895-Dec-18
ALDREDGE, Joe MCCARROL, Henrietta 1907-Apr-27
ALDRIDGE, Georbe DAVIS, Inez 1910-Feb-28
ALDRIDGE, Hilard HENSON, Annie 1915-May-07
ALDRIDGE, Howard PEEPLES, Carrie 1905-Jul-08
ALDRIDGE, Jim YARBOROUGH, Carrie 1903-Dec-20
ALEXANDER, Julius EVANS, Belle 1897-Mar-08
ALEXANDER, Julius EVANS, Bille 1897-Mar-08
ALEXANDER, W G VAUGHN, Amanda 1915-Feb-08
ALLDREAD, R L BENNETT, Donie 1906-Aug-01
ALLDRED, S S SYKES, Treaves 1902-Dec-08
ALLEN, Aaron HARDAMAN, Levy 1902-Apr-03
ALLEN, Alfred PERRY, Eliza 1895-Dec-17
ALLEN, Alfred PERRY, Eliza 1895-Dec-13
ALLEN, Arthur PITTMAN, Samantha 1897-Dec-31
ALLEN, Charlie PERRY, Eula 1903-Sep-07
ALLEN, Charlie TURNER, Georgia 1901-Jun-21
ALLEN, H S MULLEN, Mysee 1905-Jan-18
ALLEN, Henderson WRAY, Dora 1901-Jan-17
ALLEN, James HOLLINGSWORTH, Emma 1910-Apr-01
ALLEN, Joe HOLMAN, Leona 1914-Dec-11
ALLEN, John DANIELS, Liza 1898-May-03
ALLEN, John HAMER, Alice 1915-Oct-26
ALLEN, Link STOVALL, Ophelia 1904-Oct-22
ALLEN, M H MANSKER, Maude 1906-Dec-31
ALLEN, M H MANSKER, Sallie 1910-Nov-23
ALLEN, Ralph PRICE, Carolina 1896-Oct-12
ALLEN, Robert CAMPBELL, Sarah 1906-Dec-22
ALLEN, Sam SYKES, Gusta 1914-Nov-07
ALLEN, Tom BELL, Lillie 1909-Oct-07
ALLEN, Tom MILLER, Pearlie 1895-Dec-24
ALLEN, Virgie NELMS, Jessie 1902-Feb-18
ALLEN, W H ALLEN, Emma 1902-Sep-22
ALLEN, Yarbrough GAYDEN, Wahweece 1913-Jun-18
ALLMER, Charlie PERRY, Eula 1903-Sep-07
AMBROSE, Jessie BRITNOL, Honey 1909-Feb-19
ANDERSON, John LAKE, Eva 1912-Sep-17
ANDERSON, John ROSE, Hattie 1909-Oct-19
ANDERSON, Oscar BOSWELL, Eugenie 1907-Mar-26
ANDERSON, Tobe HAULMAN, Sammie 1913-Mar-15
ANDERSON, Will FARMER, Laura 1898-Aug-09
ANDERSON, Wimberly CURTIS, Luke Miss 1903-Sep-24
ANDREWS, G E TEASLEY, Bertie 1908-Jul-03
ANDREWS, O E MORGAN, Maude 1902-Apr-23
ANGLIN, Hal MARSHALL, Bessie 1912-Apr-28
ANTHONY, B H WILSON, Willie 1905-Jan-21
APPLEWHITE, Arthur HOOD, Myrtle 1910-Dec-23
APPLEWHITE, Ben DABNEY, Nannie 1911-Jun-12
APPLEWHITE, Ben POWELL, Rosa 1907-Dec-10
APPLEWHITE, Ben TURNER, Alice 1913-Dec-06
APPLEWHITE, Boss VAUGHN, Sarah 1907-Jan-01
APPLEWHITE, Carroll STOWERS, Pearlie 1895-Jun-28
APPLEWHITE, Carroll STOWERS, Pearly 1896-Sep-05
APPLEWHITE, David MCADORY, Ella 1914-Sep-12
APPLEWHITE, Dick MCKINNY, Hattie 1911-May-13
APPLEWHITE, Ed HEARON, Pegie 1897-Aug-07
APPLEWHITE, Ed LONG, Willie 1907-Nov-23
APPLEWHITE, J J BROOKS, Emma 1904-Nov-25
APPLEWHITE, J V GREEN, Matilda 1902-Feb-21
APPLEWHITE, Joe PARKER, Mary 1905-Feb-14
APPLEWHITE, L P HOLMES, Lillian 1906-Oct-06
APPLEWHITE, Lou GEREN, Crisia 1904-Jan-07
APPLEWHITE, Ned MCLEAN, Addie 1915-Dec-25
APPLEWHITE, W B VARNER, Hettie 1910-Jul-09
ARMESTEAD, Louie MCCOMB, Alice 1909-Feb-13
ARMISTEAD, Alfred BLANCH, Sammie Miss 1908-Apr-04
ARMOUR, R B ROBINSON, Hattie 1910-Nov-23
ARMS, Jimmie WINFREY, Edna 1912-Jan-05
ARMSTEAD, Anderson SCALE, Georgia 1896-Feb-15
ARMSTEAD, Green GRIFFIN, Ella 1895-Sep-17
ARMSTEAD, Jemeson HALLEY, Irene 1911-Feb-27
ARMSTEAD, L R HOLMES, Minnie 1903-Feb-19
ARMSTEAD, Lewis NORWOOD, Mary 1912-Dec-19
ARMSTEAD, Lige POLSON, Hannah 1895-Dec-12
ARMSTEAD, Robert HARRISON, Retta 1899-Jun-29
ARMSTEAD, Wyatt HARVEY, Henrietta 1912-Dec-10
ARMSTRONG, J S DECAR, Mae 1909-Jan-14
ARMSTRONG, J T MOREHEAD, Minnie 1904-Oct-08
ARMSTRONG, James PULLEN, Mary 1914-Jan-06
ARMSTRONG, Joseph KNOX, Blanch 1905-Mar-02
ARMSTRONG, Lewis HARTLEY, Emma 1899-Jun-21
ARNOLD, Edmond PITTMAN, Anna 1909-Feb-05
ARNOLD, Joe MCKAIN, Katie 1910-Dec-21
ARNOLD, Will MAY, Fannie 1915-Mar-26
ARTMAN, John PATTERSON, Minnie 1906-Aug-11
ARTMAN, Will SCOTT, Edna 1911-Jan-22
ASHFORD, B T WARD, Mary 1890-Jun-23
ASHFORD, B T WARD, Mary 1898-Jun-23
ASKEW, W A HEMMINGWAY, Henrietta 1895-Jun-13
ATNEANE, Fred ROWELL, Octavia 1915-Jun-29
AUSTIN, A WATSON, Henrietta 1905-Sep-01
AUSTIN, A A MOOREHEAD, Timmie Miss 1903-Dec-26
AUSTIN, C A LENARD, Jennie 1906-Dec-18
AUSTIN, Cleveland HAWKINS, Josie 1902-Apr-23
AUSTIN, H E THOMPKINS, Alma 1901-Sep-02
AUSTIN, H L GREENLEE, Eula 1905-Aug-26
AUSTIN, Henry BURTON, Ronnie 1908-Dec-22



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