Montgomery County Grooms

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YARBOROUGH, Carrie ALDRIDGE, Jim 1903-Dec-20
YATES, Lola SEALS, Plessie 1911-Dec-04
YATES, Lyda DUNN, Henry 1898-Dec-20
YATES, Mary KEY, Abe 1897-Sep-16
YATES, Ophelia JONES, Lige 1913-Dec-20
YELVINGTON, Beulah BOX, W B 1911-Mar-04
YELVINGTON, Effie FRIZZELL, Tom 1907-Oct-01
YELVINGTON, Irene WHITTLE, J A 1900-Dec-22
YELVINGTON, Mary RANDLE, Emmette 1904-Oct-04
YOUNG, Alice MCNEILL, Duncan 1903-Dec-24
YOUNG, Allene COTHREN, Charlie 1907-Sep-30
YOUNG, Beldora DRAKE, Clarence 1911-Jan-28
YOUNG, Belzora BENNETT, Warren 1912-Nov-30
YOUNG, Clandise JOLLIFF, Tom 1900-Jan-03
YOUNG, Emma CAMPBELL, Hendrix 1907-Jan-22
YOUNG, L G Miss WOODS, Ed 1912-Jul-20
YOUNG, Maud CARPENTER, John 1913-Sep-29
YOUNG, Nannie ELGIN, Lester 1913-Jul-26
YOUNG, Velma ROWLAND, Henry 1910-Dec-17
YOUNG, Virgie BROWN, Nathan 1909-Apr-03
YOUNG, Willie Miss OUTLAW, John 1899-Sep-26



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