Montgomery County Brides


RAINS, M E Miss SHELTON, C P 1905-Jan-20
RAMBO, Alma RATLIFF, F R 1908-Aug-14
RAMSEY, Louella HUTCHINSON, J A 1903-Aug-06
RANSOM, Belle RAY, Henry 1899-Apr-03
RATLIFF, Annie DUNN, Lee 1911-Feb-23
RATLIFF, Beatrice BUTTS, Lee 1902-Dec-24
RATLIFF, Bessie CANSEY, K H 1915-Jan-20
RATLIFF, Betsy CAMPBELL, Linsey 1908-Sep-09
RATLIFF, Cinda STOWERS, William 1902-Jan-07
RATLIFF, Clenie JAMES, Ben 1911-Dec-28
RATLIFF, Cordie JAMES, Robert 1912-Jan-01
RATLIFF, Edmonia BAILEY, Randy 1914-Nov-23
RATLIFF, Ella MOORE, William 1914-Feb-19
RATLIFF, Ellen CAFFEY, Will 1914-Dec-21
RATLIFF, Ellen SYKES, Wheeler 1913-Jan-29
RATLIFF, Elvie EDWARDS, J W 1909-Nov-08
RATLIFF, Essie SHEPHERD, David 1910-Apr-23
RATLIFF, Fannie MOORE, William 1909-Mar-24
RATLIFF, Hattie PARKER, Milton 1901-Mar-02
RATLIFF, Laura JOHNSON, Marion 1897-Jan-22
RATLIFF, Lora OLIVER, Clent 1907-Mar-20
RATLIFF, Lula JOHNSON, Ed 1906-Feb-17
RATLIFF, Mary HARGROVE, Ben 1909-Jul-17
RATLIFF, Minnie TYSON, Jim 1908-Dec-21
RATLIFF, Nora DANIELS, Anderson 1903-Mar-18
RATLIFF, Octavice Miss HERROD, Clara 1910-Apr-12
RATLIFF, Sudie SPAIN, E C 1906-Dec-27
RATLIFF, Virgie HARGROVE, George 1905-Sep-16
RAY, Eliza RAY, Lee 1908-Jul-11
RAY, Hope RAY, John 1900-Jan-29
RAY, Lucy BRIDGES, Cleveland 1913-Jan-09
RAY, Mitty TILLMON, Nora 1915-Feb-25
RAY, Roxie GOLDSTON, Anderson 1898-Feb-12
RAY, Sallie CHAMBERLAIN, Antie 1907-Mar-25
RAY, Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, Anthony 1907-Dec-12
RAY, Zera MITCHELL, A J 1915-Feb-12
READ, Lois DACUS, J H 1915-Aug-14
READ, Myrtle COLEMAN, J T 1904-Dec-28
REAGAN, Helen DAVIS, Will 1904-Jun-23
REAGAN, Helen FARRELL, George 1904-Jun-23
REAGAN, Johnnie DUNN, Carl 1910-Dec-24
REAGAN, Myrtle DUNN, E H 1905-Jan-28
REDWOOD, Minnie BAUGH, Julius 1911-Mar-23
REED, Carrie DOWDLE, S R 1904-Jun-17
REED, Lera ROSS, Lossie 1910-Nov-05
REEVES, Eula REEVES, B F 1910-Oct-01
REEVES, Rena PYRON, Fletcher 1911-Nov-03
REEVES, Velma DEAN, W T 1909-Oct-20
REID, Nanny NYE, Wm 1905-Jan-07
RELLIN, Laura MOORHEAD, Zay 1915-Oct-15
RENES, Rosa WOOD, R L 1900-Dec-03
REYNOLDS, Anna TAYLOR, Hosea 1911-Oct-14
RHODES, Minnie HOLLAND, E M 1915-Nov-19
RICHARDSON, Alpha MCGARRH, Nolen 1907-Dec-23
RICKETTS, Ada HOLT, M W 1908-Dec-02
RICKETTS, Kate GILL, Henry 1908-Apr-25
RIGER, Latha BENNETT, G W 1912-Sep-12
RILEY, Essie WOLFE, Sam 1913-Dec-20
RITTS, Willie HOUSE, Walter 1912-Dec-25
ROACH, Claude APPLEWHITE, Mattie 1906-Mar-07
ROACH, Julia HOLMES, John 1908-Aug-20
ROACH, Lucille LUPKIN, Julius 1911-Dec-09
ROBERSON, Annie TURNER, Elic 1895-Dec-23
ROBERSON, Hattie WILSON, Toney 1915-Mar-04
ROBERSON, Julia HARMON, Lee 1914-Feb-17
ROBERSON, Louella WATT, Willie 1898-Jan-15
ROBERT, Dora BAKER, Lawrence 1898-Mar-12
ROBERTS, Dellian SHELTON, Reubin 1915-Mar-21
ROBERTS, Elie POWELL, Dovie 1907-Dec-26
ROBERTS, Joella TOWNSEND, Wilson 1900-Aug-04
ROBERTS, Lula LOGGINS, C P 1910-May-12
ROBERTS, Sallie PARKER, Walter 1908-Feb-10
ROBERTS, Zula PURNELL, Wesley 1910-Dec-21
ROBERTSON, Edna JAMES, Peter 1915-Mar-26
ROBINSON, Angeline WOOD, Lewis 1912-Dec-07
ROBINSON, Becky GOLDMAN, Charly 1902-Dec-31
ROBINSON, Clara MORROW, W J 1910-Jul-12
ROBINSON, Cora SULLIVAN, Luther 1908-Feb-25
ROBINSON, Dora GRAFFIN, Jerry 1896-Oct-06
ROBINSON, Ellen CLAY, Albert 1908-Dec-28
ROBINSON, Georgia WILLIAMS, J W 1908-Mar-05
ROBINSON, Hattie ARMOUR, R B 1910-Nov-23
ROBINSON, Hattie HUDSON, Guss 1896-Jan-09
ROBINSON, Ida ADAIR, Quince 1907-Dec-24
ROBINSON, J O Miss ROWE, J T 1907-Oct-29
ROBINSON, Liddie CONLEY, Charley 1907-Dec-31
ROBINSON, Lila COLLINS, J T 1911-Dec-21
ROBINSON, Mary CAMPBELL, Hugh 1904-Aug-12
ROBINSON, Rosa MCMATH, Jim 1906-Feb-01
ROBINSON, Sammie SANDERS, Mack 1909-Jun-12
ROBINSON, Sarah BAILY, Lee 1901-Jan-07
ROBINSON, Sofie TOWNSEND, Frank 1907-Dec-31
RODGERS, Biddie MCELROY, E L 1902-Jan-07
RODGERS, Idia GARY, Freeman 1904-Feb-15
RODGERS, Mandy WOOD, Sam 1904-Jul-25
RODGERS, Minnie BENNETT, Leath 1909-Dec-21
RODGERS, Zona MARTER, C M 1906-Mar-05
ROE, Ether COLEMAN, G C 1902-May-17
ROGERS, Ellen MCNEILL, Tom 1911-Dec-23
ROGUE, Carrie YOUNG, John 1908-Apr-29
ROLAND, Anise GIBSON, Garfield 1915-Dec-24
ROLAND, Lena BECKWITH, J R 1911-Aug-07
ROLAND, Mamie BLAYLOCK, J Z 1912-Sep-15
ROLLISON, Estelle ACUFF, W M 1914-Nov-24
ROSAMOND, Wilie CAFFEY, Josh 1910-Apr-08
ROSE, Eliza ROWEL, Sue 1909-Oct-30
ROSE, Florence STANDBACK, John 1898-Aug-29
ROSE, Hattie ANDERSON, John 1909-Oct-19
ROSE, M J Miss MANLEY, James 1903-Dec-25
ROSE, Marion INGRAM, M H 1909-Mar-20
ROSE, Mettie MAHONEY, J C 1910-Oct-20
ROSE, Winnie GRADY, Charles 1909-Apr-03
ROSS, Lossie REED, Lera 1910-Nov-05
ROSS, Lucinda JONES, Walter 1908-Dec-28
ROSS, Nora CAMPBELL, J M 1911-Sep-16
ROUEH, Lela HENDERSON, T D 1902-Mar-04
ROWE, Francis DICKENS, J W 1909-May-11
ROWELL, Octavia ATNEANE, Fred 1915-Jun-29
ROWLAND, Leona MARSHALL, Andy 1898-Mar-26
ROWLAND, Miriam CAMPBELL, W C 1906-Nov-24
ROYSTER, Hattie BEAN, Willie 1897-Oct-27
ROYSTER, Lettie BEAN, Tony 1898-Dec-26
RUFFIN, Ella THOMPSON, Tobe 1911-Jan-05
RUSSELL, Maydee WILLIAMS, L H 1908-Dec-30
RUSSELL, Minnie CALHOUN, John 1915-Jul-03



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